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Susan rose to greet the young lady. She could hardly maintain her balance though, nor gather her thoughts to even utter a word. This girl was simply stunning, by anyone's imagination. Susan had never been graced by such unequalled beauty from a woman before. Only eighteen, yet so tall! The applicant was atleast five foot ten inches tall, with a slender, captivating body and long sexy legs. She was tanned and had long blond flowing hair. Her face seemed perfect to Susan, unimaginable even. Her lips appeared very sexy. Her skin looked soft, very smooth and tempting to touch. The applicant wore a very formal, conservative type of suit. She smiled somewhat innocently. During the course of the actual interview, Susan found it increasingly difficult to maintain her compusure, subconsciously eyeing the girl's full breasts, admiring her beautiful face and soft tanned skin, licking her lips quickly. This is somthing Susan had no control over whatsoever. She now felt weak, relaxed, intoxicated by the beauty of this very refined youg lady before her. The girl spoke in an articular manner, with a somewhat soft yet very appealing voice. She was clearly intelligent.

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   Susan caught could actually smell the aroma of the girl's perfume and it made her wetter. "Is there something wrong?" asked the young applicant. ""Uh. . . no," replied Susan, in a slightly shaky voice. "She's got no idea," thought Susan. Susan's increasing intoxication over this young girl finally reached it's peak. She knew she couldn't hire the applicant no matter what, because of the young lady's inexperience. If she let her go at the end the interview, Susan would be resigned to masturbation. She wanted more. She knew her chances of encountering such a girl in the future were very slim. "Um. . excuse me," explaimed Susan part-way through the interview.

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   "Will you please lock my office door for me please?"With a puzzled look on her face the young lady stood up, walked to the door, and locked it, without saying anything. As soon as Susan heard the lock go in, she shuddered and took a deep breath. She was now in a state of semi-ecstacy. Seemingly without power or control over her movements, she stood up very slowly in somewhat of a daze. The young girl had returned to her seat. Susan walked across, glassy eyed, stood infront of her and stroked the girl's beautiful blonde hair. Susan's mouth was partially open, her heart thumped quickly and she felt increasingly weaker. She could hardly bring herself to say a word. Susan tilted the girl's head back and slipped her tongue deeply inside the girl's mouth. She tasted delicious. Susan kissed her passionately and finished by sucking on the girl's tongue. Susan was now breathing very heavily. She motioned for the girl to stand up. As the girl did so, she seemed to have an amazed look on her face but, like Susan, did not say a word. The girl stood taller than Susan by atleast four inches.

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   After removing all the girl's clothes except her white panties and high heels, Susan turned her around, so the girl faced away from her. Susan knelt down and ran her hands all over the luscious girl's legs. Soft, smooth and intoxicating. Susan placed her very warm, red left cheek against the tall girl's inner left thigh. This girl omitted a very sweet smell. Susan could not help herself. She slowly massaged her vagina. Susan then stood up, turned the girl back around and kissed her on the mouth even more fervently and passionately than before. She breathed very heavily. Susan's hands roamed the girl's body, finding her vagina. Then Susan pulled the girl tight, uncontrollably rubbing herself against and girl, up and down, breathing heavily, the sound coming from the back of her throat. It became quicker and quicker, and Susan more forcefully squeezed the girl's body all over whilst rubbing herself on her. Susan unexpectedly bent down and tasted the girl between the legs. In the end, Susan masturbated with her right hand, the other squeezing the girl's long sexy legs, while she hungrily devoured the girl. Susan could not take it any longer.

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   She stood up, wrapped her arms around the girl, pulling her close so their faces were almost touching, kissed the girl passionately and rubbed against her until finally Susan pushed her forcibly down to her knees. Susan shoved the girls face between her legs and exploded in orgasmic pleasure. It was violent and unforgiving. This thirty seven year old lady had just devoured the most gorgeous eighteen year old girl she had ever laid eyes on. Was she glad she didn't let the girl go!!.



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