Home Economics: Part One


As Libby slid her undies off, Miss Ulbright commented approvingly, "Very good, Libby, I see that you are wearing a panty girdle, your mother is certainly raising you correctly, since you have a very plump bottom, the girdle will give you a nice smooth shape!!!" "Thank you ma'am," Libby answered, "mother says the boys appreciate a nice full bottom but they like to feel some firmness too!!!" "Of course your mother is correct, dear," Sarah replied, "now up on the desk with you, and be quick about it!!!" Libby slid her plush bottom onto the desk, and with complete mortification, she lay back down and spread her legs as Miss Ulbright lifted her skirt, exposing her red haired vagina!!! "You have a very pretty vagina, dear," Miss Ulbright said softly, "and this red hair is very becoming beside your pale skin," while she gently probed the young girl's bulging vulva!!!" Libby made an audible gasp as Miss Ulbright's fingers became more insistent, and moaned, "M-Miss Ulbright, that feels wonderful, please don't stop!!!"In her usual businesslike voice, Miss Ulbright offered, "Not only is your vagina very beautiful, it is also very responsive, so I must ask, do you masturbate often, dear!?!" Oh god, was this embarrassing, not only was she on the verge of and orgasm, her teacher was asking her the most intimate of details about her personal life!!! "Please answer me, dear," Sarah Ulbright asked again, "I need to know everything about my student's personal lives!!!" While panting hard, Libby struggled to say, "I-I masturbate everyday ma'am, sometimes twice a day!!!" "That is good, very good," her teacher replied, "it's obvious that you are a very highly sexed young lady whose vagina is going to require a great deal of attention, and while this isn't really a problem, I can see why you have such an enormous sex drive!!!" "And why is that, ma'am," Libby gasped, now totally frazzled by the fingers that had invaded her pussy!?! "It's very apparent that your clitoris is much larger that normal," Sarah went on, "your mother again was absolutely correct, she predicted that your clitoris would be much as her own, bloated and constantly erect!!!" "Mother's just like me," Libby asked??? "I'm afraid so, dear," Sarah Ulbright stated, "but don't look at as a curse, you must think of it as a blessing, that you're lucky to have a vagina that will control and dominate a man someday!!!" Libby thought about that for a minute and asked, "Do really think I'll like intercourse!?!" "Oh, honey," Sarah said with a chuckle, "you're going to love having a man put his penis into your vagina, but I do recommend one thing, and that's that you make sure your future partner has a very large penis!!!"Again Libby moaned as Miss Ulbright's fingers continued their probing, but she gritted her teeth and asked, "Why is a large penis better that a smaller one!?!" "Well, dear," Sarah answered softly, "while you can be satisfied by any size penis, a large one will give you longer and harder orgasms, and with a clitoris like yours, you will need someone who can put out your fire if even just for a short period of time!!!" "A small penis would probably only keep you on edge, much as my finger is doing right now," she went on, "while a hung stud can easily take you over the edge and bring you your much needed climaxes!!!" "I have another question for you," Miss Ulbright continued on, "when you masturbate, what exactly do you fantasize about!?!" Libby's whole body shook a little, and then she replied, "This is very embarrassing, and you're probably not going to believe me, but I almost always think about putting a man's penis into my mouth and having him ejaculate, I know that sounds sick, but I can't help it!!!" "Oh, Libby, dear," Sarah replied quickly, "there is absolutely nothing strange about a girl want to fellate a man, in fact it is one of the most normal and satisfying things a girl can do!!!" "Really," an obviously relieved Libby replied, "I was afraid that I was some kind of freak!!!" "Never," Sarah replied with a laugh, "do you ever think about having your vagina sucked on!?!" "I wonder all the time how that would feel," Libby moaned, "but I just can't imagine it!!!" "Well, dear," her teacher whispered, "I think now is as good a time as any to see if besides having a big penis, your future partner must be adept at orally satisfying you!!!" "What do you mean by that," Libby panted!?! "Just this, dear," Sarah replied as her mouth replaced her finger in Libby's dripping vagina!!! "Oh my," Libby gasped, "that's the most fantastic thing I've ever felt in my life, oh yes, do my clit for me, oh god yes, do it Miss Ulbright, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" "I take it from your response that you like to be orally attended to," Miss Ulbright said with a chuckle!?! "Please," Libby begged, "put your mouth back on my clit, I need to cum so badly, please don't torture me like this!!!"Deciding that the poor girl had suffered long enough, Sarah Ulbright bored in hard on Libby's erected clitoris, and in a matter of no more than a minute or so, brought her thundering to a climax that nearly stopped the young girl's heart!!! It was exciting for Sarah, too, because this was the one part of her job she loved the most, the opportunity to suck the vaginas of her senior home ec class and also to delve into the personal lives of all of the pretty eighteen year olds!!! "My goodness," Sarah said sweetly, "your mother was certainly right about you, she predicted that you would be an extremely orgasmic, and boy was she ever correct about that!!!" Libby smiled sheepishly, aware that her pussy had totally taken over her mind, but after her session with Miss Ulbright, she could honestly say that she felt good about her sexuality!!! "How do you feel, dear," Sarah asked softly, "does your vagina feel better now?!?" "Mmmmm, yes," Libby replied, "but I have to say that something feels like it's missing, I can't quite put my finger on it, but something's missing!!!" Sarah smiled at Libby and said softly, "I'm sure of it, dear, but don't worry, we're going to take care of that in just a few minutes, so just lay back and rest for a while, okay!?!" While closing her eyes, she could feel her pussy aching for more relief, but instead of complaining about it, she just closed her eyes and dozed off!!!THE END



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