I Want Her


I Want Her.
She stood there waiting for the bus, forth day in a row now. I don't know her name, but she looks simply incredible. The last four mornings have been the same since i noticed her standing by the bus stop sign.
I'm a 22 year old, rock chick. Black mid-length hair. Blue-green eyes. My body's curvy and I stand at 5'6. I like to think my breasts are nice and in proportion with my body at a nice firm,young C cup. My tongue is pierced and have several more in my ears. A few tattoos and wanting a few more. My nails are painted black, and my make up is fairly dark with black eyeliner and mascara to define them.
Sitting, perched on the bench at the bus stop and was looking up the road, my eyes couldn't help but go back to her leaning against the sign. I had to look again. She is so stunning. Beauty I had never seen before.

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   Short, straight black hair that complimented her heart shaped face. Her nose so perfect with the end slightly tipped up. Her eye lashes were extremely long, and her lips were small with a fresh coat of red, painted on them. She was petite and slim, her nails painted black too from what i saw when she changed the music on ipod nano. Her cute little fingers flickering over the device until she settled on one she liked. My eyes just cant stop looking at her. Running down her body, her neck wrapped up with a large neckerchief scarf, resting lightly above the clothing on her tits. I rolled my gaze down to her slender legs, that we squeezed into a pair of tight skinny jeans, till I got to her black boots with chains on them. She was definitely something else.
I cant stop switching my view between her and looking to see if the bus was coming, her head turns and i look away, anywhere. Fuck, did she see me? She must of noticed i was looking. I look back over at her and sees back to looking up the road. I don't think she noticed. I look up the road to see the bus coming down the road at a distance. I get up and move closer to her and the sign.

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   As the bus gets closer to us it looks full. The guy behind me moves in front of me and her and gets ready to jump on. I hate people like that and i drop back a little and let him get on with it. The bus stops in front and the doors open. So many people were on the bus, we moved closer to the doors, when they open the man jumps in front of the girl, pulls out his oyster card and swipes it on and his in. As i take a step onto the bus, with the girl in front of me, the bus driver says "Sorry love, there's no room. " She turns round and knocks my balance and i fall off the bus onto the ground.
This is all i fucking need. I'm blushing like hell from this girl, my cheeks burning, and she's apologizing profusely. "I'm soo sorry are you ok. . ?" She says as her hand takes mine to help me up. Her touch is so soft, her hand so delicate. I tighten my grip and pull myself up. "It's fine.

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  " I reply as i slowly remove my hand from hers. She pulls her head phones out from her ears. "I didn't realize you were so close. " Her face so worried. I smile nervously "No, no It's fine. I should of looked where I was going. " My hands brushing the dirt from my arse. "I guess we gotta wait a while now, for the next one. " She says as she looks up the road. I move back to the bench, and perch myself on it again. "Yea," I pause. . . "I guess so. .

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  . "
I can't believe i just fell in front of her. I must of been bright red.
 "How long do you think the next bus will be. . ?" I heard her say as she started to come towards me. She sat down next to me on the bench.
Turning my head a little. . . "I'm not too sure. . . . .

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  maybe 10? 18 minutes?"
"Urgh!, 18 maybe 18 minutes more i could of had in bed!" Her eyes meet mine and i smirk agreeing. Her eyes are so blue, a light blue. Like the sky on a summers day and there being no clouds. I gazed up the road past her looking for the bus.
"I'm Jay. . . . . " She turns turns quickly, saying it to me. "Well, . . . Jaydine, but every one calls me Jay" Smiling at me. "Lex," smiling "well.

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  . . . Lexi, but people call me Lex. " She laughs. Gosh. . . its so pretty, I cant help but laugh with her.
"Where are you off to. . ? If you don't mind me asking. " She says so naturally.
"Oh, just into town. I work there.

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  " Casually speaking.
"Where do you work. . ?" She asks me.
"Just at the Call Center, opposite the Post Office?" I reply, ha! Like she's gonna know where that is?
"Oh?. . . . . I know where that is. . . its on Harnet Road, off Sterling Road, yeah?"
"Yeah,. . .

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  . . it is" I guess i was wrong.
"Sweet, I work at the tattoo and piercing place. Inked Up, on Sterling Road. "
"That's pretty cool. You a tattoo artist?" I ask stunned a little, we're talking so easily.
"Yeah! I am. . . . . Started four days ago. " Hence why i haven't noticed her before. "I moved here from City Central.

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"Must be a bit of a difference then hey? I mean. . . . big city, and you move to this place. Move for the job?" Urgh gotta slow down on my questions. . . . . moving for a job though? Hmmm. . . maybe she has a guy who moved here?
"Family, mainly. Most of my family live here, so I brought a flat not too far from here.

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  " Her head turns up the road, looking out for the bus.
"Ahh right. I understand. " I move my head in her direction looking for the bus too and i see it just coming over the hill. "Well. . . . we didn't have to wait long, just please don't knock me over again. " I say as i laugh, and i hear her giggle again.
"I promise. You can go in front of me. " She jokingly tells me, with a slight laugh.
I get up from the bench and head to the bus sign waiting for the bus to come near and stop. As it stops the doors open, and I climb up on.


   Swiping my card across the scanner I move up towards the back of the bus. There's only a few people on this time, so most of the seats are free. I see a seat, half way between the middle and the end of the bus and sit down.
"One please. " Jay says to the bus driver, and puts her money in the tray under the perplex glass. I watch her as she takes her ticket and turns, walking up the bus. The bus begins to take off again, slowly. Her red lips stretch into a smile at me. She walks to the seat in front of me and sits down sideways and turns to me.
"What are your hours like?" She continues to talk to me. I can't believe we're still talking. I thought she would of ignored me once she was on the bus, or felt guilty for knocking me over earlier.
"There not too bad, start at 9. 00 finish at 5. 30"
"That cool," She pauses.

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   "I finish at 5. 45. Weird huh?"
I chuckle to myself. "Ha, just a little bit. "  I turn my head to window and watch the people walking and tree's go by as the bus picks up speed. Turning my head back towards her I see her looking down into her lap, fiddling with the headphone piece in her fingers.
"What you listening too? Anything good?" I say to her.
"Listen for yourself. " She raises her eyebrow as she hands me one of the headphones. I put it in my ear and watch her flick through the song. "This one awesome!"
Her face watches me as the song starts, A faded song begins to get louder at the beginning. Like a guitar solo, I listen more as the drums kick in for the build up to the song, then it blares out. I smile back at her, so she knows I'm enjoying it.
"Who is it. .

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  ??" I ask as i begin to fall in love with this song and her even more.
"Chiodos, there an American band. There good aren't they??" She smiles as she puts the other ear piece in her own ear.
"They are intense! I need to find there album. "
"Oh, I'll do you a copy if you want. . ?" Wow, she hardly knows me and she wants to give me a copy of there album.
"Yeah?. . . . that would be great. ! Thanks"
"No problem. . .

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  . I got loads of other bands and groups that you'd probably like. " She tells me.
The bus pulls up to the main bus garage and I give her back her head phone. She takes it and wraps both the head phones round the player and stuffs it back in her bag. I pick mine up and sling it over my head and shoulder and get up. She gets up too.   Do i ask for her number or something? I have no clue on what to say. Shall i just ask her?
She moves to the doors of the bus and i follow behind her. Stepping off the bus i look over to her.
"Jay?. . . " I'm just going to do it. "Do you want my number?.

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  . . Then you can give me a text or a call and let me know about the copy?" My hands fiddle in my bag as I fish out a pack of smokes and my lighter.
"Sure!, That'll be great. " Her smile broadens a little. She dives in her bag and gets her phone phone out and hands it to me. I punch in my number and name, then hand it back. Clicking my lighter to light my cigarette, I inhale and blow it back out.
"I'm under Lex. " I laugh, "Just so you know. " As i begin to walk away from the bus garage. She turns and smiles at me, i hear a slight laugh from her mouth.
"I gotta go, but give me a text yeah?"
"Yeah!" She raises her voice a little as she walks in the other direction. I walk up Sterling Road in a daze. I gave her my number.

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   All i can think of is her as i walk further up the road. I take another puff as I turn into Harnet and make a little jog for the Call Center, flicking my smoke away. Pushing open the entrance i make my way over to the elevator. Jay's so sexy. Her lips are amazing, i wounder what it would be like to kiss them. I bet they taste great, smearing her lipstick over mine. I cant help but get excited. Under those clothes she must have a perfect little body, nice little tits, gorgeous little waist. God i want her.
The elevator sound goes and the doors open and i step inside. I wonder how her pussy looks. Is she shaven, or if she has a Brazilian wax.
The doors shut. My own little pussy is twitching at the thought of her.
The doors open and i get out.

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   Hmm. . . . i think im gonna head to the toilets to freshen up. I turn and head for the ladies. Pushing open the door i look for a cubicle. Swing my bag over my head and throw on the floor of one. Closing and locking the door behind me, i think about her sweet, slim frame. Her little butt and long legs in those tight jeans. I pull down my black leggings with holes in, along with my black thong and sit down. Leaning against the back of the unit, my hand slides down to my pussy. Shes so wet thinking about Jay. I run my fingers over my lips feeling my juices seep onto them.
"God Jay, I want you" I whisper to myself as i push my fingers into my clit, I begin to circle it.

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   Thrills of pleasure begin to run through my body. I want her hand where mine is. I want her naked body on top of me as lick her pussy, i want to taste her so much. Her sweet liquid trickling down my face as i feel her tongue on me. "Oh god. " I can;t be too loud, someone will hear me. But. . . "God i want to taste you. " I whisper again. My pussy begins to throb and ache for her.
My fingers slip down from my clit and I push my fingers deep into my snatch. I breath in as i feel my fingers plunge into me. Her fingers would feel so good in me.

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   Thrusting them deep in me. I begin to pick up speed and fuck my little cunt silly. "Yes Jay, fuck me. Make me cum over your fingers honey. " I whisper a little louder as i feel the hard thrusts hit me. My pussy begins to tighten around my fingers as i continue to pound me, forcing my fingers deeper into me.
"Yes Jaydine, right there baby" I gasps, fuck i cant take it any more i have to cum. "I'm coming Jay!!!" I force my fingers a few more times and feel my cunt muscles tighten around them. "Ohhhhhhh shit Jay!!" Im panting as i come down from my climax. My fingers still deep in my pussy covered in my sweet cum. I pull them out and look down at them glistening in the cubicle light. I raise them to my lips and taste them. "Mmmm" I love the taste of my cum, so sweet and sticky. I lick and suck them clean. My heart still pounding, i rise up and pull my thong and leggings up.

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   "Woah!" Head rush, and a little dizzy I pick my bag up and open the door, stepping out to the sinks and the mirror, i check my reflection.
"Shit work!" Dammit! I move towards the door and exit the toilets and run up the corridor to the office.



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