Girls will be girls part 1


I had just gotten back to my appartment from a long day of work. I walked up to the mirror to examine myself. I had long curly golden hair that reached just above my waist. deep brown eyes and full pink lips. I was about average height, and I was pretty skinny but i still had a good amount of meat on my bones. I had huge 32DD breasts, and a nice firm ass. I pulled off my t-shirt and jeans, and slipped into my skimpy pink night gown and then i sat on the bed, skimming through magazines. about an hour later Lara came home. She could looked alot like me, but her breasts were a 20DD and her Golden hair was straight and up to her chin. We were both lesbians. And we loved 2 things, each other, and SEX. Lara got turned on easily. when she saw me sitting on the bed in that skimpy night gown she started stripping off her clothes like there was no tomarrow. After i took off my night gown and undies. we started kissinig pasionatly. I started squeezing her nipples, and she started sucking on mine.

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   Then her finger made its way to my cunt and she started fingering me. it felt so good i started to moan. I started sucking her nipples until they milked. drank all the juice. once she fitted 2 fingers in we really got horny while she worked on my cunt i let go of her breasts and we repostioned ourselfs so that her head was facing my feet and her ass was in my face. i started licking her ass while she fit 3 fingers in my cunt. Then she took over. in and out and in and out. she fit her whole fist into my cunt and started pounding me, i started to scream "OH LARA-AHHHH!!!THAT FEELS SOO GOOD I THINK IM ABOUT TO COME!!!!" orgasam after orgasam each our bodies shaking, with my fist up her cunt and her fist up mine we colapsed on each other breathing heavily. covered with come.