Friends With Benefits


Me and my best friend Rihlea had been best friends all our lives. I think we met in pre school. . . im not sure. But ever since then weve been inseperable. Now most girls and thier best friends are like this but me and Rihlea had a deeper connection which we never figured out until we were about fourteen. I was spending the night at Rihlea house which Ive done millions of times before. Rihlea had the basement to herself because her siblings slept in the rooms upstairs. That night we stayed up talking about how her ex boyfriend was a fuck freak. "I should go lesbian just to lure him in then slam the door" I noticed then that she was gently rubbing my upper thigh. This wasn't an unusual action it was just something I noticed. "You know what we should do?" she asked me. I maved my glace from her hand to her face,framed by her red waves of hair that had fallen out of her ponytail. She went on "We should video tape us having sex and leave the tape in his mail box.

" I thought it was a joke but her hazel eyes told me diffrent.

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   Surprisly I agreed. She went to fetch the video camera.
The camera was set up on the tripod in front of Rihleas bed. We both took our shirts off. Rihlea carefully stroked my tits. while she did that I unsnapped her bra and ran my hand down her chest revealing her 34 B tits. I put my mouth to her nipple and grazed my tongue over it.  I felt it harden. As I did this Rihlea ran her hands through my black curls and moaned. "Ohhhhhhh. . . . . Skyler" I worked  my tongue down her torso giving a litle extra lick around her navel.

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  I unzipped her jeans and slid them down. Rihlea did the same to me. I reached into her pink satin underwear and rubbed her pussy. Gently but enough to make her moan. Finally I took her underwear off. She massaged my tits as i slipped off my underwear. I continued to rub her pussy until she screamed "Finger me,Skyler. . Finger me" So I did. I slid a finger in and out of her vagina. The I slid 2 in which made her scream with pleasure.
Now it was my turn. Rihlea rubbed my pussy and I started to get wet. I could feel pussy juice coming out. I was breathless.

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  Then Rihlea did something thatmade my pussy throb with pleasure. She started to lick my clit. I moaned "Riley!! oh Riley!!!"While she was licking she was fingering me. I was screaming with pleasure. Her ex was certainly going to enjoy this.
After about an hour we stopped. We ended the video with a long french kiss and shut the camera off. Now we knew why we had been friends for so longs. We were destined to be lesbian(or in my case bisexuals) The next day we dropped the video in his mail box with an attached note that read "What guys like you,Make girls do" (yeah I know its corny but it wasn't my idea.