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And that night she did. We made small talk for a while, rather awkwardly, and thenSylvia asked me what I thought about her letter. I took a deep breath and told her that Iwas nervous about it; that I really wanted to have sex with her, but I was still a virgin asfar as being with other women were concerned. Sylvia said she understood totally, and we decided to "take things slow. "Over the next few weeks we wrote very explicit notes to each other. The letters gotjuicier as time passed, and soon I was bringing hers home and frigging myself silly to them, coming almost instantly. One Friday, after I passed Sylvia an especially vivid andnasty letter, I saw her get out of her chair and walk to the bathroom. About 18 minuteslater, she came back. Passing my desk, she looked around to make sure the coast wasclear, then leaned down and stuck two fingers in my mouth. I'd never tasted anotherwoman's cum, but I knew that was exactly what I was tasting now. She had gotten soexcited reading my story that she'd had to go finger her pussy. That incident pushed meover the edge, and I decided to go ahead. We made plans for Sylvia to come to my housethe next afternoon, when Sam would be working. The next day I was so nervous, I took my time getting ready, and had just finishedchecking myself in the mirror when she knocked on the door. I opened the door to findher standing there in a little pair of jean shorts, and a pink tank top that showed off her perfectly shaped breasts and that fierce red hair. She came in and sat on the couch while I poured us some wine.

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   I was still nervous, but also very excited, because when I looked at her I knew this was just what I wanted. We sat on the couch for a while, flirting with each other, and then she took my hand and led me to my bedroom. I turned on the VCR, which I'd loaded with a porno tapefeaturing two women. I was still tense, so we sat at the end of the bed and watched themovie for a few minutes. As I began to relax, I glanced over at Sylvia and saw her staring at me. She leaned in to me and placed her soft, moist lips on mine. It was the most erotic feeling I'd ever experienced. We fell back on the bed, exploring each other's mouth with our tongues. Her fingers trailed up my arm and ran roughly through my hair. She nuzzled my neck, then began to nibble on my ear and jawline. I could not believe this was really going to happen at last. I think we both realised at the same time that we were very much still dressed. I pulledher up and we feverishly started taking each other's clothes off. Sylvia pushed me backand told me to lift my hips, then stripped off my shorts and G-string in one slick motion. She spread my legs and smiled when she saw the dew dripping from my excited pussy.

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   Iwanted her to lick me so much. I had never been so turned on in my entire life. Sylvia had other plans, however. She mover up my body and straddled my right leg. I could feel her soft bush rubbing on my thigh. She took my 38D breast in her hand and devoured my nipple. Her lips tugged at it, sucking and teasing it. I was in heaven! I felt her pussy humping my leg, and she left a trail of juice as she slithered down my body, her mouth bestowing wet kisses on my flesh. When she got to my pussy she let out a sigh, then crawled back up to me, kissed my softly and told me that I had a beautiful cunt. Moaning, I took her head in my hands and gently pushed her back down to my needy pussy. She spread the lips of my cunt with her thumbs and massaged them, makingthem spread even wider. My head was spinning in a cloud of ecstasy, and I found myself pinching my rock-hard nipples. Sylvia gently touched my inner lips with her wet tongue, and I shuddered. When she pulled back, my hips automatically rose to follow her. She kept teasing me with little licks and sucks as she continued to massage my pussy lips.

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   My clit was so hard it didn't even feel real. Finally she zoomed in on that hot button and started flicking her hardtongue back and forth on it. Every part of my body reacted to what she was doing. My toes curled up and my nipplesgot even harder. My fingers pulled at the sheets. Just as I thought it could not possibly get any better, she slipped two of her fingers into my sloppy wet box and started finger-fucking me, her strokes getting faster and faster. Then she shoved her face deep into my crotch, wrapped her lips around my clit and started sucking in rhythm with movement of her fingers in my pussy. That was it. My legs started to get hot, and a sensation I'd never felt before came over me. My fingers dug into the bed, grasping for something to hold onto. My whole body quivered as I began to cum harder than I ever had. My juices ran down Sylvia's face as she removed her fingers and dove into my pussy, drinking every drop of the juices that were streaming from my pulsing centre. I let out a low primal cry as I reached the peak of ecstasy. "Oh my God!" were my only coherent words, lost in a flood of moans and whimpers. As I resumed something that resembled normal breathing, Sylvia moved up and wrapped her body around mine.

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   I could not believe what I'd just experienced, and all I could think of was tasting her pussy as she had tasted mine. I opened my eyes to look at her, and she was smiling. I took her face in my hands and whispered, "Thank you," as I kissed her softly. Those soft kisses soon became harder and more passionate as I rolled on top of her,rubbing our bodies together, my breasts pressing against hers. I moved down to thosesensational breasts and squeezed the together, burying my face between them. Heaven! No wonder men love doing that. I moved back up to her and kissed her again, then took her arms and placed her handsabove her head. "Don't move those hands, or you'll pay," I said, grinning at her. I thenslid down again, and this time I didn't stop until I reached the sweet honeypot that I wasgoing to have the honour of tasting. She turned me on so much that my pussy was quivering again. I spread her legs andlooked her up and down. She was a long legged goddess. I took my time, placing wetkisses on her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her waiting pussy. I could hear heralready panting, and I think I was teasing myself as much as I was her. I placed my nose at the top of her slit and inhaled her scent as deeply as I could.

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   Once again my head was spinning. I had never imagined how erotic a woman couldsmell. That mixture of light sweat, spice and sweetness was intoxicating. I spread her lips with my fingers, just as she had with mine, staring at that beautiful pussy right in front of my face. My tongue came out as if of its own accord, reaching for that pussy, licking it from the bottom to the very top, just once. Sylvia let out a moan, and Ifelt her hands on my head, playing with my hair. I moved up, took her hands and placedher arms back over her head. "I told you not to move them," I said. "Now you're going tohave to cum twice before I let you up. "Sylvia smiled widely and whispered, "Okay. "Going back where I belonged, I quickly slipped my long, hard tongue into her steamyopening and started tongue-fucking her as hard as I could. She ground herself against my face as I circled her thighs with my arms to bring her closer. My fingers could still reachher bright red mound, and I spread her lips to expose her hot clit. It was so sexy, thatswollen pleasure centre. I attacked it recklessly, working my tongue back and forth.

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   She started bucking wildly against my face and screaming, "Oh, fuck. . . that's it, don't stop!"Was she crazy? There was no way in hell I was going anywhere! I slid two fingers intoher pussy, hearing the sloshing sound of her juices as I pumped her with them. "More,give me more!" she moaned. I slipped in another finger, my tongue still flicking at thatclit, and I felt her pussy spasm. Her legs were shaking, and then she let out a scream so loud I thought the neighbours would hear. Her body stiffened for a long moment,quivering, and then slowly relaxed, her scream diminishing to a series of moans. Mymouth covered her pussy. "Oohh, shit! Yeah, take it all, babe," she panted as I slurped upthe juices oozing from her box. Slowly she recovered her breath, and I smiled at her, looking her in the eye as I licked my fingers. "That was fantastic!" she said, still panting. "Are you sure you haven't done this before?"I gave her a sheepish grin and said, "I've been wanting that for a long while, andsomething happened to me when I saw that beautiful pussy. " After a few minutes Sylvia got up to get something to drink. As she walked back into the bedroom I looked up and said, "I think you need to straddle my face.

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  " She almost ranover to the bed and did exactly that. I opened my greedy mouth, straining to reach everypart of her. I felt her outer lips on my face, and started ploughing her hole with my sharptongue. I looked up to see her staring down at me with the most erotic look in her eyes, ahunger that made me want me even more. I wanted to see how fast I could make hercum. I nuzzled my nose into her and found her love button, then brought my lips to it andsucked it hard. Sylvia went fucking wild. "Oh Jesus, suck that clit, oh yes!" she was gasping. "Oh makeme cum, please, please make me. . . " Her voice trailed off and her body started to shudder, then she moaned loudly as her cum drizzled down my chin. Listening to her having her second orgasm almost made me cum too, even without physical contact. I licked deeply and sucked on any moist flesh that my lips could reach while she humpedher hips back and forth, dragging herself across my face. Finally Sylvia climbed off meand planted a wonderful, sensual kiss on my lips.

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   We looked at each other and in unisonwe said, "That was fantastic!" We melted into a heap of giggles, after which we relaxedand dozed off in each other's arms. When we awoke, Sylvia said she had to get home, but we made arrangments to see eachother again. After several meetings, we decided we would get Sam to join us and givehim a happy surprise. But that, as they say, has to be another story for another time. .