High School Babes, Part 2: The Night 1/2


Previously: woke up Friday Morning naked with part of the soft covers of my bed between my pussy. Looking over at the clock I saw that it was 6:00, 1. 5 hours before school would start. Remembering Alex and feeling horny I stuck my middle finger into my pussy and brought my finger now soaked with fluids from my pussy into mouth tasting the delicious flavor. I then spread my legs open and began prodding my pussy with my finger. My nipples hardened and with my spare hand I began to massage them and waves of pleasure ripples through my body. Moaning softly I began to grind my pussy faster feeling the need for an orgasm. My moaning got louder and my body broke out in a sweat leaving a cool sensation on my body. I began to lose control and my legs buckled as I felt an orgasm coming. With screams of pleasure cum squirted out of my pussy and my head rolled over, I was in heaven for a few moments. With cum dripping all over my legs and sitting on my soaked blanket I felt dazed from the post orgasm as I continued to finger myself slower and slower. At school I didn’t see Alex for the entire day, at 7th period gym I saw her. After changing for gym I ran down into the gym. After gym and while Alex and I showered I couldn’t control myself anymore. I reached over and lightly squeezed he breast. Seeing this as a sign Alex said “I don’t have time right now, but today we’ll have your inauguration ceremony into our group, come over to my house at 4 o’clock, all right hun?” I felt unsatisfied as I got dressed and drove home.

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Arriving at my house I packed my bag and drove over to Alex’s house. Upon arriving she said “My parents are going to be gone for the weekend, so tonight we can do what ever we want. ” As if on que she took of her robe revealing her naked body to me. Dropping my bag I kissed her all over. Feeling the sexual tension between us my nipples hardened and I ripped of my clothes. Pulling me over and onto her couch Alex began running her hands up and down the sides of my thighs as our bodies rubbed against each other. Soon Alex found my sexual core and stuck her index finger deep into my pussy. A moan of pleasure erupted from my mouth when she pulled her finger out. With her finger, which was laden with fluids she rubbed my breasts and cold sweat come out of my body. After licking and sucking off the fluids on my breasts she pushed down my head and said, “eat out my pussy bitch. ” With my tongue tasting the sweet juices of her pussy Alex let out a cry as I sucked on her clit. She grabbed my hair pulled me up and grabbed a hold of both of my breasts and began to pull on them. I let out squeals of pleasure “ohhh, baby yeah, bitch. ” With my right hand I reached behind and spanked her ass, leaving a red handprint. Alex cried out and fell onto the couch with her legs spread.

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   I licked her clit as I swirled around my finger in her cunt and she began losing control letting out moans and screaming like a mad woman I could hear Alex’s heart rate quicken. With her breath quickening she finally gave in and her pelvis began to shake, bucking up and down. With cum squirting all over my face I watched and allowed her to return to reality.
After lying there panting for a while Alex got up and licked the cum off my face and said, “Now it’s your turn. ” She put on a strap-on dildo and grabbed my breasts from behind, and she began fucking me doggy style. I let out a few moans and grunts showing her I was experiencing pleasure and with sweat dripping down my face, Alex slowed down and said to me “Ride the dildo bitch. ” With her lying down on the floor I began grinding on her dildo. Muscle spasms rippled through my body and cumming all over her dildo I panted. Alex said, "Soon the guests will arrive. " We both grabbed our clothes and put them on. In a minute the doorbell rang and we rushed to the door.  The guests: Taylor, Cambria, Devon, Lindsey, and Allison had arrived.  Everyone of them had beautiful curves like mine and Alex's and tight abs. Devon and Cambria were twins and both looked like barbies with curly strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and 32D breasts. Lindsey had dark ash blonde hair, green eyes, and had 34D breasts.

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   Taylor had brown hair, hazel eyes, and 34DD breasts. Finally, Allison had light golden blonde hair like I did, brown eyes, and the biggest breasts I had ever seen, a size E or F.
After eating and at 9:30 the girls all nodded to each other and suddenly Taylor grabbed my breasts and Lindsey bound my hands together with a tight rope. With my clothes sill on the Nash sisters pulled on my breasts and tied rope around them that would end with a rope around my waist. The girls all stripped off their clothes and grabbed dildos from their bags. I noticed that they all had the same 3 tattoos, all red hearts with a word in the center of them “Sex” was right above the pussy centimeters away from the clit. “Pleasure” was below the right hip and “Lover Girl” was spread between two hearts with arrow through it on their upper left butt cheek. As they started in towards me I thought: “what are they going do to me and would get the same tattoos?”
Continued in Part 3


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