Lick or Eat


Lick or Eat
By LustyLee77

It was starting to get dark and children were already going door to door for trick or treat. Susan walked by a group of small kids dressed as ghost, pirates and monsters. She was on her way to see her best friend Amber to see if she wanted to go to the movies with her. Susan thought how much she liked this time of year in New England. The falling leaves were beautiful; it was brisk but not yet cold. The small town movie theater was showing horror films; Susan wanted to go to the show or at least watch scary movies on television. After all, it was Halloween and that’s the best time to watch spooky stuff.

Amber’s parents let her in and said that she was upstairs; they were in costume and were going to a party. Susan burst into her friend’s bedroom without bothering to knock and was surprised to see her in a plaid skirt and her hair was tied in a pony tail. Amber was naked from the waist up and Susan stared at her ample bosom and said, “What are you doing and why are you dressed like that?”

“Its Halloween and I think we should go trick or treat! Come on, it will be fun. ”

“Don’t be silly; we are too old for that. Trick or treat is for the children. ”

“Who says we are too old? We could dress like catholic school girls and look younger. Then we could come back to my place and watch horror shows and eat candy. ”

“I don’t know; I don’t have a costume, what would I wear?” Susan was trying not to keep looking at her friend’s big breasts but they commanded attention.

“Don’t worry about that, I bought an outfit for you to wear.

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   We will be a couple of school girl classmates. ” Amber took the costume from the closet and threw it on the bed and told Susan to try it on. Susan felt uncomfortable changing in front of her girlfriend but took a deep breath and disrobed. She started to put the plaid skirt on but Amber stopped her saying. “No, lose the panties and bra. We are going out as naughty little school girls! Just think of all the fun we can have. ”

Susan reluctantly left her underwear on the bed and quickly put her plaid skirt and white blouse on. She was relieved that Amber had a blouse on but with no bra her big tits were not really hidden. They went in the bathroom and did Susan’s hair in a ponytail. As they studied themselves in the mirror, Amber observed, “We look like sisters, almost twins; we are both 18 years old, have blond hair and blue-eyes and we are both about 5’2. Dressed like this we look much younger, let’s go out and have a good time. ”

Susan noticed that her nipples were showing through the sheer white blouse and asked, “Why can’t we wear underwear? My nipples are showing and it is windy out side. People will see our private parts!”

“Oh, knock it off and stop whining. You are worried that people will see your little 32A cups; what about me and my 36D cups? Let yourself go and chill out, be daring and adventurous. ” The girls put on bobby sox and loafers, grabbed their trick or treat bags and went from door to door collecting candy and other treats.

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   Susan complained about everyone staring at them, Amber just laughed.

They walked up the driveway to an expensive looking house; even though the porch light was off, Amber insisted the try the rich people’s house. Amber rang the doorbell and both girls were somewhat uneasy when a 40 year old woman in a revealing white slip opened the door and asked “What do you want little girls?”

In chorus, they both blurted out, “Trick or treat!”

The woman asked, “Lick or eat?”

A sudden gust of wind lifted their skirts waist high displaying their young pussies. The 5’10” woman smiled and invited the girls to come in and get out of the cold. Susan shivered and thought about how nice it had been earlier and guessed that it was a combination of the temperature dropping, the wind blowing so hard and their lack of underwear. They admired the house and were served a "Toddy for the body”, the drink contained hot tea, rum and an aphrodisiac. The woman told them that her name was Rosa and the drink would warm them up.

They all sipped their drinks and engaged in chit-chat. The young girls could feel their bodies getting warm, very warm. Rosa’s 38D cups were spilling out of her slip, her long black hair and eyes were captivating and she was somewhat overweight but not fat. They sat on a large sofa and Susan became uneasy when Rosa would place her hand on the girl’s leg during the conversation but it never stayed long so she chalked it up to her wild imagination.

Sexy Rosa went in the kitchen and brought them back another drink, assuring the girls that they needed it to cope with the cold in their meager attire. Rosa noticed their faces getting flush and knew that the drink was having its desired effect. Rosa once again placed her hand on Susan’s leg and asked, “How old are you girls anyway? It’s difficult to tell with the outfits that you are wearing. You both have cute rear-ends and sweet young pussies.

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Both girls blushed and Amber stated, “We are both eighteen and we dressed for Halloween as catholic schoolgirls. Thanks for the drinks; we should finish them and get back to trick or treat before it gets too late,”

Rosa boldly moved her hand up Susan’s leg and traced her pussy lips and clit. Susan was startled and Amber was fascinated with the older woman’s action. Rosa knew the girls were all tingly and that their pussies cried out for the thrill of her velvet touch. The self-assured woman slipped two fingers in the tight honey-hole and noted, “Little girl, you are fucking drenched; you love Momma Rosa playing with your sweet little pussy, don’t you?”

Amber had fantasized about being with a woman but never had the nerve to try it and was aroused watching this woman seducing her best friend. Susan never even thought about it and was puzzled with her reaction to this older woman’s velvet touch. All she knew was that it felt so divine, so she moaned, “Yes, it does feel good. I like you touching me down there and don’t want you to stop. ”

The dominating woman exclaimed, “Now we are going to play lick or eat! You will find it much better than your childish game and I will give you something sweeter than candy. ”  Rosa increased her in and out motion and Susan was crying out in ecstasy. The seductress ordered Amber to play with her own pussy and she wanted to see her do it while Amber watched the older woman fuck her friend.

Amber was trying not to touch herself and now that she had been given permission, her fingers went right to her wet sex. Rosa released her huge breasts from her slip and told Susan, “Come on little girl and suck Momma Rosa’s big tits, I know you want them, so enjoy yourself. ” The blond girl was in-heat and the sight of the big tits with large round aureoles and small dark nipples ignited a lustful desire in her and she lovingly nursed on them.

Susan eagerly sucked the awesome breasts and humped back on the three fingers that were pumping her bald pussy.

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   Amber had her skirt hiked up and her blouse open as she fingered her blond-haired pussy and squeezed her own tits. Rosa pushed Susan back and got on her knees, spread the girl’s legs wide and kissed up her slim legs. The young blond lost it when Rosa’s tongue licked her clit while finger-fucking her young pussy vigorously.

Amber was sliding her fingers into her own juicy pussy while watching intently as her friend screamed out in ecstasy. “What the hell is going on?” Rosa kept working on the young girl but Amber and Susan were startled as they looked to see who was speaking. A 6’ redhead with enchanting green eyes stood naked with her hands on her hips, the nipples on her 34C cup breast were pointing up and an evil grin crossed her face when she walked over to Amber and said, “Never mind the question; it is plain to see what is going on. My name is Vanessa and you look like you need some help, sweet thing, what’s your name?”

“Uh. . . mmnn, my name is Amber. ”

Amber was both frightened and excited as Vanessa kissed her ample breasts and traveled down to her sweet treat. Amber was screaming louder than her friend as they both went wild with lust. The expert tongues and fingers brought the young pussies to quick orgasms.

Vanessa pulled Amber to her feel and then pushed the girl to her knees and sexily purred; “Now it is your turn to have some red hot woman cunt! Lick my pussy and suck my clit. I know you want to taste me; I can see it in your eyes.

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   Have you ever had your sweet little mouth on a pussy before?”

“No, never, but you are so beautiful!” Amber’s big blue eyes were glued to the pussy that was only inches from her pretty face. The red bush was trimmed to just a strip, the pussy lips were swollen and drops of moisture formed on the smoldering pussy. The 35 year old siren smiled, she knew that the young girl was succumbing to her many charms and she would soon eat her pussy without having to be told to do it. Amber smelled the musky aroma of aroused sex and it filled her senses. She moved closer, stuck out her tongue and licked up the drops of honey dew from the delicious pussy. She liked what she tasted and devoured her Halloween treat with fervor!

On the sofa, Rosa was sitting on Susan’s face and feeding the young girl her hairy cunt. Susan had her arms around the older woman, grabbed her buttocks and pulled her tight to her hungry little mouth. Rosa exclaimed. “Yeah baby girl, eat that cunt, suck it all up and fuck me with your tongue. Make Momma cum all over your face; you love playing ‘lick and eat’ don’t you bitch? It was lick or eat but I like both better. Good girl, suck baby suck. Yessss, oh shittt, here it comes, lick it all up, baby! Oh my God, you are a wonderful little pussy licker; I am going to keep you around. ”

Amber was busy lapping up all of Vanessa’s cum and pussy juice, Rosa brought them all a drink and invited the girls to go to a Halloween party with them. The girls were excited and wanted to know what kind of party. They were informed that it was a lesbian fetish Halloween party at a large ballroom in Boston.

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   The young girls were advised to call their parents and let them know that they were going to a party in Boston and would be out all night. They called home and left messages on the answering machines.

Rosa and Vanessa went to change into their Halloween costumes and Amber exclaimed, “You were so hot with Rosa; I never knew that you were into women or I would have molested you a long time ago. ”

“Don’t feel bad; I never knew it either, but I definitely know it now. Talk about Halloween treats, her pussy was awesome. I never thought it would be that good. I will look at women much differently from now on. ”

“I loved it too. Does this mean that we are lesbians? I don’t care if it does. You are my best girlfriend and from now on you can expect to get ravished by me. I want to taste you and feel your tongue in me! Never again will we have to sit at home wondering what to do. ”

The older women came strutting out of the bedroom in their costumes, Vanessa looked stunning as Wonder Woman and Rosa dressed like a street whore. Susan sat in the front seat with Rosa and Amber joined Vanessa in the back seat. The young girls were filled with wild anticipation; their young minds had visions of what the big party would be like, but they had no idea what awaited them. Susan felt her little pussy tingle when Rosa put her hand on her slim leg and slowly went higher making circling motions.

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   She heard a gasp in the back seat and turned to see them fondling each other.

Rosa guided the Lincoln into a high-rise parking garage marking the end of their 70 mile trip from their small town to the city of Boston. They parked on the 4th floor and walked to the elevators. Susan told Rosa that with all of the makeup and the way she was dressed that she really looked like a hooker. While they waited for the elevator they were joined by other party goers. As they entered the elevator it was already crowded but they squeezed in. Amber turned red when the woman behind her began fondling her ass.

They stood in line, and then entered a big door and Rosa gave tickets and money to a woman dressed as a man. The ballroom was huge, music was blaring and women were dancing. The 18 yr. olds were wide-eyed when they saw women leading other women on leashes. Besides all of the fancy costumes, there were many Dom-Fem combinations. This was something that the girls knew very little about.

The bar was full but a party of six left to go to one of the private rooms and the girls quickly sat at the bar and Rosa ordered them all a drink. Susan innocently asked, “What is in the private rooms? What do they do there?”  

Vanessa answered, “They are fetish rooms, and the Dom’s bind and tie their little bitches and whip them and let everyone have their way with the little sluts! Do you want to visit a fetish room little girl?”

“No please, I like it out here.

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      ” They all laughed and sipped their drinks. The young girls were in awe with the sights that they had never seen before. Women were not only dancing and fooling around but some of them were actually having sex in front of everyone! Susan and Amber were surprised when Rosa and Vanessa asked two young black girls to dance with them. On their way to the dance floor, Vanessa turned and told them not to get in too much trouble.

    The girls lost track of them on the crowded dance floor and gazed around the bar. They couldn’t believe all of the women that were giving them the eye and flirting with them. Susan felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see three women dressed as nuns. One of them said, “You have been naughty school girls and you must be punished. Stand up girls, Now!” The girls quickly got to their feet, trembling from the stern command.

    Two of the nuns replaced the girls on the seats and roughly grabbed them and put them over their laps. Their skirts were raised to their hips and their shapely buttocks were spanked with rulers until they cried out for mercy and red welts appeared. Susan pleaded, “Please stop, it hurts, we will do anything, please stop!”

    They were told to get on the floor, kneel and eat the sister’s horny pussies. They both felt totally humiliated and degraded doing this in front of all these women but they did not want any more spanking. The nuns lifted their habits and the young girls eagerly devoured the sopping pussies. They started to get up after the nuns were brought to orgasms but the third woman told them, “Not so fast, my naughty little schoolgirls.

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       I am the Mother Superior and you must service me. I want my pussy and ass worshiped by your mouths and tongues. Now get to it!” The girls obediently tongued her bald pussy and brown ass hole. Susan never knew that such acts were committed but after she got past the smell she found the perverse act to be arousing.

    After Mother Superior was finished, she pulled the girls to their feet by the hair and bent them over. The nuns on the bar stools attracted their pussies from behind with their tongues and fingers were inserted in their tight butt-holes. The girls screamed to loud orgasms and then noticed a group of women watching intently.

    The women were all dressed in leather and carried whips. There were eight of them; they were short and tall, blond and brunet, white, black and Hispanic. Collars were placed around their necks and they were led by leashes to a private room. Susan and Amber were placed on their knees on a large cushioned table. Straps were placed on their wrist and ankles. Buttons popped as the white blouses were torn from their shaking bodies. The plaid skirts remained but were lifted to their waists.

    Women crawled under their legs and wagging tongues brought them to orgasms.

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       Pussies were crammed in their faces and they gobbled them up. Susan felt something rather large penetrate her tight pussy and was puzzled; she thought that there was only women at the party? Then suddenly she felt a sharp pain as her ass was stuffed with a large dildo. She could turn her head enough to see Amber filled with two black dildos and then she knew that it was not a man in her pussy and ass. Her head was roughly pulled to the sopping pussy in front of her and she resumed eating the tasty hair-pie.

    Her muffled screams of pain were replaced with moans of pleasure as the pain gave way to a sublime feeling of ecstasy. She was fucking back feverishly at the dildo in her ass and when she went forward her pussy leaked on the large dildo in her pussy. The feelings she received from being stuffed so full while eating juicy pussies was overwhelming and she lost count of the many times she screamed to climax. A stunning black girl a couple of years older than them unhooked the straps and handed the girls her name and telephone number saying, “ You are two hot mother-fucking white girls and I love the way you eat my black cunt. Call me soon and we will get together. I can have some of my friends join us if you like, later girls. ”

    Amber and Susan hobbled from the private room; their blouses were button less, torn and tattered. They had been totally used and fucked; the girls felt sore but invigorated. They couldn’t count how many pussies they sucked, how many dildos filled their holes or how many times cum oozed from their young pussies. As the girls approached the bar Rosa spotted them, she shook her head and wanted to know, “What the fuck happened to you? We have been waiting for hours and were getting ready to leave without you. You look like hell! What did you do, have sex with a street gang? It sure looks like they worked you over but good!”

    Susan asked for a drink and answered, “You wouldn’t believe what happened! We were collared by a bunch of women all dressed in leather outfits and even leather boots.


       They pulled us by leashes and took us to a room where they did things to us that I never knew women could do. We couldn’t leave because we were strapped to a table. I felt so helpless and abused. It was a Halloween horror show. ”

    Vanessa looked at the disheveled duo and said, “You fucking sluts loved it, didn’t you? How many times did you cum?”

    Amber answered, “We couldn’t help it; they put big fake cocks in us and it hurt at first but then it felt so good. Those women had cock’s that would make my boyfriend jealous. They made us lick all of their pussies too. Yes we reached orgasms more times than I can remember. I suppose we are sluts. ”

    The girls looked down in shame. Rosa put her hands under their chins and lifted their heads saying, “Hey, it’s alright girls, we love sluts and wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so very proud of you both; just think, today you tasted cunt for the first time and now you are pussy licking sluts. I think we would like to meet your mothers and sisters! Are they as hot as you two?”

    The girls fearfully replied “No. ”

    The exhausted girls asked when they were going home. Rosa looked at her watch and was surprised that it was 4:30am.

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       The girls were bewildered to see the two black girls that the older women were dancing with earlier come along and join them in the elevator. Rosa introduced the sexy black girls in their early 20’s and informed Amber and Susan that they were going back home with them to party.

    Vanessa sat in the front with Rosa and the four younger girls crammed in the back seat. Vanessa told the girls that she wanted a show. The black girls got on the floor and ate the white girls’ pussies. When they sucked the cum from the white girls they changed places and Amber and Susan enjoyed a black pussy feeding frenzy. They all kissed and could taste each others cum and pussy juice.

    Susan and Amber spent the night at Rosa’s and enjoyed a wild cunt licking orgy. They managed to get a little sleep and got up at noon. Before the girls hurried home, hoping that the safety pins held their blouses together, the black girls said that they hoped to see them again. Rosa assured them that if they visited her that they could count on seeing the blond girls again. Susan exclaimed, “Oh yes, we will be here often. I am sure we will meet again. ”

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