Ice Warm


Her fingers were still cold and little shivers ran through her as she rubbed her lips with them. She slowed her action down and touched the most sensitive part, just inside the mouth but they warmed up too quickly. The sight of herself rubbing her lips slowly, her glazed expression made her turn from the mirror in shame. She took her drink in to the living room and sat down, closing her eyes and kneading her temples to ease the ache formulating there. What right did Pete have to stand her up AGAIN? She had wanted tonight to be the night. . . the special night. She had wanted them to make love. Kelli was 18 and a virgin. She wasn't bad to look at - curly brown hair and brown eyes with formed heart-shaped lips. It was her lips that made her a little more than average, the stark red contrasted with her brown hair, eyes and tanned skin. But she had been bought up in a very Catholic environment and the idea of no sex before marriage was deeply imprinted on her mind. She had always been afraid of having a boyfriend incase he got too close and wanted to have sex. Pete was no better, he had made it clear he wasn't willing to wait long and he wasn't considerate or romantic. But where would she find someone better? She was tired of feeling this way about sex and she just wanted to do it.

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  By the time she had finished thinking about Pete, the ice in her drink had melted. She took it back to the kitchen and added some more vodka aswell as ice cubes, figuring the water would have weakened the drink. The doorbell rang just as she layed it back on her coffee table. For a while she considered just ignoring it but the caller was persistant. She cursed and got up to answer the door. The first thing to great her was a pair of blue eyes, lined with sultry black and adourned with long black lashes. These eyes were set in to a small, pale face with pastel pink lips and a snub nose. The face itself was framed by thick black curls and topped on to a petite body with full round breasts and a tight round ass. It was Michelle. "Hey. . . I know Pete wasn't going to come so I figured we could drown our sorrows together. " She held out a bottle of wine. "How did you know he wasn't coming?"She shrugged.

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   "He never comes. "She sighed and stood aside to let her in. They spent a while talking about their failed relationships - Kelli and Pete and Michelle and Maria. Michelle was bisexual and normally dated a man and a woman but she had really fallen for Maria, who had run once things got tough. "Hmmm we need ice," said Michelle, and Kelli got the ice tray out of the fridge. She rubbed the feeling back in to her fingers with her lips again, and found Michelle watching her. Embarrased, she turned away then felt soft fingertips creep on to her cheek and push her head gently towards Michelle's face. The fingers trailed down Kelli's neck, making her shiver pleasantly, and down her shoulder and arm to grasp her fingertips. They guided the numb tips to her soft pink lips and inside her mouth and she felt a warm tongue licking around them. The background phased out and everything except Michelle's face was blurred as their lips met and their tongues explored each others mouths. As they broke off, Kelli found she was trembling even though a warmth was flooding her viens and her flesh. . . her body was on fire and her heart was racing too fast for comfort. She let out a gasp and Michelle kissed her neck "it's ok.

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  . just relax and let me show you. . . ". Michelle laid her down on the sofa and positioned herself so her hands had access to her whole body, then began stroking her thighs and kissing her neck. Kelli felt delicate - she was clearly nervous, but her legs parted nonetheless and Michelle's hand slipped from the outside to the inside of her thighs. Kelli lifted Michelle's shirt over her head and it dropped to the floor, revealing a dark blue lace bra. Her breasts were spilling out of it and her chest was rising harder and faster than usual and Kelli touched them more out of instinct than anything else. She slowly traced her fingers around the soft flesh. She cupped them and rubbed the nipples slowly before sucking them gently through the fabric. Michelle sighed softly and stroked Kelli's hair, massaging her scalp to relax her. She broke off and slowly kissed her way down to unbutton Kelli's blouse, kissing each part as she uncovered it. Michelle's pants came next. .

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  . and as Kelli's skirt fell to the carpet she wrapped her legs around Michelle's waist and gripped her there, rubbing their thighs together. They could each feel the dampness of their panties and their urgency increased tenfold as they slid each other's bras off. There was no more soft play - they were pinching each other's nipples, sucking each others necks and caressing harder and harder. Naked except for panties, Michelle stood up and held out her hand. Kelli took it eagerly and they went into the bedroom where Michelle once again laid her down and kissed her softly. She got on to the bed and knelt inbetween Kelli's thighs, leaning down to lick and kiss them from the knee to the top then back again, teasing, making her moan and writhe. Kelli's red panties were stained darker where her juices were soaking through and there was moisture gathering on the top of her thighs - it was this that Michelle aimed for, she licked the wet pathches dry and then sucked gently on the soaked fabric, making Kelli moan out loud for the first time. Kelli gripped Michelle's head in her thighs, clenching it and urging her to carry on. Michelle continued to lick and suck as Kelli's thighs clenched and relaxed, her hands squeezed and let go and her moans became more persistant. Finally unable to bear it, Chele took off her own panties and then Kellis and they both stared at each other's bodies. Michelle was shaven down below and her breasts were perfectly circular, her nipples like hard little bullets. Kelli's breasts were more conical shaped and the aerola was dark and big and there was a small triangle of dark hair between her legs. "One minute," said Michelle, grinning, and she went into the living room. Kelli had a moment to realise what she was doing - she was going to have sex with a woman.


  . . . for a minute she felt digust at herself but the bad feeling didn't last long. She was more turned on than she'd ever been and she wanted this to happen. "Close your eyes," came Michelle's whisper and her head appeared around the door to make sure her order was carried out. Kelli smiled nervously and closed her eyes. She could here something being set down on the bedside table and the compression of the bed as Michelle sat. The next sensation was the shock of an ice cube suddenly hitting her dripping pussy, sliding through her slit and making her gasp and buck. The melting water mixed with her own hot juices and ran down her thighs and ass crack. She pulled her legs together instinctively and the ice cube slid inwards right on to her hard clit and she gasped and thrust her hips up. It was agony and ecstasy at the same time, the ice far too cold for comfort was making her clit sting. Then Michelle reached down and pushed the cube in circular motions around her ultra-sensitive button, sliding it like a ball all around her lips and her vagina then on to her clitoris and back down. . .

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   This was too much for Kelli who tried to move her pussy away but Michelle wouldn't let her, gripping one thigh inbetween her knees and holding the ice in place. "Michelle!" Kelli cried out, gripping the sheets and curling her toes. Her body began to contract and she threw her head back and moaned. Reconising the signs of an orgasm, Michelle put the ice cube in to her mouth and quickly sucked on it. She then lowered her head and swirled her tongue around Kelli's swollen clit. She came, bucking her hips and pulling the sheets. Sounds seemed to be beyond her now - she simply gasped air in and out as vibrations went through her. The orgasm was powerful, her pussy contracting hard and spurts of cum came from her over the ice and Michelle's hand. When it was over she lay there with her eyes closed and caught her breath. Michelle took another ice cube from the tray and ran it over her hardened nipples, groaning softly. Wasting no time, she spread her pussy lips with the other hand and slid a finger up and down, over her clit and then dipping in to her hole expertly as she had done so many times before. She opened her eyes to see Kelli watching her, mesmerized. "Here, take this," said Michelle, handing out an ice cube to her. Kelli took it in to her mouth and swirled it around, trying to avoid keeping it in one place. Michelle took one of Kelli's hands - it was shaking.

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   They stared in to each others eyes as Kelli's hand came in to contact with Michelle's slick wetness. Her hands were being guided slowly around the inner lips and getting sticky with moisture. She tentatively bent her head down and licked her fingers with the tip of her tongue, surprised at the sweet taste. It was clear how much this turned Michelle on and Kelli grew a little bolder, moving her hand back down and prising her friend's legs apart, gingerly exploring with her fingers. "Here. . . " Michelle took control once more and showed Kelli how to circle the clitoris and stroke the labia, pushing the fingers inside of herself and moving them around the way she had learned. Kelli tried to note every detail, because she was sure it wouldn't be long before they were doing it again. Michelle took it slowly, losing track of time as everything around her seemed to melt and blend. She took about 18 minutes to orgasm, teaching Kelli the whole time. It wasn't selfish. . she knew Kelli would be getting her fair share. She finally came, moaning softly and finally letting go of Kelli's fingers.

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   But Kelli's fingers worked on their own until the orgasm was over, gently rubbing and stroking. Michelle then took another ice cube and mimicked her earlier performance, sliding it around Kelli's still wet pussy. She started to move it in to her vagina, feeling the resistance of her unbroken hymen a little way down. She took another cube and sucked on it as she worked, melting it in her mouth and trying not to swallow the cold water. Once it was all melted she bent down and let the ice cold water drip on to Kelli's thighs, her pussy, aiming for her clitoris once again. Once her mouth was empty, she licked the water back up and slid her tongue everywhere she could, being ruthless now. She blew cold air on to Kelli's hardened clit and spread her freezing tongue around it. Both her mouth and Kelli's pussy were soon warm again and so she got two cubes and worked from the breasts down with one of them, keeping the other on her pussy. She trailed water down Kelli's body from her neck to her stomach then back up until it melted, warming each part with her mouth as she went along. With the third one, she did the same to Kelli's thighs. Kelli herself was in a fit of ecstasy, waves of warmth filling her body just as quickly as the shivers, feeling Michelle's tongue exploring every part of her and warm lips kissing her body. As she came again, her head was filled with images of her body - her full pink lips, her smiling face, her breasts, her body. . . "Michelle.

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  . " she sighed a few minutes later, as they lay next to each other. Their breathing had regulated again and they cuddled together happily to warm their bodies up. Kelli closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against Michelles. "Hey," said Michelle softly. "Don't go to sleep yet, I'm not done. " Kelli smiled. "It can wait til tomorrow. "But Michelle went into the living room and came back with her handbag. She bought out a small vibrator - only about 7 inches long. Kelli's eyes widened and she shrank away, pulling the covers up to her neck. "I don't want to, not tonight. . . " she said fearfully.

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   She had heard the stories of how much the first time hurt and she didn't want to go through that when she was so happy. "You trust me don't you?" Said Michelle, and Kelli nodded slowly. She pulled the covers down slowly and Michelle bought the vibrator over, aswell as KY Jelly. She squeezed some from the tube and rubbed it carefully in to Kelli. She could feel the muscles clenched and kissed her, spreading the lubricant slowly to relax her. Gradually, she became more lax and Michelle slowly felt for the hymen again. Once she was satisfied Kelli was lubricated enough, she got the vibrator. Kelli looked at her, nervous but excited, and Michelle licked the vibrator for more lubrication. Kelli was wide-eyed watching her and she was getting wetter seeing her lick it like a lollipop, her eyes closed seductively. It was just the way she had done it that time she had imagined sucking a cock. . . . Michelle finished and trailed the tip of the vibrator down Kelli's body before switching it on and placing it on her nipples. They sprang up almost immediately and the vibrations resounded around her breasts making her groan.


   Michelle did this all over her body for a few minutes, helping her relax more and get wetter. Finally, she was ready. She moved the vibrator slowly up the inside of Kelli's thigh, and when she got to the top she circled it around the outside. She moved in rings, further and further in, centering on the clitoris for just a few seconds before moving back outwards. The effect was making Kelli move her hips to get the tip back on to her clit. Michelle got on her knees inbetwen Kelli's thighs, holding the shaking tool with both hands. She leaned forward as she eased it slowly in to Kelli's vagina a bit at a time, keeping eye contact to reassure her. When she felt the resistance of skin, she lay beside Kelli and pushed it through quickly but as gently as she could. There was a momentary shot of pain and Kelli contracted her muscles, but Michelle whispered to her to relax, it was ok, she would enjoy it if she relaxed. Slowly, the pain eased away and she was able to unclench the muscle. Michelle knew how to move the vibrator around and she was gentle, picking up speed when Kelli was more used to it. She used the other hand to work her clit and Kelli came again. Michelle removed the tool once she was done and licked off the jucie residue lying there. They laid down together and began drifting off to sleep, Michelle stroking Kelli's hair. Kelli knew she wouldn't be seeing Pete again, she would never need any one else.

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   Michelle was who she wanted and Michelle wanted her. "I love you," she said softly. Michelle kissed her forehead and smiled. "I love you too. " There was no need for them to say it, they both knew it already, but it felt right all the same. .



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