First time lesbian


Hello, come over by me relax.   Have you done this before?  No?  Good.   I will show you how my fingers work on pussy.   Lean back in your chair relax your arms and legs let them feel heavy.   I am standing in front of you.   Wanting to see what lies beneath those clothes.   I start to take off my shirt lifting it over my heavy breasts.   You like what you see?  Starting to masage my breasts and twisting my nipples so they stick out for you to see.   I see you start to figit in your chair.   Don't worry love you will be next just sit back and enjoy the show.   Please don't touch your self I want to be the first to do that.   Slowly tugging at my panties lowering them past my hips teasing you with my movements. You start to see my pach of pussy hair nicely trimmed, starting to want to touch you but I refrain. I want to be good and juciy when you start to play with me for the first time.   I lean over to you in your chair and give you a soft kiss.   It catches you off guard and you resist at first but then accept it.

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    I start to take off your shirt so I can see your beautiful breasts.   Oh my God they are wonderful, I am lowering my mouth to suck on one, emmm so soft.   God your making my pussy wet just thinking about what I can do to you.   Taking the other nipple in my mouth flicking it with my tounge.   You shudder and I keep doing it.   I love the twitches I get from you.     You now wet enough for me do play with your pussy. So I lay you down on your back with your knees up, I start to spread your legs slowly apart so I can see your wet hole.    Oh my god it's gorgous!  You are so hot!  I see a freshly shaved pussy in front of me and want to dive in right a way but I wait because you have never done this before and I want you to like it.     I  touch your pussy for the first time with my index finger just rubbing along the sides.   I am hearing your moan with pleasure.   Yes, do it more love your only making me more hot for your incredible body.   I would lick your pussy every day if I could.    I am now insterting my finger in to your hot hole slowly at first curling it towards your stomach.   I have your G-Spot!  and I keep rubbing it slowly your getting soooo wet now!  Starting to move it in and out more quickly now don't want you to cum so I stop and let you come down from the excitement.

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    I want to taste your pussy juices so badly.   I lower my mouth on to you clit and flick it back and fourth.   Oh baby please moan more it makes me so hot!  Instead of my finger in your pussy my tounge is now in there fucking it like a small dick quickly hitting your G-Spot.   Reaching around to your breasts and playing with your nipples.   That only makes you buck and moan more!   Cum for me baby I want to feel your cum drip in to my mouth!  Emmm yes I can feel your pussy walls contract against my tounge you are close. .    Cummmm baby let it go.   There you go I feel a gush of cum from your pussy and I eagerly lap it up.   Oh your so sweet I could eat you out everyday.    I let you calm down a bit after your first girl cum.   And point to you it's your turn.   At this point it's not going to take me long to cum because you have made me so hot.   I turn over on the bed so I am laying down and spread my legs for you.   Oh god yes I feel your warm mouth on my pussy.   I have wanted this forever!  You are amazing with that finger.

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    Keep touching my G-Spot and rubbing my nipples I will come sooner than you think.   Emm yes your hot body next to mine makes me cream just thinking about it.   Next time we do this I will record our love making so you can hear it when ever im not around would you like that?  Yes?  Great!  Oh wow yes I am going to cum for you get ready to lap it up.   Argggg yess cumming for you lap it all up!!!  You eagerly lick it all up and I am so excited i have a new partner to cum with.   Letting me come down from my excitement we decide to do this again tomorrow.   I can't wait I get the microphone ready **wink**.