Fucked at work


Id just started a job as a temp in big company, my boss Miss Carter was this really good looking woman,bob length brown hair,big round pert breasts and a tiny waist. She wasn't much older than me, maybe 30, she was always well turned out,you could tell she spent allot of time and money on her appearance.
I admired her allot, and secretly would have liked to be her.
one afternoon she called me in to her private office, Id never been in her office before,she told me her P. Ahad broken her leg sowas going to need someone to help her for a few weeks and this was to be my job. I was filling some papers away one daywhile Miss Carter was sitting at her desk watching me,she told me to put the files in the bottom door,I had on a low cut top and I knew she was looking right down it when I bent over.

When I got up she was standing in front of me her sheer blouse pulled tightly over her big pert tits, pencil skirttight round her long legs. She ran her hand from my shoulder down over my breast. I was stunned but excited,I felt my pussy react. My stomach had butterflies,what was happening here?

she moved in to kiss me,so I kissed her back. She told me to open her blouse,button by button until her bare tits were exposed,I cupped them in my hands, feeling her soft skin, her nipples going hard under my touch, she whispered for me to suck on her tits,to lick her nipples.
I took one breast in my mouth sucking softly at first then a bit harder until she gave a little gasp her rock hard nipple in my mouth. she returned the favor, flicking her tongue over mine until I felt my own nipples tighten and stiffen.
She ran her hands up the front of my thighs rolling my skirt up as she went until it was round my waist and I was standing in my pants, tits exposed.
She put her hand down my pants and slipped her finger in to mypussy. I was so wet.

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   one finger became two, she knew what she was doing, teasing me with her fingers lightly brushing my clit then slipping deep inside me. My pussy juice on her fingers.
While my hands were all over her tits feeling,needing. Her bare tits pressed up to mine.

She was in control she pushed me on to her desk, reached in to the top door and produced a vibrator,she then spread my legs apart, and rubbed my clit a little with the end of the vibrator. it felt so good.
I wanted her to fuck me with it.
Do you like it she asked? do you want me to push this vibrator in to your pussy? Yes,Yes, I said. . . fuck me with it . what do you say? please. . . .

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  . please fuck me.

I felther slip the vibrator deep inside me,so deep.
In and out she pulsed the vibrator.
she kissed me on the mouth hard, she kissedand sucked on my tits again and again,while still slipping the vibe in and out of mein a steady motion until I could feel my orgasm coming.
My pussy tighteningaround the vibrator my clit throbbing,dripping wet, I was done. she had gone to work on me and made me cum all over her desk .
RightBack to work she said," those papers wont file on there own". .



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