Getting shaved


I am writing this as a story the I is a factitious  person

My company sent me to a seminar in NY which was some kind of a thrill for a girl from Vermont.   I am 25 years old and have lived in the same town all my life.   I am considered pretty and sexy and have been asked to be a bride a few times, but feel there is too much to do first- though I have no idea what I mean by that.   I want to be married by 30 so I have a few playing years left.   I live in an apartment over our garage on the farm and lost my virginity at 18 and have never had a problem having sex.

Anyway I went to NY to learn some new program our company was installing and I was to be there for two nights and three days.   I checked into the conference at the hotel and was told that we would have a break at 2:00 to check into our rooms.   I was also given the name of the girl who would be my room-mate and asked if I knew her. I told them I didn’t and they suggested I look at name tags and if I didn’t find her that I would probably meet her at 2:00.  

I attended the first session of the conference and looked around for Maggie from California at the break, but didn’t find her.   At 2:00 I went up to the room and about 5 minutes into unpacking the door unlocked and in walked this girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes and kind of pretty. I am about 5 feet tall and this girl was like 5’6”.   I was wearing a pair of slacks and she was wearing a skirt- well I guess you could call it a micro-skirt I wear a 32-C bra, Maggie was at least a DD and her top was pulling at the buttons, if you know what I mean. . I thought it was inappropriate dress for a business meeting, but when she started to talk she was so bubbly that you had to like her and I forgot about how she was dressed in a minute.

That night a bunch of us went out and did some serious drinking.

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   A couple of the guys were hitting on us and I was sure that Maggie was going to hook up with one of them, but at about mid-night we were back in out room with no guys.   I asked Maggie if she wanted the bathroom first to get ready for bed and she told me I could use it.   I went in, cleaned up, took off all my clothes and underwear and put on football shirt. When I walked out of the bathroom Maggie was undressing and had her top and bra off. I turned around quickly and said I was sorry. She told me that I should turn back around. That she had nothing to hide and that she slept in the nude, so I was going to see her eventually anyway.

I turned back and looked her. My god her boobs were bigger than I had thought, they were hanging there like balloons.   I started toward my bed and Maggie took off her little skirt to reveal her blue thong underwear and a few seconds they came off. I looked down at her pussy with a stare as it was completely shaved. Now I had heard of girls doing this but had never seen even a picture to say nothing of seeing it live.

She saw me staring at her and said “isn’t it sexy” I said “yes”  she then said “it is great if you like your pussy eaten. ”  Without thinking I blurted out “I love my pussy eaten. ” With that I brought my hand up to my mouth in a very embarrassing style.

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    Maggie burst out laughing and eventually I did to.   When we stopped laughing she said “you should shave yours” and I said “maybe I will. ”  She said, “great lets do it now, I will help you. ” I don’t know if it was the booze, or being away from home or being a little turned on that I was looking at this beautiful naked girl in my room, but  I said “OK. ”  The next thing I know I am being lead to the bathroom by the hand. Maggie told me to get up on the counter that held the sink.   She then had me sitting there with my legs wide open around the sink. I had rolled my shirt up above my belly button. She looked at my pubic hair and said “wow, I guess we will need a scissor, why don’t you take that shirt off I’ll be right back. ” 

She left the bathroom and came back in with her cosmetic bag. She looked at me and started to laugh. I said “what?”  She said “you are sitting there with your legs wide apart, your pussy staring at me, and you are covering your boobs with your hands?” She had made a good point and I laughed with her and dropped my hands. I told her I was not too comfortable with being naked with another girl and was a little nervous.   She told me to relax and I tired to. Actually the idea of gays and lesbians was a real turn off to me and something I thought was very unnatural.

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   As much as I loved sex and had done some funky stuff growing up on a farm, I still felt that the male – female relationship was the only right and natural way.

As this was all going through my mind Maggie was cutting the hair away from my pubic area with the scissor.   I did start to relax and rationalized that this was no different from a hair cut.    A few minutes later Maggie put down the scissor and took out her razor. She turned on the water which ran between my legs. She then took a glass, filled it and poured it over the short hairs that were left above my pussy.   She then took the soap and lathered her hands and then rubbed the soap into my hair.   I told her “I can do that” and she told me to “relax. ”  She stayed on the hair above my pussy and I did again relax. She then started to shave me.  I watched as my pussy was become bare. At this point my body was taking over and I was getting turned on. As much as I was trying to fight it I could feel my nipples hardening and my labia was starting to swell. It didn’t help that the water was running right below my pussy.   Many a days I have masturbated in the tub by putting my pussy under the facet and running the water across my clit.

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    I think my body was reacting to being so close to being in that position.

Every so often Maggie would wipe the razor in the water and when half my hair was gone she filled another cup of water and poured it down there. I felt the water run over my clit and between my labia and tried to think of something else, but it felt too good. I looked down and saw my clit growing out of its hood. Damn it, I thought to myself.   But Maggie just kept up the small talk and didn’t seem to notice, thank god. Before long she had finished the entire top area and it looked great.   She asked me how I was doing and if I liked it so far and I told her I did. Looking at it got me even more turned on. Maggie smiled at me and as she was cleaning the razor again I saw her look at my nipple and linger there a moment or two. I hoped that I was imagining it, but wasn’t sure. I don’t have big boobs, but I have nipples and a clit that seem to get longer than normal when I am excited. My nipples have put me in some embarrassing moments, and even though I really don’t need to wear a bra, I do as my nipples can grow to over and inch. At the moment they were nearing their full growth.

Maggie didn’t say anything and started to lather her hands again.

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   I hadn’t thought ahead, but there – along side my swollen labia, was more hair. Maggie took her warm soapy fingers and slowly traced around my labia and soaped the hair. She was being careful not to touch my sex organs. I finally started to relax… well mentally anyway. The more relaxed I was about Maggie trying something, the hornier I was getting. I looked down between my legs and was glad the soap and water were dripping off me and into the sink, because I know I must have been dripping as well and didn’t want her to see that.

As she finished the one side she poured more warm water on me and with the water running over my clit and through my labia I almost moaned, but kept it in. Maggie did the same thing on the other side and then used a couple of cups of water to clean off all the soap. My pussy was totally bald and my labia and clit were so swollen.

Maggie looked at me and said –“just one more thing and we are done in here. ”   She leaned forward like she was checking out her work and then to my total surprise she put her lips on my clit and kissed it, she pulled away a little and then went in again and started to suck on it. I was terrified, but at the same time my body was exploding in pleasure. I told her “no, please,” but she didn’t stop- I said “no” a few more times- but also heard myself saying “oh. ” I put my hand down on her head to pull her off me. As my hand touched her head, I felt her release my clit from her sucking mouth, but I then felt her tongue running along my labia as she kept her top lip on my clit.

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   I looked down and saw I was not pulling her head back, but pushing her into me. It felt so fucking great, I was panting and moaning and nearing an orgasm.

It was so wrong, but it felt so great.   As I stared to reach the orgasm Maggie pulled her head away. I looked at her as surprised as I was when she first kissed my clit.   She said “this isn’t the place to finish this, come on” at this she helped me down off the sink. As she did we wound up face to face in an embrace. I could feel her warm body up against mine. I could feel her large boobs pressing into my hard and throbbing nipples.   She looked into my face and leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I could smell my sex on her. She opened her mouth and for some reason I opened mine and accepted her tongue.   It felt so right, but my mind was reeling. I go to church; I have always believed that sex and love was meant for a male and female, not same sex couples. But I was enjoying this kiss and electrified feelings running through my body… could something so bad feel so good?

Maggie broke the kiss and took my hand and led me to the bed room.


   She placed me on my back, kissed me again and then moved her mouth down my body. She was still standing on the side of the bed as she moved her mouth onto my nipples. When she started to suck I let out a huge moan of relief and pleasure. I was now moaning constantly as she worked her mouth around my body. I was in this great place of sexual feeling before a climax and feeling great. I could feel drops of my sex running down that place between your pussy and ass and then across my anus and onto the bed.  

Maggie told me to move over and got onto the bed. Instead of putting her body down by the foot of the bed, she had her feet up by the top of the bed.   She was on her knees and I could see her ass and bald pussy not far from my face. I know I should have reached over and at least fingered her, but I couldn’t get myself to do it. I had kissed her, but she was doing things to me, I could not get myself to become active in this- it was wrong, right?   

As all these conflicting thoughts were going through my mind her tongue was moving down my body and I was brought back to reality when her tongue dove into my pussy.   I squeaked loudly as the feeling was so great. I was building toward an unbelievable orgasm, Maggie seemed to know when I was about there and seemed to move or something to prevent me from getting there. The build up was unbelievable, I was so close on the sink and here I was again.

I arched my back to get more of her tongue inside me and finally get off when she took her mouth away from me.

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   She then shifted her body and put herself in  a complete 69 position. Before I knew it her ankles had locked down my shoulders and her pussy was closer than 6 inches from my face. There above me was her bald pussy. I could see that her labia were as engorged as mine had been during my shave. I felt her blowing on my pussy but not touching me. Oh god I thought is she waiting for me to do her, before she would do me? I could feel her breathing inches from my wanting hole.

I guess she wanted me to say it was OK and I was ready for this. I wanted a sign or something, I wanted to do this, but I didn’t at the same time.   At that moment I looked up and a drip from her pussy was forming and a moment later it hit me right on the lip. I tasted it with my tongue, if I had been waiting for a sign or something I think I just got it. I looked down my chest and saw Maggie was looking at me. She said “next move is yours- I am not going to force this one on you. ”

I  thought for about 5 seconds and then reached my neck up, extended my tongue and licked her pussy.   She moved herself down more toward my face so I could lie my head back down. I licked her again and again.

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   I expected to be rewarded but instead of Maggie licking me to climax I was doing her instead. She started moaning and then yelling me encouragement “lick me, suck me, suck my clit, suck my lips, now the other one, oh yea baby do me. ”  She was starting to cum and I realized that I wasn’t even unhappy that she wasn’t doing me, I was enjoying this and I felt great that I was about to make another girl cum. And I didn’t have to wait long, not to be rewarded with her eating me, but by having her cum in my mouth.

She leaned up on her two arms and said “I’ve got to watch you. ” She did this and a moment later my face was soaked with her cum as I kept licking and sucking her clit.   I couldn’t get enough of getting her off.   As she started to come down from her climax she buried her face in my pussy and it took me about 2 minutes to reach the climax of my life as I was screaming and almost howling through my climax I pushed my face back into Maggie’s pussy and brought her off again.
I finally took my face out of Maggie’s pussy and she out of  mine.

She rolled off of me and the two of us sat up and kissed each other, during the kiss I started to laugh and so did she- our faces were so wet that we had a hard time keeping lip contact.   Maggie then said “work with me here” she repositioned our bodies so that our legs were like two scissors in-between each other. She told me to move closer to her and a moment later our pussies were rubbing against each other. She told me to give her my hands and the two of us started pulling into each other . Now I thought being eaten was hot… this was wild. Our two wet labia were grinding into each other and if we moved just right our clits made contact.

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    Well a few minutes of this and we were both cumming again, and again and again till we were exhausted.   I let go of her hands fell back and fell asleep.   I assume she did the same.

My world of girl-girl sex had My Gosh-  the first part of this story got a 4. 9 rating from you AFF members- thanks a lot- I am glad you liked it—if you didn’t catch part one – please do a handle search in the magazine section and you will find it (and other stories my play partner and I have written).
A real quick recap- I was sent to NYC for a seminar by my company- I was given a roommate from California (I am from Vermont) and she was beautiful with really big breasts and a shaved pussy. On the first night she shaved me and I had my first lesbian experience- as much as I felt it was wrong from my entire upbringing it felt so great and I don’t know if I had ever felt the sexual high I experienced that night.   After licking each other to multiple orgasms and then grinding our pussies together in a scissor position a couple more times, I collapsed into a deep sleep… the story continues:

The phone rang in our room and for a moment I had forgotten where I was. I wasn’t use to not waking up in my own room. I picked up the phone and heard a friendly wake up call message and everything started to come back to me. I was in NY at a meeting. I had gone out drinking the night before and oh yea, what a night. I pulled the sheets down and looked at my newly shaved pussy, it was hot looking – my thighs were smeared with dry cum from me and … I quickly looked to my side and saw no-one, I looked across the room and there was Maggie lying on her back on top of the covers naked… the rest of the cum was hers.      I got up and headed for the bathroom to start a new day. I took a moment to stare at Maggie, wow was she pretty, I started to feel a little guilty for what had happened the night before.


   I walked into the bathroom and while peeing and cleaning up I was wondering about what I had done. Was it a sin? Was I lesbian and had been kidding myself all this time? Was I drunk and did stuff I wouldn’t have if I had been sober?  All these things were reeling in my head as I walked into the shower and started to bathe. I was starting to feel guilty and maybe I had jumped into this “same sex” thing a little too quickly. At that moment I heard the shower curtain open and Maggie walked in. She told me to turn back around and started to wash my hair. Having someone wash your hair is sensuous when anyone does it, but at this moment feeling Maggie’s breasts rubbing along my back, and then feeling that her nipples were getting hard as she did it, was more than sensuous it was down right sexual.    Maggie took her shampooed filled hands and started to rub them on my breasts. She then moved her hands down to my pussy and started to finger me.  I returned the favor and put my hand behind me and found her hole. The two of us fingered each other simultaneously… Maggie had the advantage on me as she was able to play with my boobs- I came first and a few moments later I felt her pussy fill will with her fluids, and then she came while leaning into me to keep her balance.  
I took my fingers out of her and turned toward her. She took my face in her hands and kissed me. The kiss was so nice with the water running down our faces and running in and out of our mouths.  
We somehow got dressed and ran (late) to the first session of the morning.   I was on one track of training and Maggie was on another.

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   We said good-bye to each other and went into our respective conference rooms.   I sat next to a couple of people we had gone out drinking with the night before.   During the session my mind would drift off to my night and morning, and I was coming to the realization that I was at least a bi-sexual and was falling in either love or lust with Maggie. When the break came I ran out of the room and looked for Maggie- but it looked like they had timed the sessions so each group broke on their own.   Back in the next session I was thinking about lunch and how it would be very nice to sneak up to our room and have something beside a sandwich to eat for lunch… I couldn’t believe how my mind was working.
During lunch I could not find Maggie- you would have thought that I had lost my dog in the city, I was going nuts looking for her. One of the other girls finally pulled me into the lunch room to listen to a guest speaker. I went from sad to mad. Finally I was thinking “slut must be with some guy or another girl. ”  The lunch ended after me looking around the room like a hundred times.   As we were headed back into our afternoon session I saw Maggie going into her meeting room. We made eye contact and she blew me a kiss. I don’t know why but my only reaction was to give her the finger, which I did and walked into the session.
I was an emotional wreck the rest of the day and when the meeting was over I went back to the room.   The group we had gone out with the night before had picked a place for us to go to dinner and we had an hour to relax before that.

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   At one point of the day I thought I would be running to the room to get naked and have girl-girl sex before dinner – but now I didn’t know what to expect.   I was in the room only a couple of minutes when Maggie walked in. She looked at me and said “what the fuck was the finger for?” I told her that I felt she had blown me off and I was upset. She walked over to me and said “I am the head of my region and I am here to work, what happens after hours is between us, but I did get sent here to do something” All of sudden I felt like a jerk.   “Besides that I had to use some of the time at lunch to find out where there was a toy store. ”  She asked me what the plans were for the night, I told her and that we had an hour. She leaned into me and gave me a sweat kiss and then wrapped her arms around me. I returned the kiss and felt tears swelling in my eyes. I wanted to make up for a fight that we never really had.   I slid my hand up under her blouse and as I neared her big soft breast she grabbed my wrist and said- come on we don’t have time we have to get to the toy store.
We ran out of the hotel and up one block ad down another. Finally she grabs me by the hand and says “here. ”  I thought we were going to a toy store to get things for kids she knew or something. But as I looked at the door I realized the toys were for us. The sign read “adult material inside, if you can’t prove you are 18 do not enter.

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  ”  Before I had any time to object she pulled me into the place. Inside there were tons of videos and DVDs. Off to one side was a wall of vibrators and dildos. This is the area I was pulled into next. Luckily Maggie never let go of my hand as I was sure I would have frozen in my foot steps when we walked into the place. I was now looking at things I had only seen on the internet. I never realized that there was such a selection.   Maggie finally looked at me and said “you are going to have to let go of my hand for a few minutes”  I opened my hand and quickly as she pulled her hand away from me I had my arm around her back.    I felt I needed to be in contact with her for protection or something.   Maggie picked up a dildo that was like a foot long with a dick head at each end.   She looked at me and whispered- “remember what we were doing last night – grinding into each other? What do you think it feel like if this was inside both of us? “ I wasn’t sure what my brain was thinking, but when Maggie got done with her sentence I could feel my body reacting to the idea. My nipples got hard and I could swear I could feel myself get wet – I just nodded to her. She smiled and put the thing back on the shelf.   I pulled at her hip like I was disappointed she put it back.   What I hadn’t seen was the one behind the one she put back, it was about the same length but fatter.

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   She gave me a sexy look and I nodded with approval.   She the moved down the row – with me in tow and picked up a dildo that looked just like a dick, with balls and veins and everything. She looked at me and said “pretty realistic , huh?”  I whispered back – “yea, except I have never been with a guy that big. ” There was a boxed one behind it and it noted it was 10” long and 3” thick.   Maggie picked up the boxed one.   She then moved down the isle a little further and picked up some straps and was examining them.   l said “I am not sure if I ready to be tied up. ”  She laughed, and said “these are straps to put that big dick through so one of us can fuck the other one” She then put her hand through the hole to show me. I was so embarrassed, but so turned on by the idea.   We then moved down to where there were vibrators and attachments. I had no idea what all this stuff was, but Maggie seemed to be a pro. I started to relax a little and started to look around the place. There was an area marked “arcade” off to the side.   I tried to see what kind of games they had, but couldn’t see anything but a bunch of doors. There were a few guys in that area going in and out of the doors.

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    One of them saw me looking at him and smiled. I smiled back and then he put his hand on the front of his pants and grabbed his dick so I could se he was hard. Gross, I thought to myself and looked back to what Maggie was doing.   I looked past Maggie and saw that there were a couple of guys also looking at the wall of toys.   I whispered to her—“that’s nice they are getting toys for their girlfriends. ” She looked back at me and said “did you grow up on a farm?”  I looked at her and said “yes, why?”  She again laughed out loud. “Well” she said “if the guys are looking to buy these things they are probably for themselves or their boyfriends. But chances are they are over here checking us out. ”  I stood there processing what she said “it took me a few minutes of thinking to realize that she meant guys putting this up their butts- I then said “oh, I get it”  I shouldn’t have said that as I got that same look of “where did you grow up. ” As far as the guys checking us out, Maggie was right. I looked around and there was like 5 guys pretending to shop but were looking at us.   I told Maggie I thought it was time to leave. She said “Ok, but hold this stuff for a minute” I hadn’t realized that her hands were full. I took the things from her and as I took the last box, Maggie leaned into me and gave me a kiss on the lips, then put her tongue in my mouth and then somehow got a hand around the boxes to squeeze my nipple. She broke off the kiss and she said “just wanted to give the something to jerk off over.

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  ” We went up to the cash register and I realized what I had in my arms. Besides the double ended dick and the one that was real looking with the strap, there was also this vibrator kit with a bunch of attachment and some strawberry lube; there was also this package of beads.   I putt all the stuff on the counter.   The Indian guy behind the counter put them in a bag and then said – “$168”  I looked at Maggie and said “I don’t have $80” She looked at me and told me that she had plenty and that I could pay her back in flesh.
We got out of the place and went back to the hotel. I was so horny from the store, but we only had a few minutes till we had to meet the gang. As it was I was happy we didn’t run into anyone who might have asked “what’s in the bag?”
We had a nice dinner and went drinking afterwards. A few times Maggie and I got into a little under the table teasing and many times we brushed by each other and managed a quick feel on the boob or between our legs.   Finally Maggie said she was tired and we headed back to the hotel.   Maggie took the chance that we wouldn’t run into anyone on the way back and grabbed my hand. It was wild to be out in public holding hands with a girl. I mean I have done it with friends for a block or so, but this was holding hands romantically.   By the time we got back to the hotel I was so ready for my second night of girl – girl sex.   We got in the elevator and a woman about 50 got in with us.   The moment the doors closed Maggie grabbed my boobs from behind me.


   I could see myself in the mirrored doors and I could see the woman could see as well. I was a little embarrassed so I closed my eyes so I couldn’t see the woman looking back at me.   Maggie then lifted one of my boobs out of my top. I opened my eyes and the woman had turned to watch. Maggie started kissing my neck and playing with my exposed nipple.   The woman reached out and started to play with my other boob. She looked like she was moving her head toward my exposed boob, when the elevator stopped at our floor. Maggie pushed me from behind and we headed out the door. The woman started out with us and Maggie said “sorry, I only have one set of handcuffs and they are for this little slave. ”  With that we left the woman and headed for the room.   I stopped to say something to Maggie about the way she teases people and she didn’t give me a chance – she drove her tongue into my mouth and started walking me backwards towards the room as we kissed.   It was like a fantasy. Maggie never stopped kissing me while she unlocked the door, walked me into the room, closed the door and then had me up against the wall.  
She finally broke the kiss, I was sweating and I could tell that  my  panties were beyond wet. I could feel the material up against my newly shaved pussy and started to smile.

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   Before I knew what to do Maggie had turned me around, put her hands on the top of my shoulders and was pushing me toward her bed. When my knees hit the mattress I started to turn to kiss her again, but she took the position she had in the elevator and started to feel me up while kissing my neck. She worked my top and bra off and was kissing and licking my back. She had my nipples as hard as they have ever been and once in awhile she would squeeze them hard; which got a moan and another drop or two out of my pussy. She pushed me little till I was forced to put my hands on the bed. She then worked off my skirt and I was left with just my very wet thong on.   Maggie’s tongue was now riding along the top strap of my panties I was so hot. I have never been attacked from the back like this.   Maggie’s tongue now started to follow the strap down.   Her tongue started to approach my butt hole and I could hear myself increasing the sound of my breathing. I felt her finger move the strap over and the next thing I felt was her hot wet tongue being driven into my hole. I have never felt this feeling, after a few moments of this I was started to build toward an orgasm. I felt like my hole was loosening. I guess Maggie felt that to. As she moved her tongue out of me and I felt a finger slide into me.

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   I couldn’t believe how easily it went into me. She started to finger my butt as if it was a pussy. I have never thought of my ass in a sexual way, but the feeling I was having at the moment was unbelievable. I was approaching an orgasm from my butt!  I heard Maggie spit and my hole got wetter, a moment later another finger was inside me. I felt the pressure from this one and at first it was a little uncomfortable, but then it too started to feel good. I was moaning like crazy now and was at the stage that I can be at for a while before exploding, it is a great feeling – I guess guys feel it for the few seconds before shooting, but girls can feel it for quite some time… Maggie had not said a word to me since we got off the elevator but she then spoke; “slide your hand down here” I did, she then instructed me to replace her fingers with my own.   I did as she instructed. I could not get as deep as she was but it still felt great. I also now had the additional stimulation of my labia as my arm was pressing against my pussy. I tried my hardest not to hit my clit as I didn’t want my clit to send me off.   Maggie got up and went into the bathroom and closed the door. The door opened and then she let me know she was back. She told me to take my fingers out of my butt and I then felt some lotion or something being poured on my hole. If was a little cold, but felt good. I then heard and felt Maggie blowing on my ass and all of sudden the gel got very warm, almost hot.

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   I asked her what just happened and she told me the jell she bought at the store gets hot when you blow on it--  I thought that was wild and so did my hole as I could swear I could feel it relax and open up again. Maggie reinserted one finger then another then she pulled them out and I felt a little pressure, like she was trying to put her thumb in me, the pressure disappeared and then I felt her finger again. She pulled her finger out again and again I felt the pressure and then it stopped, followed by her finger. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was inserting anal beads inside me and to think about what was happening. As she did the next bead I could picture the bead on the outside of my anus and the pressure and then it popping inside me. It felt great. I guess the last one had been inserted as I felt Maggie stop and then I heard a buzzing sound. The next thing I felt was the vibrator encircling my filled hole and then I felt more lube being applied, and then the vibrator slid into my butt. It hit the beads and besides not believing that all this was in my ass, I couldn’t believe the feeling. It was like everything in my anal cavity came alive.   I couldn’t take it any more and I started to come. My whole body was shaking in climax. I had never cum from my butt before and although it was the same as cumming from my pussy or clit, it was also different in a way as well.   I was still cumming as Maggie started to take the vibrator out of me, I begged her to keep in a little longer, but she assured me I would have plenty more opportunity to cum before the night was over.
She told me turn around and get up on the bed.


   I did and lied on my back. She opened my legs and started to lick and suck on my labia and clit. I didn’t think it was fair that I was getting all this attention and told her so. It didn’t take more than a minute and Maggie was undressed and she had positioned her pussy above my face. She drove her tongue back into me as I took a moment to admire the beautiful sight in front of me. She obviously wanted me to do more than look as the lowered her “lips” to mine and opened my mouth and started to suck on her labia, then lick her all around and then suck on her clit. 24 hours before this I had not even thought about sex with another girl and here I was 69ing with a beautiful person whom I was falling in love with.   Maggie was so skilled that it didn’t take long and I was nearing a climax. I couldn’t keep eating her as I was breathing to hard and moaning. As I nearing that moment just before I came I felt pressure on my butt, no in my butt and Maggie slowly pulled a bead out of my anus. Well they felt good going in but they felt unbelievably good coming out. As the first bead popped out of me I came, and kept on the high of my climax as all 7 or 8 beads were skillfully removed from my insides.  I rolled Maggie over and moved down the bed- it was time for me to make her cum for a while- I ate her to her first climax and then had her strap the fake cock on me. I fucked her like I was a guy and I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having, and Maggie was cumming like a nympho- the  size of the cock filled her and I still had enough energy to just keep banging away at her.
About 2 hours into this sexual marathon we repeated the position from the night before- but this time put the huge double ended dong between us.

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   Here in the scissor position that I loved just 24 hours before I was brought to tears in how great I felt- we had worked to the point that the dildo was totally inside us and our clits were rubbing against each other. I was screaming in pleasure and so was my lover.   Finally, as we did the night before, we collapsed and fell asleep.   I don’t know how healthy it was to have a rubber dick inside you for hours, but I was to tired to even pull the thing out of me.
The next morning I awoke and we were still attached. I slid the dildo out of me and then pulled it slowly out of Maggie. I was tempted to fuck her with it, but if she was as sore as I was – the experience would not have been a good one. As the last inch came out of her I could swear I saw a smile on her sleeping face.  
This was our last morning. Maggie finally woke up and the two of us to a shower together. This time I washed her hair- but we both felt that hugging and kissing was enough- both of our pussies were sore- and my butt wasn’t much better.
We had to say good-bye to each other and now my tears were not from sex, but from a painful heart- Maggie gave me all the toys as she was flying and didn’t want them to show up on the screening TV.   I never could have afforded this stuff and took my gifts as a remembrance of my first (of many since) lesbian encounter.  
Hope you enjoyed part two of mytrip and this got you of- sorry it was so long…


I have the 3 signititure lines on the doccument. I have not heard back from Helene.

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   I will have to bug her.
I at this point the kids don't have lovers in their lives, but July is long way away.  
We closed on our new condo this weekend in Maine, it is nice and our retirement spot, for now anyway.
I just picked up more business in the Schein empire - I now have all the MBM business I started and Healer the FA company I started, Schein bought all this years ago-- I am now back into sports medicine sales--
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