Girl Scout Camp Chronicles, Part Two


      Girl Scout Camp Chronicles, Part Two
After we said grace, we dug in to dinner with gusto after the busy day in the sun at the pool. Now I had two special little girls sitting on either side of me as I sat at the head of the long table. Candy kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye as did Nicky. Finally Nicky leaned over and whispered,
“Jan, did you take your bra off at the pool tent?”
“Yes. Little one, I did, why?” I replied, as I felt my nipples start to swell.
“Because I can see your breasts through the cotton and the ends look like they are getting bigger. Are they growing or something?” she panted.
“No honey,” I giggled nervously, “My nipples are just getting excited from you two staring, and they swell up when that happens is all. ” I whispered back, as I clenched my legs together tight to put pressure on my clit.
Candy had stopped dead in mid bite as she listened in on our conversation, and was staring at the front of my blouse where two bumps were steadily rising in the material. I panted softly, and then jerked when I felt Candy’s hand touch my bare knee under the table. Then Nicky reached over and placed her hand on my other knee, and shivers ran up and down my spine!
The rest of my charges were eating and jabbering excitedly, oblivious to the sweet agony I was going through at my end of the dinner table. However Angie, who is always monitoring my every mood, was grinning at me from the next table as she looked underneath mine at the two pairs of hands kneading my legs.
Candy and Nicky looked across the table and smiled at each other as they touched finger tips over the space between my shaking legs. Then I felt them grab onto each thigh and pull gently until I couldn’t resist anymore. I let my legs spread open so both my knees were touching the insides of the little girls wide open soft thighs.

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   Now they had me locked open while they edged their hands ever upward toward my now moist cunt lips.
I was concentrating so hard on the pings of pleasure surging up from my sensitive nerve endings that I didn’t know Sandy was approaching my chair until I felt her hands rest on my shoulders, and squeeze gently into my collar bones. I leaned my head back and turned to see her looking at me and smiling.
She leaned down and whispered, “Jan, don’t you have your bra on?”
I shuddered under her touch and shook my head numbly. “No, I left it in the counselor’s tent. It hurts too much to wear it for very long. I’m sorry. Do you want me to go get it?” I stammered, as the little fingers finally found the frayed edges of my cutoffs and probed gently under the hem to brush across my outer cunt lips.
“No, it’s okay. I noticed it right away as you walked to the lodge, and you made me wet myself when I saw your breasts bouncing under your camp blouse as you marched along with your girls. ” she panted in my ear, as she ran her hands out to the ends of my shoulders and back, so her fingers dipped daringly close to the upper slopes of my now swollen throbbing breasts!
All of a sudden I noticed the chatter had stopped, and all the little girls were staring at my flushed face and heaving chest, as two little hands were reaching up to undo the top button, and slide the zipper down on the front of my cutoffs! Luckily the camp uniform blouses, which we wore on the outside of our shorts, were long enough to cover my hips when I was sitting down, so when I raised up slightly to let Nicky and Candy slide my shorts down and off it wasn’t visible to all the wide eyed staring little Scouts. Sandy, however, had a birds eye view, and gasped when she saw the white skin at the top of my smooth clean shaven vagina suddenly come into view, where the table cloth was pushed back under the edge of the camp table!
She looked at each of my little girls and nodded to let them know she knew what they were doing, and that it was okay to continue.
Angie created a diversion just in time, as I bit my lower lip, and shuddered, when Candy pushed her long little bunched up fingers up into my now sopping wet cunt. The little girls burst into song as Angie stood leading them in a round type camp jingle.
Sandy kept edging closer and closer to my nipples as the two girls fingered me under the table.

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   By now I was a bucking jerking mess, totally in my own world of pre orgasmic sensations, with my head resting back against Sandy’s stomach and my shaking knees pressed hard into Nicky and candy’s legs!
Then it hit me so hard I stiffened, and jerked my hips up under the table, and squirted my juices all over the little girls fingers, as Sandy finally grabbed my nipples hard and yanked them through the fabric of my now almost transparent top, soaked in my sweat from the extreme exertions I was being subjected to. Then she just as quickly let go, and yanked her hands back, as a couple of the girls turned to look again in my direction.
Sandy clapped her hands and told the girls to listen up, as she walked around to the front of the hall, giving me breathing room, and a chance to reach down and pull my shorts back on and button up. My two little rapists just sat there grinning from ear to ear as I smiled back, and winked at them, so they would know I had enjoyed their attention.
Then a group of girls got up and did a skit that they had prepared, and we all laughed at their antics until it was time to call it a day. Tomorrow we would have the big campfire, but tonight they were all beat from the bus ride and all the activities that they weren’t used to doing. Angie and I escorted them through the dark trees to the tents and helped them undress and put on their flannel nightgowns, and then we tucked each one in with little pecks to the cheek and ‘nighty nights. ’
I went back out onto the porch that ran across the front of the tent house, and sat down in the lounger by the door to savor the pine scent and the soft warm breeze blowing gently down the valley. Angie came out later from her tent and waved over at me as she, too, sat down to rest from the hectic day.
 I decided, finally, to crash, so I dragged my sleeping bag out to the far corner of the porch closest to Angie’s side, and rolled it out on my air mattress. My little buddy did the same, and we waved again, and whispered good night across the short gap between us so we wouldn’t wake the kids.
I unbuttoned my blouse and felt the wind across my nipples, and they jumped up to attention as I rubbed them gently. I heard a soft gasp from Angie who was already stretched out on top her own bag in her cotton nightgown, propped up on her elbows and staring at me. I cupped both of my breasts and pushed them out at her and she giggled softly. Then I pushed my cutoffs off and folded everything and set them by the pillow at the top of my sleeping bag.

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I stood back up and looked up at the bright moonlight and ran my hands all over my body luxuriating in the nice feelings I was getting from my touch. Angie was still staring at my moonlit naked body as I pulled my little teddy over my head and smoothed the satin down over my breasts and stomach.
“Shit, Jan! Stop it before I cum, you little slut!” Angie whispered, as she tugged on one of her own nipples through her gown.
I giggled softly, and then stretched and pirouetted in front of her gaze, with my short little gown pulled up so she could see my stiff nipples, until I saw a little shudder vibrate through her body.
Angie gasped again as another wave hit her, and I bucked my naked hips at her in my best bump and grind imitation.
“Take that, lover!” I whispered, as she panted to catch her breath. “Made you cum, didn’t I?”
“Yes, you nasty little bitch!” she giggled, as she flipped me off and laughed softly.
I finally lay down and gazed up at the stars shining around the eaves of the porch. It was so peaceful, with the night owls hooting softly, that it wasn’t but a few minutes before I drifted off to sleep.
Something caused me to awaken a short time later. I felt a small body slipping into my sleeping bag and then snuggling up to me. I turned and pulled Nicky’s little frame tight against me as she nuzzled my neck and mewed softly.
“Can I sleep here with you, please? “She whispered.
I held her close and whispered back, “Sure, little one, I’d like that, but you have to go back in before the others get up in the morning, okay?” She nodded as she closed her eyes, and I heard a little sweet snore come from her parted lips when she dozed off. I could feel the heat from her warm body and I couldn’t help but start to get turned on as she pushed her little mound against my thigh in her sleep.

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   I reached down and slowly edged the hem of her nighty up her smooth little body. She rolled over and lifted her arms to let me take it completely off, then she snuggled back against me still half asleep.
My short teddy did little to hide the pressure on my nipples from her little raspberry nubs pushing against them. I slid my shoulder straps off and untied the little bow in front so I could press my naked body against the sweet thing in my sleeping bag. As we lay there intertwined I felt her hips begin to move very slightly as she evidently was having an erotic little dream. Gradually she increased the movement until she was humping my thigh, and panting and moaning over and over, as she sucked one of my nipples gently between her tiny little teeth.
She came wide awake then, and reached up and kissed me with her little puffy lips, as she clenched her legs around my wet thigh and jerked from the little orgasm wracking her body! She panted, “Unh! Unh! Unh!” constantly, and then stiffened when a second wave broke inside her. She clung to me and gasped, over and over, as I felt the undulating ripples run up and down her flat little stomach.
“Ohmigod, Jan! That was awesome!” she whispered, as I tenderly kissed her eyes and all over her feverish little face. I threw the flap on the sleeping bag open to let the breeze in so we could dry off from the sweat pouring off our bodies. Then I began to slowly kiss my way down Nicky’s white little stomach as she shivered. I pushed her legs open wide and slid my tongue up and down the tiny slit between her legs, and then darted in and out of her wet little cunt with my tongue.
“Oh Jan!” she panted softly, as she grabbed my hair and forced my face harder against her little vagina opening. “That feels sooo good!”
I slid down so I was lying on the wood deck, half off the sleeping bag and between Nicky’s thighs, staring up at the blissful look on her little face, as I lapped up the sweet little girl juices now pouring from her pink little hole. As I licked I humped my swollen clit against the hard boards, faster and faster, as my own orgasm began to erupt!
I caught movement over on Angie’s porch and could see her sitting back on her heels, with her gown up around her waist, driving her fingers in and out of her cunt while watching me eat out the little girl spread eagled on my bag.

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       With one violent jerk Nicky threw her head back and arched her body high in the air up against my face, as her little girl cum splashed over my eyes and nose and into my wide open mouth. I looked over at Angie shaking and gasping loudly, as her orgasm raced up and down at the same time as my own cunt spewed moisture all over the hard wood deck of the tent house porch!
    Finally Nicky collapsed back down on the sleeping bag and I slid up over her slick little body and kissed her on the mouth as she flicked her tongue around licking at her own juices covering my lips, while panting over and over into my mouth. I checked Angie once again, and she was lying flat on her stomach, and gasping for air as she came down from her orgasm.
    I wiped Nicky off with my blouse and spanked her rear as I shooed her back into the tent. She grinned back over her shoulder and gave a little wave as she went through the canvas covering the doorway.
     I whispered, “Goodnight, Angie!” She waved weakly with one hand, and then curled up inside her bag and fell asleep.
    Next morning I awoke to see a bunch of little faces all gathered around staring down at me as I slowly stretched and smiled up at them.
    “Good morning girls. ” I said, as I pulled my clothes on inside my sleeping bag. ”Good morning mother!” They all chimed together, and then broke out in gleeful giggling.
    “Okay, get your little butts into the shower while I roll up my sleeping bag. ” I ordered. They all giggled again, and then headed around back to the outdoor showers behind the tent house.
    I waved to Angie as she herded her bunch around, too. She waved back and grinned as she mouthed a kiss at me, and pointed at my girls, and grabbed her mound, and stroked her hand up and down real fast.

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       I frowned back at her and giggled as I grabbed my breasts and jiggled them at her!
    The kids all stripped down and lined up on the hardwood slats as I turned on the overhead shower nozzles. The water came out cold at first, and they all yelped and hugged themselves, and said “brrrrrr!” through clenched teeth. Then it got warm and they all horsed around and soaped each others little naked bodies until they were squeaky clean again.
     “Aren’t you going to shower with us?” They all shouted, as the water cascaded over their delightful little white buns.
    I decided it was now or never and stripped my ‘Nicky’s sweat’ soaked blouse off, and pushed my cutoffs down over my hips onto the slick boards. You could have heard a pin drop in the silence that followed. All the little faces were staring at my body and I felt everything start to swell under their hot little gazes! I stepped under the spray as my nipples stiffened into little mountains on my aching breasts. The water coursing over my mound hid the fact that fluid was running out of my turned on cunt like a river!
    Finally my charges snapped out of their trance and they came closer in a bunch and watched me run the soap bar all over my firm little figure. They helped me wash my back and the little soft hands made my cunt leak even more as my knees threatened to give way completely. As they worked lower I held onto the shower head to keep from falling to the floor. One little hand moved down my rear end crack and soaped my anus which made me jerk and spread my legs wider automatically. When the same hand reached up between my legs I lost it completely, and hung onto the shower head tightly, as I jerked from a huge orgasm!
    They all stood there transfixed as I screamed and twitched over and over again! When I finally calmed down I turned and smiled  and reassured them all that I was okay. They grinned sort of uncertainly, and then grabbed the towels to dry their wet little bodies. I helped them and then we went back into the house to get dressed in clean camp outfits. I formed them up out front and once again we skipped down the pine needle covered trail to the lodge for breakfast.

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    As we sat down to eat Sandy came over and placed her hands on my shoulders again as she asked my table if everybody had a good night’s sleep. They all replied enthusiastically that they had, except Nicky, who giggled uncontrollably in her seat at my side. Sandy looked at her questioningly as Candy looked back and forth between Nicky and me to see what was going on.
    I frowned at Nicky to cool it and she blushed as she realized she had almost let the cat out of the bag. Candy wasn’t about to miss out on anything though, so she leaned over and whispered,
     “Did you and Nicky do something last night that I should know about?”
     I blushed, and then whispered back, “Not now, Candy, I’ll tell you when there aren’t so many ears listening, okay?”
    “I want to know, now! Did you two fuck each other while I was asleep? I know that look on Nicky’s face. I’ve seen it too many times in my girlfriend’s eyes to not understand what went down behind my back!” She whispered urgently.
    “Yes, we did! Are you satisfied now, you prying little pervert?” I hissed, as Sandy whipped her head around at the outburst.
    “I knew it! Well tonight is my turn, understand, Jan?” she replied, as she squeezed my knee hard under the table.
    I nodded to keep the fight from escalating, and Candy simmered down. We continued to eat breakfast, and chat about the coming days programs, as Nicky fought off another round of giggles with her hand over her mouth, and Candy glared at her across the table.
         To be continued in part three….



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