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   Each was wearing stocking and lacy bras, with panties to much. Sara approached Gina. "Hey, you look a-mazing!"Gina was delibrately given the smallest set. "Yeah. It's a little tight though. ""Don't worry, we all have that problem. You wanna go get a drink?""OK. "They both put on dressing gowns which barely covered their legs. The men on set gawped as Sara purposely swung her hips. "Do you always have that effect on men?" Gina asked"I don't think it's me, it's you. " Sara replied in a flirty tone, poking Gina near her tits. Gina tried not to let out a gasp. "Thanks. " Sara said sweetly as she was passed two bottles of water. She gave one to Gina.


   As she drunk, her fingers loosened and the water spilt on her dressing gown. "Shit. " she muttered, dabbing frantically. "Looks like it's coming off. " She stripped it off. The water had gone through the bra and panties aswell, trickling down the stockings. Sara laughed. "It looks like I've been having sex. "Gina laughed shyly. Sara stopped. "Damn, this is making me horny. " she muttered. She pulled off the bra. Although Gina was straight,  curiousity made its way to the surface. She reached out a hand and started petting Sara's tanned breasts.

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