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Topic: I find is a story about a young girl by the name of Teri. She was a back woods kind of girl from Mississippi. I think she grew up screwing her kin folks. One day as she was walking to her car from work, two men grabbed her, put a bag over her head and put her in a van. She was very frightened. One of the men drove while the other held her. The one holding her finally got her hands behind her and got hand cuffs on her. She didn't know what was going on. She had a bag over her head and her arms were locked behind her. They drove for a while and the van stopped and the engine was turned off. Teri was taken from the van and into a house. It was very quiet. One of the men took off her bag, but she still couldn't see anything. The room was pitch dark. She then felt a blind fold being put on her. She was led to a chair and told to sit down.

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   She did. As she sat there she could hear foot steps, but no voices. She felt someone behind her and they pulled her hair and forced her head back. With her head back, she felt a soft pair of lips touch hers. They were very gentle and as the tongue was slipping between her lips, she opened slightly and welcomed the invading tongue and what ever came with it. Teri was a horny little cunt and had been playing with her pussy all day at work. She had a private office and would put vibrators in her pussy and vibrate through many cums as she typed. Her pussy was dripping as she left to go home and was then kidnapped. As the strange tongue was intertwining with hers she felt a hand on her breast. Her breasts were very sensitive and she liked what was happening. Then she heard her blouse being ripped from her body. Next came the bra. She could feel the cool air as it hit her naked breast. The hand was back but not as gentle. Her nipples were being pinched and were very hard.

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   How could a kidnapped woman be moaning like this. After much kissing and tit pinching she was pulled from the chair and led across the room. She was pushed down and landed on a bed. As she was pushed back, she felt her pants being taken off. At the same time she lost her panties. She was naked and she knew her wet pussy was dripping. Her legs were being pried apart, but it didn't take much effort. Teri was spreading them. She felt someone between her legs and then her breast were being squeezed and pulled. Then she felt heaven touch her clit. It was a tongue and it was very talented. It was going up and down and taking a little nip on the clit ever so often. One hand left her breast and was inserted into her slick hole. One finger, two fingers, and then the third. Her life soul was being sucked from her clit.

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   Her ass cheeks were jerking up and down. Her pussy felt so full. When she felt something hit her cervix, she knew the hand with all fingers were inside her. She had this done to her before by her little girl slave. When she felt the finger go in her ass, it was all she could take. Her clit sucked to the size of a pea, a hand inside of her pussy and now at least two fingers in her ass. She raise her ass off the bed as far as she could, screamed at the top of her lungs, tightened her pussy muscles, tightened her ass muscle and had the cum of a life time. She could feel the cum running down to her ass cheeks as she fell back on the bed. She was still having spasms and could tell the fingers were out of her ass but they were trying to pull the hand from here pussy, but it wouldn't come. It was like a dog had knotted with her. After Teri got her breath back and relaxed, the hand was pulled out of her pussy. Teri was so content and she was rolled over on her stomach. Her ass cheeks were then squeezed and pulled apart. There was that heavenly tongue again.
    It was licking her asshole Teri loved to have her ass licked She would usually wash it real clean before her little girl slave would lick it.

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       This time, since she was playing with herself all day, and sometime she would place a finger from her wet cunt into her ass, she figured her ass would taste like pussy juice. Oh, she could feel the tongue going deeper and deeper with each stroke. It was going in and out faster and faster. This was the longest tongue she had ever had in her ass. She normally had something in her pussy to make her cum when having her ass licked, but something was happening. She could feel it building. Oh my lord, she was going to cum with nothing but a tongue in her ass. Wham, there it is. An ass 'tongue fucking' and her pussy was squirting. It was so good. She was purring like a cat. She knew that if assholes could smile, hers would have a very big smile. She felt hands going up her body, rubbing, soothing and massaging. They rolled her over. She could feel the mask being lifted off.

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       She open her eyes, the room was lit, and as her eyes focused, Janey, what the fuck? You like? janey1113@att. net.