Lilly and Tasty get Nasty


I couldnt help but stare at her amazing tits as i walked into the classroom. its the first thing that caught my eye in my collage english class. and lucky me, i got to sit right diagnol from her so i get an amazing look. The whole class i was imagining turning her on, getting those nipple hard. Doing it right in front of everyone. Her name was lilly and my name is tasty. well at least that is what i tell everyone.

I was getting soo wet from imagining me with her that i didnt relize that she was looking at me and biting her lip. We looked at each other so sexual that after class we both hurried to my dorm room.

It started way before we even got in the room. I slammed her into wall after wall kissing her red lips griiping her waist, biting her neck. I slamm her into the door of my room and open it as were kissing roughly right onto my bed, door open. I kiss down her body unzipping her jacket as she is wearing nothing underneeth. i take her nipples into my mouth sucking hard hearing her moan. I slide my hand down the side of her body and up herr skirt feeling her wetness leaking down her thigh.

"wet already? terrible.

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"fuck me tasty, fuck me in every way"

Sorry i dont take orders" i slap her and she likes it. i shove my figer deep into her pussy and moves fast seeing her back arch and hear her say "tasty harder harder oh god fuck me fuck me with that finger. " as i go faster i go down and lick her clit hearing her scream and tearing at the sheets. and then i stop everything. i go to the drawer and grab my vibrator.

I slam it into her pussy hard and move so fast hearing her moans get more naughtier and more sexual. "Fuck me with that huge dildo. " Lilly then to my surprise pushes me off her and gets ontop of me as we sissor harder and harder and harder im holding lillys neck looking at her as i moan "lilly fuck me you stupid whore, fuck me cunt" she then takes control. Just the way i like it. She puts on a strap on rips off all my clothes grabs my hips and fucks the living shit out of me. She keeps fucking me as we kiss and grip each others body.

Lilly then takes it off and shoves her pussy in tasty face.

    I grabs her hips and licks all around it then the clit very fast as i shove two fingers in her pussy as she starts riding my face. Then i feel her do the exact same thing to me, as we bith moan, the faster i went the faster she went. My hips start thrusting as i start moaning very loudly, "you stupid whore uhh your such a fucking slut i lovee it im almost there uhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss lillllly !!!! " as i come all over her face she comes all over mine.

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       Breathing heavy we go to her bed and finger each other at least 3 times until we both come. This is the begining of a very sexual relationship


    this is my very first story, so it might not be the best. Thanks for reading ! Comment and give some feedback ?




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