Forbidden Love


Earlier as I sat trying to find words for the things we experienced together last night, she went to take a bath. My computer had shown her husband online so we thought he was next door. (we saw the mistake later, as I have two people on my MSN with the same name) Her baby would have nothing to do with her being alone to bathe, and followed her into the bathroom. She took him into the tub washing him up and letting him play, before calling out to her husband to come and get the baby. Thinking he was next door, I went in, (he must not have heard her) but the baby wasn't ready to get out of the tub yet. We sat laughing at him and watching him play while she washed up. She finished and I took the washcloth and sexy smelling bath gel she was using, and brushed her hair aside to wash her back. He walked in to the bathroom, without knocking, to find me (fully dressed and sitting on the toilet) in this intimate ritual many woman share in. I finished while they talked about their son and his splashing, and she handed him the baby as I gave him the towel I was still holding from when I originally came in to take the baby out of the tub for her. He left to dry and diaper the baby, and we smirked a little at his obvious insecurity. She was annoyed and said he wouldn't understand that women do these things with/for each other even if they are ‘straight’ or not lovers. She scooted down into the water to wet her hair preparing to wash it. I said what the hell, thinking we were already in trouble for him ‘catching’ me wash her back, and I took the shampoo and rubbed some into my hands. She sat up, and let me wash her hair, massaging it into her scalp with my fingernails enjoying the feel of the soapy lather forming over her head. Her husband came back with the baby, and towel using him as an excuse to check on us. I kept washing her hair although I moved down to the length of it falling across her back in long wet strands.

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   Taking it in a ponytail hold I rubbed it between my hands creating a mass of bubbles down her back. He left, having no reason to linger, and she laid back into the water rinsing her hair and got out of the tub. I realized at that moment that I had left the beginnings of this story open on my computer, and left the bathroom to come back here. (you'd think Id have learned my lesson from yesterday rofl) He sent one of the older children back, baby in tow, to bring him to her saying the baby wanted her, and has come back here several times after that checking on us. She just went out to finish Christmas dinner (I am so spoiled lol) and her husband stayed back here long enough to put the baby down for a nap, and went out to join her and I'm sure mark her with his groping and attentions while she was cooking. I settled down to my computer to write you some more about the day, and last night. It is harder then I had thought to write about someone, and something so intimate while they lay so close! So, on to the details for you… Last night, the situation was as close to perfect as could be considering our lives. Their heater broke down, and the night before the kids slept over here so they could be warmer. Last night she and the kids stayed over. Her husband, in a combination of boredom, (he was left in the living room with two sleeping children, while we sat back here talking to you) and I imagine a bit of discomfort at sleeping in my house, went home for the night. After you went to bed, we read some more stories on Lit. First we read BDSM and extreme before moving on to the girl/girl section. We had many laughs trying to emulate the descriptions or just laughing at the English and teasing each other. (i. e.

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  , someone's mouth like a snake… ) Many of them were written by men and we laughed at the attempts to describe the actions and feelings we are so familiar with. My cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much we had a lot of fun reading together. There was a current of tension underneath it all, knowing what I really wanted to be doing. We finally shut down the computer for the night, and got ready for bed. She wore her bra and panties, and I wore nothing as we crawled into bed. I lay there for a few minutes listening to her even breathing as she settled down for the night, wondering if she wanted to be together as much as I did. Many images went through my mind, of our past lovemaking, and the sweet sound of her voice crying out my name as I felt her contract, griping my fingers. I thought the words, “come over here, I want to snuggle,” many, many times before I could say them. She moved closer, facing me and I reached out to hold her. She felt so warm, the skin of her back so soft under my fingers. I lay there content both hearing and feeling her deep breathing. My hand betrayed me, my fingers kept tensing while they should have been resting on her back, wanting, needing to feel, to experience more of her body. It took my whole focus to keep my hand still on her back, and to control my own breathing. Then I felt her hand raise from it's place near the middle of my back, her wrist still resting across my side. I was worried that she was uncomfortable, and lightened my touch, hoping she would see I didn't mind if she wanted to move.

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   Instead I felt the lightest touch of a single finger move across my skin. Her touch was so gentle and slow at first I thought it was my imagination. Then I felt it again, the most delicate touch of a flower petal across my back. I couldn't breathe, the only movement in the universe was this softest of touches over my skin. My fingers pressed into her back pleading for more of her fingers dancing their way across my skin. My mind was a blur no thoughts but of her soft small hands. Countless feelings passed through me in those few moments, the scarce beginning of our lovemaking. I felt love and passion for this beautiful woman sharing my bed. I felt sorrow that we could not share this together whenever we desired. I felt a deep need to shelter and protect her from the rest of the world. I felt a strong devotion to her happiness and well being. I felt the need to possess her soft welcoming body. I felt the desire for her from every part of my being. With the love only a woman can have for another woman, she caressed my back, her fingers etching her love on my skin. My hand played over her back squeezing gently.

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   I was amazed as always at the sweet softness of her under my hand. She lay only an inch from me, well within my reach, but it was to far away. Once again it took all of my will to keep from pulling her hard against me, I wanted to feel the breath in her breast, and her heart beating against mine. She shifted her arm, moving under mine, to touch my breast. A short moment after her soft fingers touched my breast she slid down the bed just a little bit out from under my arm. I felt the warmth of her breath seconds before I felt her lips opening over my soft mound. Her hand stayed just underneath it, feeling so small and tender cupping the weight of my breast. My hands had nowhere, and everywhere to go all at once. First I reached down searching out the bare skin of her back again, but I could not reach. Then they fell on her hair, stroking it as the warm sensations spread over me from her soft caress. Down her arm my fingers traced down her skin while I desperately tried to keep my touch as gentle and loving as hers. In my lack of ability to restrain my touches I pulled my hands back over my head, the motion lifting my breast to her touch. Soon I could not keep the need to touch her any more at bay then I could a moment earlier. Trying to keep my fingers from tangling to much in her hair, I reach down to run my fingers across her head. I needed to feel the silky tresses down my hand and over my arms! I let my fingers twine into her soft mane elated as the softness of her hair enveloped my fingers.

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   Her delicate hands ran down my body, first with her fingertips then her fingernails tracing long arcs from my chest down to my thighs and back. She nudged my leg a little and as it fell open I felt a cramp in my hip. Ignoring it I forced my body to obey, and I lay spread for her fingers. Her petal soft fingers reached into the folds of my open lips gently fondling the extremities of my femininity. Her fingers found all the hidden places a man's touch will never know, as she lazily explored me. Her soft touch took on a more urgency as she searched out my entrance. Being still sheathed in my puffy outer lips her fingers nuzzled against the soft flesh covering me. I felt her fingers pressing against the innermost folds of my femininity as she nudged a single finger inside me. She turned around sideways now, her fingers left me for a torturous moment. She spread my outer lips with her fingers on either side of me resting on my belly. Her tongue found my clit as easily as if it had never been separated from it. She tasted me slowly her fingers pushing my lips under them as she leaned down to reach further into me. She moved between my legs as I spread them open before her. She leaned down her lips and tongue caressing me in sweet short strokes. Her finger found my opening again, and she pushed into me bringing heaven down from the skies for me.

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   As my passion built she moved over me, only her fingers buried deep inside me. Leaning down over me she sunk her delicate fingers into me reaching further and harder then she could from the other positions. My body responded pressing down against her finger pushing her farther inside of me. The beginnings of an orgasm tingled in my belly, and I forced it back, needing for this to go on and on. She pressed in and out slowly letting my body familiarize itself with each motion before increasing the strength and speed. She was nestled as far inside me as she could be, teasing my inner walls with each movement. She wiggled her fingers both up and down and side to side sending tiny shocks through me as she continued to press in pull back. I pressed down onto her my need growing with each stroke of her fingers. She responded by sinking her fingers deeper and harder inside me. I rode her fingers, my hips rising and falling on them rhythmically. She plunged into me exploring my depths through the tips of her fingers. I began contracting around her fingers, and she pushed deeper inside me. The last knuckle of her fingers pressed hard against the outsides of me. Waves of pleasure rushed over me as she carried me higher and higher with her fingers. The last of my orgasm engulfed my senses leaving me weak.

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   She held her fingers there for another moment and whispered “Merry Christmas” She laid down beside me, mumbling something about the time, I cant remember what she said, because my whole being was focused on the sound of her voice and the need to make love to her. I leaned over her, and began licking and sucking her breasts bringing her nipples to their full and proud hardness. I took my time enjoying each and every wonderful detail of her breasts. I avoided sucking directly on her nipples because she still has a nursing baby, until I heard her whisper two syllables. “Thirsty?” I moaned quietly and took her nipples in my mouth, one after the other sucking as hard as I dared allow myself. Her taste was sweet in my mouth, and her nipples so hard on my tongue. I couldn't wait anymore, I wanted to possess her. I moved down the bed, lying sideways between her legs. She opened herself to me, and I parted her lips with my fingers. Oh how wet she was waiting for me, despite her earlier discouraging words. I spread her outer lips and tasted her for the first time in far to long. She felt so soft and fragile under my probing tongue. I wanted to reach all of those places she craved me to. I paused every so often sucking her swollen lips into my mouth and then back to her wet slit. I eased one finger inside her and her breath caught in her throat.

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   I held it still for a moment before pressing it into her depths, sliding back out in a single fluid motion. I licked and sucked her in every way my clouded brain could remember. After her first orgasm I held my fingers inside her while she relaxed around them, and kissed the sweet damp curls of her hair, before moving across her thighs covering them in kisses. I crawled up her body, wanting the feeling of her soft perfect breasts in my mouth again. I licked the undersides of them running my tongue from one side to the other before licking and nibbling at the insides of the soft mounds. I took her nipples gently in my mouth again, feeling them harden even more in my mouth. Then I moved up slightly and kissed her passionately she sucked my bottom lip in her mouth catching it in her teeth. She lay her head back giving me her neck, and urging me lower. I licked my way back down to her breasts, my leg found it's way between hers pushing against her wet and trembling sex as she lifted leg pressing into mine, her hips rose and fell pressing her wetness against me. My mouth found her breast again, although this time I could only reach one I focused on it with passion. I moved back to her sweet sex and began licking again, I could think of nothing else. I licked, sucked and fingered her thinking happily that I could stay here, doing just this happily for as long as she allowed. In between orgasms I would be still and gentle letting her rest some before taking her again. In those times I contented myself with kissing her softly, and trailing my fingers over her slit and through the soft curls of her hair. I continued to do this until she pulled back slightly, I had nearly fallen asleep lying there resting.

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   I crawled up beside her and fell asleep listening to her deep even breathing. .



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