Girl Scout Chronicles, Part Four


Girl Scout Chronicles, Part four.
The days flew by as our girls became more proficient in many fields and qualified for various merit badges to wear proudly on their little sashes. Candy seemed to excel in everything and soon was looked up to as the camp leader among the smaller Scouts. This gave her many opportunities to perfect her other talents and took some of the pressure off me, as she seduced one after another of my little charges until our tent was a hot bed of activity after hours.
At the end of the four week period we sadly hugged our new found little friends, and among lots of sobs and tears waved to them as the bus roared around the circle and then out the camp entrance. The silence was almost deafening as the last of the loud goodbyes faded into the distance. Angie came over and hugged me and we walked back into the lodge to find Sandy.
She called us into the office and told Angie that her parents were in the valley and they were going to keep her company for the two days we had off before our next bunch arrived. She packed up some of her duds and then climbed into the waiting taxi to ride down into the town of San Bernardino at the base of the foothills.
I walked back to my empty tent and leaned back on my deck chair and listened to the birds and squirrels darting around in the thick foliage of the tall pines. As I dozed peacefully in the late morning heat, Sandy came walking down the trail. She came up onto the porch, and then sat on the railing and stared at me. I looked at her questioningly and she smiled, and then moved over behind my chair and started to rub my shoulders which felt really good as my neck muscles relaxed from her soothing touch.
“Are you missing your little buddies?” she asked.
I nodded and told her, “Yes, I am. I really got attached to them all in the short time they were here.

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“I’ve been doing this for several seasons and it is always a letdown when each group leaves. ” She replied, as she slid her hands down off my shoulders and pushed gently on the upper slopes of my now swelling breasts. I gasped and laid my head back against her stomach as she slowly made little circles around my firm mounds, and then tugged gently on my erect nipples through the soft material of my camp blouse.
I shuddered as she reached down and began to unbutton the front of my shirt, easing each fastener out of its opening so slowly that I was squirming in anticipation under her fingers, and arching my back up so my stiff nipples could rub against her wrists.
When she opened the front of my blouse, dragging the material across my sensitive nerve endings in the ends of my nipples, I jerked and shivered as chills ran up and down my body. While she kneaded and tugged I moaned, and panted softly through my parted lips,
“Oh God, Sandy, you are making me soo wet! Please, squeeze and pull harder!”
I heard the rustle of her shorts sliding to the floor and then felt her naked firm breasts brushing against my head after she pulled her top off. She moved around to the side of my chair and pulled my blouse completely off, and then reached down over my quivering stomach to slide her fingers under the elastic waistband of my terry cloth shorts, while caressing my breasts with her other hand.
I gasped as her probing fingers finally found my wet lips and slid up and down until I was jerking all over the chair while holding onto the sides of the seat to keep from falling over on the deck. I started to reach up to her breasts and she shook her head and made me put my hands back on the seat.
“Just stay that way, honey, while I enjoy your sweet little body!” she panted, as she licked her lips and ogled my trembling breasts and stomach. She kept moving her fingers as she pushed my shorts down with her wrist until I looked down to see the top of my glistening wet slit peeking over the top of the elastic.
She moved around in front of me and tugged my shorts down over my raised hips, and off over my feet, and threw them in the corner by her discarded clothes. Then she gently pried my shaking legs open and moved between them as she once again slid her fingers up into my sopping wet cunt. She leaned over and brushed her stiff nipples over my lips as I hungrily searched for the soft flesh to suck on. Finally she let me lock my puffy lips over one end and I sucked and licked as she fingered me, faster and faster, until I was gasping for air and screaming over and over from the extremely strong orgasms wracking my sweaty little body,
“God, I’m cumming so hard, unh, unh, unh, oh Sandy, I’m gushing all over your hand! Shove your fingers deeper, pleeeeeeeeeeease! Oh, shit, I’m cumming again! Oh fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Pull on my tits, harder, harder! Fuck me faster, faster, unh, unh, unh, oh God Sandeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
Finally she pulled her wet fingers out of my hot little cunt and I whimpered around her wet nipple when she pulled my mouth away from her soft skin.

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   She moaned in my face as she kissed me deeply, intertwining her soft tongue with mine. I reached up to cup those beautiful round globes in front of me, and I ran my fingers over the puckered texture of her stiff elongated nipples.
She gasped and panted into my mouth as I slid my hand down to her silky black cunt hair, already glistening with her juices. I ran my fingers around and around over her swollen clit while she moaned more and moved her hips in a fucking motion against my hand. Then I shoved my fingers up her cunt and curled one back against the inside front which made her jerk and gasp loudly when the sensations shot through her from her G spot nerve endings that I was stroking.
 I fucked her faster and faster, and she kept panting, over and over, in my mouth, “Oh, you sweet adorable little doll! I’ve wanted you since we met at the airport, and your naked breasts under your camp blouse have been driving me wild for the past four weeks. Oh, God, fuck me Jan, shove your whole little hand up my drenched cunt and fuck me hard! Yesssss, like that! Oh God I’m gonna’ cum, honey. Faster baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee!” She screamed, as her juices shot out of her hot hole all over my arm.
Sandy kept fucking my hand until she shook hard, and clenched her inner vaginal muscles tight around my fingers, as orgasm after orgasm wracked her trembling body!
Finally she sank slowly to her knees in front of me and laid her face on my lap, gasping and panting as she tried to catch her breath.
 Then she turned her face so her lips brushed across my smooth cunt lips. She bit gently on my clit and sucked as and I jerked up off the chair as my own orgasm raced up and down my body. I shuddered and bit my lower lip to keep from screaming as the sweat poured off my quivering little legs. Sandy continued to tongue me and lick me until I was completely consumed by the wild feelings tearing me apart!
When I opened my eyes she was wiping my face with her shirt and cooing to me like my mom used to do after we had sex when I was little. I threw my arms around her neck and mashed my nipples into her big breasts and hugged her tightly as we kissed and clung to each other.
I stood up and went over to put my clothes back on, but.

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   Sandy came over and pulled them out of my hands and said, “There’s nobody in camp except you and me sweetie, so forget about the clothes.   Lets go up to the pool and cool off by skinny dipping, okay?”
I gasped in shock at the thought of roaming around the compound stark naked, and chills ran up my spine as I became more aroused at the thought than I ever would have believed possible! I nodded numbly and she took my hand as we walked on the mat of soft pine needles on the trail up to the lodge area, and then over to the pool enclosure. It felt so intoxicating to be out in the open, undressed, where anyone could drive up at any time and see my stiff little nipples and swollen puffy little cunt lips!
I watched Sandy’s breasts sway as she walked beside me, and she looked over and grinned when she saw the look of lust on my face, and the sweat forming on my upper lip
“You horny little thing, you want more already?” she laughed.
“God, Sandy, you make me so hot looking at you naked beside me that I want to eat you so bad I can taste it!” I panted, as I licked my dry lips with my tongue, and felt the moisture seeping out of my sore little cunt.
We entered the pool area and she pulled the big air donut that the kids used to float on out of the storeroom and laid in on the surface.
“Why don’t you lay on that while I do some pool maintenance like checking the Ph and setting up the roaming filter thing. ” She said.
I stretched out spread eagled on the rubber float and leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I drifted on the small current created by the filter system shooting water out of the side jets. It was soo peaceful that I drifted off and dreamed about being fucked by my lover Angie at home on the wet grass beside the driveway.
Sandy watched as she vacuumed the pool. She told me later when I awakened that I had been moving my hips up and down while I caressed my breasts in my sleep. Apparently I was really into my dream as I bucked more and more and threw my head back and forth while moaning and panting. She said I then moved  my hands between my legs and finger fucked myself furiously as I came in my sleep all over the smooth surface of the rubber float.
I woke up in a sticky pool of my cum and rolled off into the cool water to rinse it off my sweat soaked body. Sandy was giggling as she watched, and I looked at her questioningly as she related her story to me.

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   I blushed and dove under the surface to sweep my hair back out of my eyes and then came up on the side by where she was pushing the long vacuum handle back and forth over the bottom of the pool.
As I floated there with my arms resting on the pool deck edge I could feel the water jet forcing bubbling water into my parted cunt lips and teasing my clit as I moved my hips back and forth under the strong flow. I clutched the pool side as the current ran up from my cunt to my nipples, which I was rubbing against the tile along the edge of the coping.
Sandy watched me with her mouth hanging open and her tongue running back and forth over her lips. Then she set the handle on the deck and slid into the pool and moved around behind me. I felt her big breasts poking me in the back as she ran her fingers up and down the crack in my butt and teased my little puckered hole. Her finger slid gently into my rear end until I felt her start to fuck my anus as the water surged into my cunt from the front and drove me wild!
I shrieked as I jerked against the pool wall and held on for dear life as Sandy fingered me to a crushing orgasm that hit so hard that I lost my bearings and feinted as she clutched me and held me up in the swirling water.
I came around quickly in the cool water, and began to hump the jet as Sandy’s fingering aroused me yet again. The cycle repeated itself over and over as Sandy humped her clit against my buns causing her to climax again and again with me.
When I was thoroughly drained we pulled ourselves up on the deck and lay there soaking up the warm sun and gasping for air.
We were still lying there when Lisa, the winter caretaker’s daughter walked in and stopped dead in her tracks, with her eyes as big as saucers and her mouth gaping open. I spotted her first, and then Sandy looked up and jumped to her feet, and grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around her real fast as she blushed from head to toe. I had already been caught humping the railing on my porch  in front of the girl so I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed, and I just stretched and spread my legs wide as I raised my hips up slightly, so Lisa got a really good look at my puffy cunt lips and swollen breasts.
She just stood there and ogled me openly as she panted. She reached down to rub her mound through the overalls that she was wearing, as she slid her other hand into the opening in the top of her outfit to squeeze one of her perfect little breasts through the thin tee that she was wearing as a layer under the work suit.

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Sandy moved over behind her and slid her hands into the opening too and pushed Lisa’s fingers into the soft mounds as a little moan escaped through her parted lips. She was still staring right at me transfixed, as Sandy reached up to unhook the straps holding the bib over her breasts and then she pulled the top down so I could see Lisa playing with her nipples. She didn’t even move her eyes as Sandy pulled her tee off over her red hair and I gasped when I saw the cute breasts with the strawberry like tips jutting from her smooth chest.
I opened my legs even further and pulled my outer lips open on my cunt to show Lisa the inner folds and my swollen clit peeking out. She gasped and I saw a dark spot forming in the front of her overalls as Sandy kept guiding Lisa’s hands all over her breasts and nipples.
I slowly got up and moved in close to Lisa and pressed my hot naked little body up against hers. She moaned as Sandy slid her overalls down over her flaring hips and pulled them off over her boots. I stepped back to look and I could see the wet pink panties that had been covering the protruding mound between Lisa’s legs, as Sandy slowly tugged them down around her ankles.
I pulled the girl to me and mashed my lips on hers and thrust my tongue deep into her panting mouth, as she shuddered and trembled with desire for me. She threw her arms around my neck and ground her wet little cunt hard against my thigh as I grabbed her cute buns and kneaded the firm flesh. It only took a minute before Lisa was cuming all over my leg and sucking hard on my mouth as she jerked and heaved between Sandy’s body and mine.
When we parted her eyes were glazed and out of focus so I shook her gently until she came back to earth. She sighed as she once more kissed me passionately and moaned in my mouth.
    Then she started shoving her fingers up my cunt and I gasped as she pulled upwards hard and pushed on my clit with her thumb. She finger fucked me so hard that I was screaming and panting loud enough for it to echo up and down the valley of Camp River Glen.

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    Sandy tried to quiet me down but I was lost and jerking harder, and screaming over and over for Lisa to fuck me harder, and harder, until I stiffened and cum shot out of my steaming cunt and splashed on the pool deck and on our feet. Then I turned my head and kissed Sandy while Lisa fingered me, until I had another orgasm and shrieked again!
    We finally slid into the cool pool water and swam around to calm our jittery nerve endings. I was trembling so bad that I had to be lifted out of the pool by both girls. My legs gave way and I sank to the deck totally exhausted from the day’s wild gyrations. We all lay there until the sun slowly dropped behind the trees and the deer came out to graze in the cool evening air.
    We went into the lodge, still  naked and had some dinner while we rehashed the fun time we had just had. I couldn’t take my eyes off the neatly trimmed red hair on Lisa’s cute little cunt and I kept touching her clit and running my fingers up and down her moist slit while we talked.
    Sandy just smiled and pulled on her own nipples as she watched us play with each other.
    After dinner we decided to go down to the town to a drive in theatre to see a new movie with Tom Cruise. Sandy pulled on her cutoffs and Lisa yanked her overalls up and buckled the straps without any underwear so I could see the rise of her perfect little breasts sticking out of the openings, and her naked sides down to where the loose bottom part hung on her well built body. I had my little spaghetti strap sundress for special occasions with me so I pulled it on over my naked body, too. Knowing we were all naked under our clothes made me horny all over again and I could feel the moisture forming on my cunt lips once more as we piled into Sandy’s pickup for the ride down the mountainside.
    When we reached the valley Sandy went into the liquor store and bought a bottle of wine for us to all share as we watched the film, then we drove into the drive-in and parked near the back so we could giggle and horse around without bothering anyone.
    The movie wasn’t that good so we watched the other cars as people made out and fucked so hard that their vehicles were bouncing all over the place. The wine soon had us giddy, and I was trying to get inside Lisa’s overalls as Sandy grabbed her from the other side.

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       She slapped at us playfully, but we could see she was getting turned on from our tickling and grabbing her all over her hot body.
    Evidently Lisa hadn’t had much booze before because her speech began to slur and her face got all flushed. I unbuckled the straps on her shoulder next to me as Sandy undid the other one. Lisa had left her boots back at camp and was bare footed so we easily slipped her overalls off so she was leaning back on the seat naked between us. She closed her eyes and moaned as we ran our hands all up and down her quivering body.
    Then she reached over to me and slid her hand up my little sundress and rubbed around my swollen clit in little circles until I was squirming in my seat. Sandy pulled her shorts off and Lisa grabbed her silky haired cunt and did the same to her as she was already doing to me.
    We increased our fondling until Lisa was throwing her head back and forth and gasping as she bucked her naked hips up off the pickup seat. I jammed my fingers up her hot little cunt while Sandy yanked on her stiff nipples until she was jerking all over the bench seat slipping in her own juices which by now were pouring out of her hot little hole, and creating sucking sounds as I finger fucked her faster and faster.
    Then she stiffened and grabbed both of our cunts as the orgasm surged up through her wine inflamed body and caused her stomach to contract and release over and over as the vibrations just kept on coming, again, and again, and again, until she couldn’t stand it any more and collapsed on my shoulder in a swoon.
    We opened the door and carried her to the back and laid her in the bed of the pickup so the cool air would revive her. I looked around nervously at the other cars but everyone else was too busy doing their thing to notice two naked girls carrying another around the truck. Then Sandy and I climbed back up into the pickup, leaving the doors wide open to cool the cab interior, and drank the rest of the wine as we giggled looking back at Lisa spread eagled in a drunken stupor in the truck bed.
    Sandy put her cup in the holder and turned to me.
    “Come here, little Jan.

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       I’m going to lick your sweet little cunt and suck your sweet juices out when you cum in my mouth!” she panted, as she pushed me back flat on the seat, and pulled my legs apart, and then slid down on the wet seat so her mouth was on my cunt lips, and her legs were sticking out of the drivers door. I rose up on my elbows and looked down over her back at the swells of her rear end and the long silky black hair cascading over her shoulders and back, and shuddered as her tongue slid into my wet little opening
    She sucked and licked and bit until I was going nuts, and lying with my head hanging out the door and clutching my breasts in a death grip as the impending orgasm slowly built in my little body.
    I wasn’t expecting it when it hit and I jerked my hips in the air and clenched my thighs around Sandy’s head tight as she sucked my clit and fingered my cunt faster and faster, making my body quiver and shake and vibrate as I exploded in a tremendous orgasm, flooding Sandy’s licking tongue and face!
    She slid up on my sweat soaked body and kissed me as the juices continued to leak out of my cunt onto the vinyl seat. I raised my knee and pressed my thigh against Sandy’s wet cunt lips and started bouncing her up and down as they parted and her clit expanded and rubbed on my leg. She panted in my ear as she strained against me and humped my leg until she too came hard on my thigh.
    We lay there as the breeze blew across the seat through the open doors and cooled our hot bodies, kissing and loving each other tenderly in the afterglow of out torrid love making. Finally we sat up and pulled on our clothes. Than we went around and pulled Lisa’s still passed out body out of the pickup bed and put her between us as we drove from the movie lot and headed back up the mountain road to the camp.
    When we arrived we pulled out some sleeping bags and mattresses and placed Lisa between us and sacked out on the lodge floor in a tangle of arms and legs and fell asleep.
    To be continued….



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