Iizzie and the at home midwife


Izzie was eight and a half months into her pregnancy, alone and watching as she became rounder and rounder. She found it hard to walk,do her normal household duties and especially finger her wet pussy that she could feel pulsating when she lay alone at night.
Izzie was searching through the net when she came across a link for home midwifes. She had not yet decided on her delivery so she opened the site. As she read through she read that the midwife would stay with the client 24/7 right up until the birth. Without reading through the full page Izzie had signed up gave her details and awaited her personal midwife.
The next day there was a knock at the door and a slender woman stood at the door. She had a long black coat on with her hair tied neatly into a bun. Izzie could see her large breasts pushing through her coat and once again felt her pussy getting hotter and pulsating. Izzie struggled to walk back into the house as she showed the midwife around. Her name was laura and she had a brilliant bedside mannor. She ordered Izzie to bed and took her coat off. As she did Izzie saw that she was wearing a short nurses outfit that only just covered her trimmed thighs and her tight bum. Izzie found herself staring at laura looking at her and wanting to run her fingers all over her body. It was strange for Izzie to feel this way because until her pregnancy she had never felt this way towards a woman.
Laura and Izzie became aquainted over the next week and both shared a bedroom,where Izzie felt herself watching Laura while she lay in her t-shirt that she wore to beds most night.

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   Izzie awoke the nest morning a week into laura being there to find laura had gone out,probably to the shops or for a walk. Perfect she thought she lay on her bed and slipped her fingers to her large pussy that was soaked in her warm cum. She struggled to push her fingers inside her so she just slowly rubbed her clit with her left hand whilst her right ran over her large round stomach,just doing this made her desperate to cum. She lay there and found herself nearing orgasm moaning louder and louder she had not heard laura come back in. Laura stood at the door watching Izzie listening to her moan looking at her pregnant state. Izzie moved her head and noticed Laura in the corner of her eye and stopped immediately. Embaressed Izzie tried to move but couldnt,she was so heavily pregnant that all she could do was lie there her fingers soaked in cum.
Laura went and got her bag and then walked over to Izzie and said that she thought it was time to do some tests. She said that she wanted to check that Izzie's breasts were ok so she pulled down her bra and started running the tip of her finger over her nipple,then gradually moving her mouth down and started sucking on it,she sucked on the hard nipple then swapped to the other breast. Izzie was desperately trying not to moan as she watched this beautiful woman sucking on her breasts. Laura lifted her head and said that everything seemed ok there.
Laura said she wanted to check on the vaginal area to see how far Izzie had come in her pregnancy,she said that because Izzzie was so close to birth she would use a vibrator to determine size and due to its soft casing it would be more comfortable for Izzie. She ran the long thick pink vibrator over her already wet pussy,while she felt Izzie straining to get the vibrator inside her. Laura placed the vibrator inside Izzie and as she did she heard a little moan escape Izzie's mouth which she knew would be one of many. She said she needed to move the vibrator around to check that everything was ok.

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   Izzie lay there,she loved feeling stuffed with cock. Laura turned the vibrator on to full speed and heard Izzie gasp. Izzie lay there begging Laura to turn it off,warning her that if she didnt that she would cum.
    Laura moved her head closer to Izzie's pussy pushing the vibrator faster in and out of Izzie's pussy running her finger over her clit shouting that she couldnt get it too stop. Izzie lay there desperate to cum and grabbed Lauras head and shoved it hard into her wet pussy. She screamed as Laura happily obliged and sucked on her puffy clit. Just as Izzie was going to cum Laura stopped and turned of the vibrator. Izzie begged her to carry on but Laura got up moved up to Izzie's face and placed her thin and trimmed pussy onto it,where Izzie sucked on her clit and fingered her while Laura ran her hands over Izzie's pro-truding stomach then as she arched her back she came all over Izzie's mouth. She got up placed one of her nipples in Izzies mouth whist she reached for her bag and got this big black strap on out. She tied it around herself and told Izzie to close her eyes.  
    Izzie lay there she could feel the tip of the strap on at the opening of her pussy but she did not know what it was,laura rammed it inside of her and started thrusting faster and harder each time. Laura became dominant and sked Izzie if she wanted to cum and told her that she had been a naughty girl. Izzie was screaming with pleasure and started shooting down this thick cock. Shuddering after her fifth orgasm Izzie lay there unable to speak laura got up and said her work was done kissed Izzie and left. Izzie lay there and once again finished herself off,she knew exactly what site to use next time she was pregnant.

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