If You Go Down to the Woods Today…… Chapter 2


To my shock June breezily walked up beside me and linked her arm into mine, “Come on sleepy head the rest will have finished by now we’ll have the pool to ourselves”. I refused to speak or look at June as she dragged me a short way through the woods to a large deep pool in the river. The water looked cool and inviting. “Come on quick strip off and we can bathe” June said following her own advice and pulling her t-shirt over her head revealing her firm tits. “No!” I said “I’ll wait over there until your finished ““That’s against the rules, we bathe in pairs in case anyone gets into difficulty in the water, if you want to clean off you have to do it now, we’ll be too busy the rest of the day to take a break. ” June said continuing to strip and looking at me. June slipped off the last of her clothes, the sight of June’s hairless pussy sent another little thrill through me and I found myself wondering what it would have been like if I’d been the one raping June. I shook my head disgusted at the thought, this girl had raped me I had to keep that at the forefront of my mind. June the plunged into the water with a little squeal as the cold water hit her body. She strode out until the water just covered her breasts. I reluctantly followed needing to cleanse my body, I was sticky and sweaty and small streaks of dried blood still clung to my thighs. I turned my back on June and quickly slipped out of my clothes. I covered my breasts and pussy with my hands and a washcloth and quickly ran into the water. “That’s better,” said June once I was fully in the water, “Doesn’t the water feel good”. I looked at June the girl that had raped me yesterday with the help of my troop. Tears welled in my eyes again as I felt the cold water make my nipples erect.

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   I turned my back on her and began to wash myself determined to get clean and then get away from here!Suddenly I felt two small cold hands on my shoulders, I flinched but remained still as June began to massage my shoulders. I stood in the water my mind screaming at me to run but my body refusing to move. Soon I felt June’s hot breath on my neck, she lent forward slightly and kissed the nape of my neck. Her hand slipped from my shoulders and snaked around my body to cup my breasts. June slowly stroked my breasts her palms covering my erect nipples. My knees felt weak and I leaned back into June feeling the twin points of her nipples. My mind still screamed at me but I seemed detached from it as the sensations from my breasts renewed the tingling in my pussy. June continued to kiss my neck and her right hand eased from my breast and slowly stroked down my stomach. She removed the washcloth from my unresisting hand and began to slowly stroke between my thighs removing the blood and sweat form yesterdays exertions. She slowly cleaned around my thighs and then began to clean around my pussy. She lowered her other hand and began to stroke through the small nest of curls that nested above my mound. “I think we should do something about this later” June whispered in my ear as her hand continued to stroke me. With that she suddenly stepped away from me. Before I could stop it a moan of frustration escaped my lips. June took me by my hand and led me unresisting to the shore.

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   June slowly turned towards me and kissed me gently on the lips. She then released my hand laid out one of the towels we had brought on the green grass of the bank. June sat down on the large towel the water beading on her skin; she smiled at me and beckoned to me to sit down beside her. In a kind of daze I did so sitting along side her. June caressed my face softly stroking a few tendrils of hair back behind my ears. She softly planted her lips on mine as her hand slid to the nape of my neck. Her tongue probed gently but insistently moving into my mouth and seeking my tongue. June gently laid me back on the towel smiling all the while. She kissed me again long and deep. She broke the kiss and lowered her head kissing me very softly on the throat, she continued her gently kissed moving lower she kissed my breasts first my right then the left. June kissed around the nipples and into my cleavage teasing me. She blew gently across my nipples bringing a groan of frustration from me. Then she lowered her lips to my right nipple sucking it into her mouth; her tongue swirled around as my nipple hardened in her mouth. Her hand gave my other breast comfort as she toyed with the nipple rolling it between thumb and forefinger. June removed her mouth and I groaned.

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  “Plllease, don’t” I moaned. “You like that, don’t you Elaine, you like it when I play with your tits, tell me what you want me to do, tell me now” June demanded. “I. I. I w. . w. . ant you to play … play with my… t. . tits” I stammered, ashamed but needing to feel again the sensations that June was giving my body. “All you had to do was ask!” June replied lowering her head to my breasts once more. Her actions were more urgent this time she sucked hard on my left nipple while pinching the other between her fingers. She bit down lightly drawing a moan from me as what seemed like a shot of electricity flowed from my nipples. A strange heat was building in my pussy and I could feel myself getting wet as June expertly played with my breasts.

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  Her left hand slowly slid down my body brushing through the curly hair atop my mound. She cupped my pussy lips. I lifted my bottom pushing myself at her hand seeking relief and release. June slowly stroked along my slit slowly dipping a finger into my now wet pussy. She slowly stroked my pussy with her finger, moving ever deeper on each downward stroke. June lifted her head and kissed me again. She withdrew her finger stroking along my slit, my hips lifted almost involuntary seeking June’s digit. “Tell me what you want Elaine, tell me! “ June whispered. “I want your finger June, I want you in my pussy, I want you to make me cum!” I needed it, and I needed it badly and I didn’t care who knew anymore. June smiled at me, and lowered her head towards my now aching pussy. She laid her hands on my thighs, spreading the lips of my pussy with her thumbs. June licked along the length of the slit, probing with her tongue sending waves of pleasure through my body. Her tongue probed at the top of my slit seeking my clit. She found the little hard nub and licked around it using her tongue to excite me further. She put a finger in alongside her tongue using it to probe deep as her tongue worked around my clit.

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   I could feel her finger, first one and then two slowly stroking in and out of my pussy. I could feel the pressure building in my body as June skilfully worked on my pussy. My hands reached down to grab June’s hair pushing her further into my crotch. I moaned as she bit lightly down and the small pain was overcome by the more intense pleasure. Jun pushed her tongue deep into me lapping as my juices flowed. I couldn’t hold back much longer. “Ohhhh June, Oh yes, God I need it! Make me cum! Make me cum!” I cried. June redoubled her efforts her tongue dipping deep into my innermost folds, she then sucked hard on my clit and to my shock she took her fingers from my pussy, then moved a hand under me a stuck a finger up my ass. I cried out in shock but the double sensation from my ass and my pussy was too much with a scream I came, flooding juices into Junes waiting mouth. “Ahhhhhhhhh! OH MY GOD! I’M CUMMING. I’M CUMMMMMING ARAGHHH!” I screamedShudders ran through me as my orgasm hit, my mind overloaded with pleasure nothing else mattered just the huge sensation that had torn through my body. I slowly came to realising that I still had a grip on June’s hair. I released her and she rose up to kiss me, I could taste my juices on her but I responded probing into June’s mouth seeking to thank her for what she had just given me. “Thank you June, thank you, Oh God that was good” I said still shaking slightly from the huge orgasm I’d just received. “I’m glad you enjoyed it Elaine” June said hugging me close “Er… I was wondering, would you, ehm.

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  . could you do the same for me?”I stood still for a second after June’s request, I was now willing but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to. “I’d like to June but I’m not sure if I can” I said nervously. “It’s O. K I’ll show you” said June lifting my hand and placing it on her right breast. Junes breast was firm and I could feel her nipples sticking into the palm of my hand. I slowly moved my hand using my palm to press into her nipple. I kissed June our tongues intertwining. June brought my other hand down towards her crotch. I stroked her outer lips feeling the wetness that had seeped from her. I slipped my index finger into her folds, it entered easily and Joan moaned as she felt it. June lay back and spread her thighs she pushed my head down towards her waiting pussy. I took it all in, the slight hairless mound above her putting pussy lips, the slight pink of her internal folds were clearly visible. I took a deep breath and moved my head down. I kissed her slit tasting her juices for the first time.

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   I stuck my tongue into her slit and pushed it in and out. June kept making sounds of encouragement so I continued my probing. June was kneading her own breasts roughly pulling and pinching at her nipples as I continued to work my tongue. I continued to probe with my tongue and then as June had done to me I also slid two fingers into her wet slit. She took both fingers easily so I added a third bringing a gasp from June. I continued to work on June’s pussy pushing my fingers in as deep as they would go. “Oh, Elaine, that’s soooo good, now suck on my clit, suck hard make me cum!” Joan moaned. I sought June’s clit, it stuck out from its hood near the top of her slit. I licked it slowly and felt her shudder as she moaned. June wrapped her legs around my back driving my face further into her crotch. I licked harder on June’s clit wanting to please her but not wanting to hurt her. June tightened her grip on me and I sucked stiffly on her clit. The result was almost instantaneous, June’s whole body arched and her legs convulsed almost smothering me into her crotch, a fine mist erupted from her pussy coating my tongue and face. June groaned as she came calling my name. “Urggghhhhhhhh.

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  . Oh Elaine, Oh yes!” June groaned. June’s grip on slackened and I managed to escape the vice like grip of her legs. “Oh Elaine that was great, are you sure you haven’t done this before?” June said smiling at me. “No, but I’ve a very good teacher “ I said returning her smile. My body had been truly awakened and I looked forward to exploring further with June, but she said we had to finish our dip and return to the camp or we’d be in trouble. “Besides, “ she said stopping me in my tracks “we don’t want to be tired out, the boy scouts will be here this evening!” This is an original work of fiction. As Always comments and criticism are welcome. .



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