Jess The Mechanic


I complied as I had been aching for this since I saw her. Our lips touched tentatively at first then more bold and full of lust. When the kiss ended we both were trembling, out of breath, and more then a little excited. We clumsily removed each others clothes as we made our way to her bedroom. Kissing, touching, groping, carressing, and licking throughout the house. My mind was racing as we neared the bedroom, thinking about all the things I would love to do to her beautiful body. In the bedroom I removed her hair tie and let it fall to the floor. I ran my fingers through her silky blonde hair and looked deep into her eyes. We both laid on the bed. She was on her side and I was laying on my back. She started to lightly pinch my erect nipples. Each pinch brought a deep throated growl from me. She smiled and reached lower, her fingers lightly stroking my womanhood. Each stroke caused me to lift my hips to meet her hand needing to feel her inside me. She leaned away but only for a moment and when she leaned back she said "Get on your hands and knees for me. " I did as I was asked and then I felt one hand probing me.

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   She moved her hand slow, fast, slow, fast, deep until she felt i was thuroughly wet and almost on the verge of an orgasm. She removed her hand and I felt her lunge her hips to toward me. I had no idea what was going happeneing til I felt the shaft of her strap-on enter me from behind. I moaned/growled loudly then as she began pumping back and forth into me. I would lean back each time she thrust to feel all of it. In a matter of minutes I reached a earth shattering, body shaking, screaming orgasm. When my body had stopped shaking she looked at me and said "Stand up. It is my turn now darlin. " After I was strapped into the harness she said "Lay down on the bed. " She climbed on top of me. I placed one hand on her hip and the other on her breast. She began riding me. She rode me hard and fast grinding her hips on each down stroke. Her movements told me that in no time she would have an orgasm. I moved a hand down to stroke her clit using her movements to add to her pleasure.

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   She was wild! Her hair was flowing all over, her eyes glazed and half closed. I felt her orgasm begin and rubbed her clit faster. The waves of her orgasm hit her and carried her away. She howled like a banshee with complete abandon. When her shaking had subsided she leaned down onto me pressing her breasts to mine. Her gorgeous blonde hair flowing over us both. I lightly stroked her hair and thanked her for such a wonderful afternoon. Knowing we would have to return soon we both showered and enjoyed soaping each other up and rinsing off. We took great care dressing each other for our return to the shop. I helped to tame her hair and tied it back. Enjoying our last minutes together. Returning to the shop we both were smiling from ear to ear and looking flushed but noone noticed. My car was soon finished. I paid for the bill while Jess drove the car out front for me to pick it up. When I got in the car I saw a note taped to the dash.

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   Thank Your for an enjoyable afternoon. I truley enjoyed our time together and would like more time with you. Call me after the shop closes and we can get together for dinner. My number is 555-5067. Kisses JessAbout an hour after the shop closed I called Jess and we agreed to meet for dinner. We went to a local restaurant and enjoyed a delightful candlelight dinner. Then we went back to my place. We have enjoyed many days and night like this since our chance encounter. . . .