Encounters of a Female Kind


Tat had a fabulous body. She was tall, with golden skin and dark long hair that ended in curls. She had full lips, and a curvy thin body. Jill had almost gaped when she had first walked into the office restroom, dressed in a tight three piece suit in lavender, and her lips pursed. All the office girls wanted to hate her, but she was just so nice to everyone. So, Jill thought, she was hot and sweet. Jill risked another glance at Tat, who was nibbling on a carrot stick, and smiling at something that Rose was saying. “So, I heard that they had sex right there in the office. ” “OMG, really? Shy, quiet Ann and our hot Latin boss? Come on,” Rose nodded. “It’s true. Greg from down the hall heard them going at it when he was stopping by to drop off some paperwork. ” They all giggled. Soon, lunch was over, and they were all heading back to their offices. Jill walked behind Tat, observing the way her ass swayed underneath her skirt. Jill had never been one to think of herself as a lesbian, but she was really attracted to Tat. She wondered what she would look like naked….

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   As if reading her mind, Tat paused outside her office, and gave Jill a sweet smile. Jill smiled back, knowing her face was flamed. Tat disappeared into her office, and Jill wandered down to hers. The days went by, and soon turned into weeks, and still Jill couldn’t get Tatiana out of her mind. She even had erotic dreams about her, with Jill suckling on her breasts, and Tat moaning in ecstasy. Jill had awaken, and had to ease her horniness herself, cumming so hard she thought she would wake up her neighbors with her moans. Lunch was spent watching Tat’s lips slide over her fork, and she imagined them sliding over her nipples. Once, Jill had become so aroused, that she had knocked over a glass of water, right onto Tatiana’s skirt. Flustered, she dabbed at the wetness with a tissue, apologizing. Tat just smiled, and took the tissue from her, to clean herself up. Those brief moments when she had felt the firmness under her skirt, had made her thighs tremble. It was the middle of the third week, and after another erotic dream that Jill wandered into the women’s rest room to freshen her makeup, when she ran into Tat. She was dabbing at her eyes with a napkin, and it was obvious that she had been crying. “Tatiana, what is it? Is everything okay?” Tat just looked at her, before bursting into another round of tears. Jill, flustered and unsure of what to do, placed an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to the sink.

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   “Are you okay?” Tat nodded, and stared up at her. Her mascara was running, and with her lower lip trembling, she looked all the sexier. “Its just that…. I know that…. I stopped modeling because of the pressure and the stress it put on me…but …”she hiccupped,” I have gained four pounds!” “What is the matter with that?” Tat sniffled and wiped at her nose. “Do you know what they would have done to me if I had gained four pounds in my career? I’d be …ruined” Jill hugged her closer, feeling her breast press into her own, and she couldn’t suppress a shiver. Tat buried her face in her hair and tried to calm herself. “Tatiana, “Jill said, pulling back and looking her in the eye. ” You look wonderful. There is nothing wrong with you, or the four pounds you put on. You can’t even tell it. You are sexy, and you will always be that way. ” Tatiana stared at her with wide eyes, and managed a small smile. She threw her arms around Jill’s neck and squeezed her tight. Jill could smell her sent, flowery but hot.

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   “Oh, Jill. You are so sweet to me. Do you really think I look sexy?” Jill nodded, and let her hand slide from Tat’s shoulders to waist. She was beginning to get hotter, standing this close to her. “Yes. Of course I do. ” Tatiana leaned forward and pressed her lips to Jill’s cheek for a moment that lasted longer than it should have. Jill stared at her profile, feeling her trembling lips against her soft skin. She tightened her grip on her waist, and then Tat was pulling back and staring up at her. Jill felt her breath on her face, and then she was leaning forward once more, and her lips connected with her own. Jill had never kissed a woman before, and wasn’t quite sure what to do. Then she was moving her lips against hers, and they were so soft. She felt her tongue seeking its way into her mouth, and when it slipped in, she moaned deep in her throat. Tatiana pressed her body against hers, and together they moved until Jill was backed against the bathroom stall. They weren’t even thinking what would happen if someone were to walk in.

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   All that was on there minds was this. ‘oh god” Jill moaned, sifting her hands through Tats long dark hair. She trailed her lips down her neck, and Tat sighed in pleasure. “This is so good. ” Tat said, her fingers undoing Jill’s buttons on her jacket. Jill could not believe it. It was like a dream. Except this was real. She let her hands slide down over Tat’s tight ass until she was lifting her skirt up and touching the satin skin underneath. In the next few seconds, clothes were stretched and pulled away, revealing their naked bodies to each other. Jill took Tat’s hand and pulled her into the stall, locking the door and pressing her back against it. She then took her full breasts in her hands and kneaded them, while kissing Tat fully. She was dimly aware of Tats own hands and fingers slipping and sliding there way over her body, teasing her pussy until she was dripping wet. Taking her nipple into her mouth, she heard Tatiana cry out and her fingers pulled her hair back. Jill kept her mouth clamped down, suckling and nibbling, tasting her erotic taste as she had dreamed.

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   Jill trailed her mouth down her stomach, leaving wet spots to cool on her hot body, dipping her tongue into her bellybutton. She glanced up to see Tat with ecstasy written all over her perfect face, and continued her journey. When she ran her tongue between her thighs, Tat moaned loudly and jerked. “Steady, babe. Let me lick you. ” Jill couldn’t believe the words that she was saying, or that she was about to make love to a woman. She parted Tat’s thighs, staring at her shaved pussy, its lips wet and quivering. Tat squirmed until Jill leaned forward and touched her tongue to her clit. She then began to alternate licks, sliding her tongue up and down her pussy, savoring the juices that ran. She tasted like a ripe peach, tangy and sweet at the same time. Tat was moaning now, and running her hands over her own breasts. She panted like a bitch in heat, shaking a little bit now and then, and Jill could tell that she would cum soon. She took her fingers and ran them inside her, feeling her tighten around them. Sliding them in and out, busying her mouth suckling her nipples. Meanwhile her own pussy was burning, wetting the inside her thighs.

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   Her own blood began to boil when Tat cried out, and her whole body tightened up like the string on a bow.
    Her thighs gripped Jill’s face, and she began to shake, her breath panting wildly. Jill tasted her juices, and in one last instant, shoved her tongue insider her, along with her two fingers. Tat cried out, cumming intensely, grabbing Jill’s hair and yanking on it. Jill slid to the floor, her hands still gripping Tat’s thighs. Tat licked her upper lip, and her golden skin was shined with sweat. She smiled sexily, and bent to kiss Jill hard on the lips. “You are wonderful. That was the most erotic thing I have ever done. ” Jill smiled, and reached out to tweak Tat’s nipples. She wanted her again. In fact, she thought that she would never get enough of this succulent beauty. “It’s your turn now, my sweet. You have pleasured me, now let me pleasure you. ” Jill’s eyes were wide as Tat leaned down and positioned herself between her thighs, her feet placed against the wall of the stall.

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       The floor was cold, but Jill was so hot she didn’t notice. Tat kissed her again, her long hair brushing Jill’s breasts, making her nipples stand out. She ran her tongue from her mouth, across her breasts, making Jill moan in pleasure. From her breasts she moved down to her stomach, nipping her abdomen, causing Jill to suck in her breath. Tat was so very erotic and Jill had never ventured into anything as wild as this. She was here, with this sexy woman, in her workplace restroom. Jill cried out when Tat snatched her thighs up and began to tongue her wildly. She sucked and made love to her pussy with wild abandon. Jill thought somewhere in the back of her mind that Tatiana had certainly done this before. She couldn’t get over the sensations that were running through her, the hotness that was burning between her thighs. Tat licked at her, sucking her clit into her mouth and biting down on it. Jill jerked off the floor, her head catching the wall, and she moaned loudly. Tat chuckled, and the sensation sent Jill into a flurry of sensations. She pinched her own nipples hard, and growled deep in her throat. Tat took her fingers and played with her pussy lips, stretching them and licking them with her tongue.

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       She then took two fingers and shoved them into her, finger fucking her hard. Jill moaned again, whispering how much she loved it. Tat ran her tongue over her again, and then squeezed another finger inside her. “Oh god! I’m gonna cum, Tat. ” Tat raised her head up only for an instant. “Cum in my mouth, Jill. Let me taste you. ” She then returned to nibble on Jill’s clit, working her fingers in and out of her trembling pussy. Jill felt her body tighten up, and her toes began to tingle. She knew that she would cum soon, and she began to work towards it, wanting it. Needing it. Jill watched Tat work on her, her mouth wide open as she sucked on her. Then, before she even expected it, Tat shoved another finger in her, and it sent her over the edge. She shoved her fist in her mouth and bit down on her knuckles as she came. She made mewling noises deep in the back of her throat, her thighs jerking and raising up off the ground.


       Tat struggled to hold her down as she licked up her juices and swallowed them all. When at last she had settled down, Tat pulled her in another embrace, and they shared an erotic kiss. Jill ran her hands over Tat’s body one last time. She knew that there absence had probably been noticed, and that they had to get back. “It was wonderful, Tatiana. I hope that we can…become great friends. Away from work. ” “Of course. You must call me so that we can get together. I will look forward to it. ” They helped each other get dressed, smoothing out their wrinkles, and easing from the stall to reapply their makeup. Then, after sharing one last French kiss, they departed from the still steamy restroom, and back into their normal, at least for a little while, lives. .