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Nikki knocked on the door and waited for Jenna to answer. She was always late getting to the door for some reason, though it probably wasn't looks. Not that Jenna was ugly but she just didn't have the same beauty as Nikki. She was one of those girls you'd look at maybe twice but not gawk over. Dark brown hair done in a ponytail, glasses usually on, her outfits leaning towards baggy and nothing showing herself off. All in all, the kind of girl you just didn't pay much attention to, not in Nikki's mind anyway. When the door opened, Nikki could see that Jenna was exactly as she thought she'd be, the same outfit and the same attitude. "Well, come on in and let's get started," she said in a tone that got on Nikki's nerves, a know-it-all that knew what she was. Nikki shook her head and entered, taking a seat on the edge of the bed inside the small room as Jenna sat on a chair near her, looking her over. "So, what's on the sheets today?" Jenna asked, her eyes looking over Nikki's tight outfit in a way that Nikki knew was disdainful. Like this woman was one to make comments on fashion at all. "Psych lessons, mainly," Nikki said, opening her books and laying them before her on the bed, crossing her long legs beneath her. "We're doing that hypnosis stuff right now before we get towards the bigger stuff. ""Well, hypnosis is a strong part of psychology," Jenna said. "My mom's a shrink so I know how big it is. Always used to read through her books when I was a kid, imagining how I could use those skills to help people, to do something for patients, to aid in mental health.

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  " Any doubts Nikki had over how big a loser Jenna was were squashed right there. Why would anyone want to help others when they could simply help themselves? Find a rich loser to seduce, latch onto some cash and you've got your life all set. "It's just that hypnosis is so fascinating, you know? I mean, the way the hypnotist can cause the subconscious mind to fall into a trance just by talking to them. You don't really need a swinging watch or a spinning amulet, you don't even need to look into someone's eyes, all you have to use are words, just simple words. You can just tell someone to start relaxing, to keep their breathing even and calm and they'll work with you, they'll begin to breath in a slow and easy pattern, nice deep breaths, letting them in, letting them out, letting them in, letting them out. You can feel yourself relaxing with those breaths alone, you can feel your body relaxing with each breath, relaxation flowing through you. With every breath in and out, in and out, you can feel yourself growing more relaxed, more and more relaxed with every breath you take, with every breath you take you feel so relaxed, Nikki, you feel so relaxed. "It's the power of words that can get to you, Nikki, it's the power of words that can bring you into hypnosis, leading you into a trance. Just listening to the words, Nikki, just listening to the words coming out of my mouth leads you into a trance. You can feel yourself falling into a trance, Nikki, just by listening to my words you can feel yourself falling into a trance. You know you are falling into a trance, Nikki, you know you are falling into a trance but you can't do anything about it. You can't help listening to my voice, Nikki, you can't help listening to my voice and falling into a trance, Nikki, deep into a trance, Nikki, deeper and deeper into a hypnotic trance. With my every word, you are falling deeper into a hypnotic trance, Nikki, deeper and deeper into this trance. So deep, Nikki, so very deep, you can't keep your eyes opened anymore, Nikki, you can't keep your eyes open anymore. You are in a hypnotic trance now, Nikki, you are now in a hypnotic trance.

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   You cannot keep your eyes open in a hypnotic trance, Nikki, you must close them. Close your eyes, Nikki, close your eyes and enter fully into this hypnotic trance. "Jenna watched Nikki's eyes flutter shut and nodded in satisfaction. The redhead didn't know it, but this wasn't the first time the subject of hypnosis had come up. In fact, Jenna had put Nikki under during their very first session, using an old watch as a guide, and had been whittling down her mental defenses several times during the past few sessions. Now, Jenna was sure that the object of her long-standing crush was ready for her advances. "Nikki, can you hear me?""Yes," the redhead whispered, her breathing even, her head slightly to the side as she slept in trance. "Nikki, you are now in a deep hypnotic trance. Every word I say, every word you hear, sends you deeper and deeper into this hypnotic trance. So deep, Nikki, so very, very deep. You are completely hypnotized, Nikki. ""I. . . .

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  am completely. . . . hypnotized," Nikki whispered. "You cannot resist my commands. ""I cannot. . . . resist. . . . .

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  ""You will do whatever I command you to. ""I will do whatever you command me to. ""Stand up and take off all your clothes, Nikki," Jenna said, biting her lip to see if it would work. It did, Nikki immediately rising and beginning to disrobe, her shirt and skirt hitting the floor in quick succession. Her large breasts pushed against her bra and unsnapping it freed them, allowing those great tits to hang loose with little sag. Nikki pushed her panties down her long legs, her perfect ass sticking in the air as she did so. She stood naked, swaying in place as she awaited further instructions. Jenna slipped off her glasses, the only piece of clothing she still wore. Had Nikki been conscious, she might have been surprised by the attractiveness of Jenna's body. Although a bit more chunky than the thinner girls on campus, Jenna was still shapely, her breasts quite nice with tight nipples that proved her passion putting Nikki under. She stood up and faced the nude Nikki, taking a deep breath as she appraised the body, the red hair falling past the breasts. "Nikki, when I kiss you, you will feel an uncontrollable desire for me. You will give yourself to me, Nikki. You will give yourself to me. ""I will give myself to you.

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  " That was all Jenna needed to hear and she embraced Nikki, her lips smashing against the hypnotized coed, her tongue plunging into her mouth. Nikki slowly let her hands drag along Jenna's body, joining the kiss as she did. Jenna's hands drifted down Nikki's body to her ass, gripping those perfect cheeks hard and squeezing them as she did. Nikki moaned through the kiss, now lost in her arousal, her hypnotized mind only willing to accept the promise of release. Jenna brought the two down to the bed, pushing Nikki onto her back. Jenna moved down to Nikki's legs, to the red patch between her legs that begged for her touch. Jenna wasted no time diving into the red pussy, her tongue dragging along the crimson pubic hair as she let her hands drag along Nikki's thighs, pinching them and causing the redhead to squeal slightly. Jenna began to lick at Nikki's pussy, her tongue diving in and out of the lips, working all around the inner side of Nikki's womanhood, licking the edges as she lapped in and out of the crevice. Jenna's hands slid under the warm flesh to once again touch Nikki's ass, the fingers sliding towards the asshole as she continued to lick, tickling the edge of Nikki's ass as her tongue dived in. With the finger- fucking and the licking contributing to her already entranced state, Nikki was soon coming, sooner than Jenna expected, her juices falling onto the dark-haired woman's face, surprising but delighting her as well. Jenna slowly pulled herself up and crawled onto the bed. She sat herself on Nikki's face, her pussy hanging over the entranced girl's mouth, facing Nikki's body. "Lick me out, Nikki," she commanded and was instantly rewarded by the feeling of tongue on her flesh. As Jenna locked her thighs around Nikki's head, her ass hanging over her red hair, her hands moved down to those great breasts, squeezing them hard as Nikki licked her out. Jenna's hands moved over Nikki's globes, pinching the nipples as she massaged the breasts, loving the feeling of those great mammaries under her hands.

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   All the while, Nikki continued to lick at her, Jenna trying to hold her juices in as long as possible as she kept kneading Nikki's breasts under her hands. Finally, Jenna couldn't hold it in any longer and let herself go, crying out as she unleashed her orgasm on Nikki's face, cum staining the brilliant red hair. As she collapsed forward, Jenna took a look at the clock, seeing it was still early in the afternoon. Plenty of time for what she had in mind as she swung back towards Nikki, kissing her gently on the mouth. "Nikki, when you awaken, you will not remember anything that has happened here. In fact, you will remember nothing at all. . . . . . "Nikki shook her head as she knocked on Jenna's door. Great, the tutoring session would have to get bumped to tonight, leaving Nikki with an afternoon of mindless TV watching. She couldn't even remember the programs, that was how disinterested she was in it. Her musings were interrupted when Jenna opened the door, dressed in another sweatshirt and jeans ensemble that enhanced her lack of appeal.

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   "Come on in," Jenna said, allowing Nikki to enter, her nice dress flowing a bit as she came in. "Sorry about the mix-up with schedules. So, what's on the books tonight?""Hypnosis crap in psychology," Nikki said, rolling her eyes. "Like that's going to be useful. ""You'd be surprised," Jenna smiled. This would be the first of many unique tutoring sessions for Nikki, a lesson she would learn again and again-----because she would never remember learning it in the first place. A perfect lesson for Jenna's mind and body. .