Topic: EighteenEighteen. I’m finally eighteen. My birthday yesterday wasn’t all that exciting. Actually, it was pretty dreadful. I had a history test and a physics test and only about two people really remembered that it was my birthday. You would think that having my eighteenth birthday on a Friday would be awesome but my theatre group had a performance that night so I didn’t get out of the school building until 1130. Most everyone had forgotten that it was my birthday anyway, so I went straight home and slept.
I wake up to my cell phone ringing around ten thirty in the morning. Picking it up, I answer, "Hello?""Hey, Kaitlyn. How are you enjoying your house with no family there this weekend?" said the familiar voice on the other end. It was Robin: a good friend of mine and someone whom I’d had a crush on for two years. Too bad she’s straight. Thinking hard, I remember why my parents aren’t here this weekend: they and my sister are out in Kalamazoo watching my cousin’s play. I have the house to myself. I’d forgotten.
After only a short delay, I respond, "Actually, I just woke up about 18 minutes ago.

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   I expect it’s gonna be relaxing though. No parents telling me what to do is something I don’t get too often. ""Are you allowed to have people over?""mmm. . not really… but I might be willing to break that rule. . Why?""Because I’ve got a birthday present for you that I didn’t want to bring to school, and I thought I might bring it over now. And also, I thought maybe we could hang out and do something fun or something. ""Really? I was pretty sure most everyone had forgotten my birthday. But, uh. . yeah, you can come over. I should probably take a shower before you come though. . Do you think you can wait like…uhh… half an hour before you leave?""Yeah, sure.

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   So I’ll be there in like 40 minutes then. See ya soon!""Yep, bye!"
I hang up and immediately begin a mini excited freak-out. Having someone call me to hang out with me is not something I’m used to. I have to find something to wear. I have to shower. My mind is filled with things she could possibly have gotten me for a present that she wouldn’t want to bring to school. I should clean my room a bit. It’s a mess. First things first. Something to wear. I wanna look nice for her. I always want to. Tank top and girls jeans. That’s probably nice looking but comfortable enough. Black is good because then I don’t have to wear a bra.

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   Okay, now for the shower. Long or short shower? Long. I can’t stop thinking of how much I want you. I’ve got thirty five minutes to shower and get dressed. After turning on the water to heat up, I brush my teeth, find my razor and scissors, pee, get undressed and brush my medium-length, brown, half-asian hair. Finally, I step into the shower, allowing the nearly-too-warm water flow over my body. Grabbing the soap, I moan softly as I let my hands roam all over my naked body. They spend a little extra time around my small but hard nipples, groping at my small breasts. My left hand gently massages my slippery slit, rubbing at my little clit and feeling the warm wetness inside me. Mmm… Wishful thinking brings me to the conclusion that Robin just might see my legs and maybe even my pussy, so I sit down with the scissors and razor and trim down my pussy hair until it’s so short its hardly more than stubble. I want to look my best for her. Grabbing the soap again, I lather up my hands and run them through my newly trimmed pussy hair. With a razor, I carefully shave around the edges and on the lips so just a small triangle on the front remains. Mmm… I rub my hands along my slit again. Feels so good.

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   I wish Robin could see this. Agh. .
The thought of her turns me on so much. I feel warmth leaking from my freshly shaved pussy and before it can be swept away by the warm water running over me, I sweep it up with my fingers and bring it to my face. Mmm. . it smells so good. I bet hers smells better. Drooling horribly, I put my love-juice-covered fingers in my mouth to taste myself. Mmm… As fast as I can, I carefully shave my legs so they’re smooth as can be. Then I stand up, reach up, take the shower head down, and turn the spray to massage. I turn the water pressure all the way up and direct the spray at my clit and within seconds I’m ready to cum. My legs can’t seem to hold me up any more so I sink to my knees, still holding the spray at my crotch. Mmm.

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   My pelvic area begins twitching, thrusting toward a non-existent man or woman. I need something in me now. There’s a brush with a really long handle in the tub with me, and I quickly grab it and poise it to plunge into my hole. Its end touches my slit and my muscles contract in pleasure. Slowly, I push it in as far as it can go. Uhhh… The stream of water still on my clit plus the brush in my pussy makes my pussy spasm even more than it had been before. I’m moaning continuously now, and pretty loudly. Thinking of Robin being with me and licking me off sends me over the top and I make one last thrust toward the heavens where my pussy goes into endless spasms around that nice long brush.
I’m in a world of bliss until suddenly I remember I’m on a time limit. Robin’s coming over soon. I wonder how long I have until she gets here. Standing up, I rinse off quickly and shut off the water. I climb out of the tub and pat myself dry with my towel then, dressed in only my towel, I go to check the time. Ten minutes left. Quickly, I go back into the bathroom and pull on the clothes I picked out earlier.

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   I pull on my shirt, pants, and socks and brush my hair, leaving it dripping. My jeans against my recently masturbated pussy feels so good.
Unfortunately, I can’t think about that for long because the doorbell rings. I race downstairs to unlock the door and let Robin in. She’s stunningly beautiful as usual with her dark brown hair framing her lovely face and just touching the tops of her perfect 34B or C breasts that are barely constrained by a tank top and bra. She’s carrying a relatively non-descript brown paper bag. As I close the door, I close my eyes for a moment to clear my mind of all of my fantasies. I know she’s the person least likely to fulfill them. She has a boyfriend, she’s catholic, and she’s straight, I remind myself. But damn, she’s still hot.
Reminding me I’m not alone, Robin says, "You look really nice today. How come you don’t wear this sort of stuff to school?""It makes the boys look at me and then I feel uncomfortable. ""Oh," she said, "Well, d’you want to see what I got you? Why don’t we go to the living room?"Nodding, I head toward the back of my house and plop down on the couch, my back against the back of the couch. Memories of sucking some beautiful man’s cock right where I sit pop into my head and I push them away. Here and now there is no sex, I tell myself as Robin sits down the couch next to me, placing the brown bag in my lap.

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"Go on, open it! What’re you waiting for?" she says with a slight smirk. I’m way excited now and I open the bag just enough to peek in. What I see, surprises me beyond all reason. I look up at her, kind of confused, and she’s got this big grin on her face. "Take it out. " She seems as excited as I am. I reach in the bag and pull out a beautiful metallic five-inch-long vibrating dildo. I stare at her, bewildered that she would get such a blatant sex object for me. I’d always thought that she was very close-minded about sex except maybe with her long-time boyfriend. But apparently not, because as I stuttered out a thank you, she said with excitement, "D’you wanna try it out?"
Getting a sudden rush of warmth in my pants, I hope that I’m not making a wet spot in my pants or on the couch. I uncomfortably manage to say with much starting and stopping, "Umm… Yeah, I do… but umm… You’re here and…""That’s okay, I don’t mind, I want to watch. I already put batteries in it," she says shyly.
I twiddle the vibrator around in my hands, examining it to avoid looking at her. "Umm, well. .

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  . I’ve never. . . uh. . . done it. . . in front of anyone before and…it makes me kinda nervous. . . ""How about some help then?" she says suddenly after a moment’s pause. Suddenly, she’s straddling my outstretched legs, we’re face-to-face, and she’s leaning toward me, looking in my eyes.

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  I protest slightly with a small yelp before her beautiful, soft lips are caressing mine and I’m in heaven. Closing my eyes, I reach around her and pull her close, feeling her larger boobs lie comfortably against my nearly-flat chest. I wonder if I’m dreaming. When suddenly she pulls away for a moment, I moan quietly and open my eyes. "Why’d you stop?" I plead. "Why’d you start? Is it really what you wanted? Do you know that I’ve wanted that for years? Please. . . can we do that again?" My heart is beating fast and hard, as I wait for her answer. She seems to ponder for a minute, her breathing rather hard. Suddenly, she’s kissing me again and I know nothing else but her beauty. I want to touch her beautifully rounded ass but I refrain, afraid that she’ll pull away and never come back. Then I feel her hands moving up and down my sides, tickling me, making it feel good, and in return, I play with her ass and caress her perfectly formed waist and back. She breaks the kiss and for a moment I’m scared that she will leave, but she begins tracing down my neck with her tongue, driving me crazy. My nipples are standing up hard, easily seen beneath my tank top and she makes a beeline for them, licking and sucking on first one then the other, through my shirt.

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   It sends shivers down my spine. I reach underneath her body and find her glorious boobs with my roaming hands and caress them gently. She moans slightly into my chest as I find her nipples. Suddenly, she stops everything, standing up.
"Ahh!" I protest softly, wondering why she stopped. Was she displeased? Was she angry at herself for what she just did? I’m wet enough now that I know there’s a wet spot in my pants and I worry that it will be on the couch.
She lifts up the bottom of her shirt, high enough that I can see most of her belly, asks, "wanna see this?" and takes it off. My jaw goes slack and I drool at the sight of her wondrous chest in just its bra. I sit up and recall the new vibrator on my lap. Placing it aside for the moment, I ask, "Please may I take off your bra? They’re so beautiful. I can’t stand it. " As she nods, I stand up and reach around her to the clasp at the back, quickly unhooking it and freeing them for me to hold, touch, caress, and admire. "Oh jesus, they’re amazing!" I exclaim quietly, letting her bra drop to the floor and gently touching each one. I move my gaze up to her face, and she’s smiling at me. I pull her face toward me, and we kiss again, gently, exploring each other.


   My hands play with her recently-freed breasts and nipples and she moans a little in my mouth. To know that I’m making her feel that good and she’s enjoying it turns me on immensely. I break the kiss this time, and take off my own shirt. "Lie down on the couch, babe. " I request. She obliges and after admiring her beautiful half-clothed body, I straddle her legs and lean in toward her again. Her perfect skin against mine feels wonderful. I give her a quick kiss on the lips then begin to work my way down her beautiful chest. Gently, I alternately take her perfect nipples in my mouth, licking and sucking at them until they are hard, blowing on them, and biting them gently making her whimper. She’s loving it and when I reach my hands down to unbutton her pants while still sucking, she makes no complaint and even lifts her hips for me to take them off. She’s wearing sexy purple underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Stopping sucking her nipples for a moment, I finish taking off her pants and feel her pussy through her underwear. It’s beautifully wet, having soaked through her panties long ago. She whimpers a bit and her hips push into my hand as I find her sensitive clit. I’m in awe of her beauty, and I just sit there, softly holding her pussy, and drinking in her amazing body with my eyes.

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Without warning her, I jerk off her underwear, toss them away, and bury my face in her sweet-smelling cunt. She yelps at the surprise, but quickly realizes how good it feels and submits to my eager mouth. Tentatively at first because I’ve never done this, I lick her entire slit from bottom to top. She flinches in pleasure as I brush her clit with my tongue. I do this repeatedly, loving the taste, and trying to get every little bit out of her, licking her slit like an ice cream cone. I envelop as much of her small pussy as I can with my mouth and suck gently, exploring her hole with my tongue. Then I move slightly upward and wrapped my lips around her sensitive, swollen clit. Gently, I tongue in tiny circles while sucking, making her push her hips toward me, asking for more as she moans softly in pleasure. With one hand, I reach up and begin to massage her beautiful tits, rubbing and pinching the nipples while caressing the beautiful surrounding flesh. She’s nearing orgasm, I can tell by the tension in her body. I stop sucking for a moment and Robin whimpers for me to continue. Instead, I put two of my fingers in her slit, pumping them in and out gently. She seemed to love this, pushing her hips up for me to go deeper. Continuing pushing in and out, I go back to lick at her clit, sucking and flicking and circling. She’s so high, I don’t think she notices as I reach over her to find the previously-set-aside-vibrator.

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Turning it on low, I replace my fingers with it and she cums hard almost instantaneously. She screams. I can feel her pussy muscles spasming hard around the vibrator and girl-cum leaks out around it. Eagerly, I take my mouth off her clit and lick it up, feeling the gentle hum of the vibrator on my lips. She’s makes some statement about never having had an orgasm. Leaving the vibrator there, I move up to kiss her, covering her perfect, naked body with my half-clothed one, telling her that’s okay, that it was beautiful anyway. I can feel the vibrator through my pants, and I get even more turned on by it. My mouth tastes like her when I kiss her, but she doesn’t complain. I feel as though I’m crushing her, so I roll off to one side and she follows without breaking the kiss.
We lie kissing side by side for a while and she suddenly moves from my mouth down to my less-than-average boobies and small brown nipples. As she licks and sucks them, they get hard and sensitive, and I feel little fiery shivers coursing down my back into my soaking pussy. She then leaves my small chest, unbuttons my pants, and slides them off. "No underwear?" she asks. "Yeah, I decided not to wear them. " I responded shyly.

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  "You shaved some and trimmed the rest, too. It’s never done this before. . . Actually, I’ve never done any of this before. . . . not with a girl. ""Neither have I, don’t worry. You’re amazing. And beautiful. And I love you. ""I love you too," she replies quietly.
Tentatively, she reaches toward my dripping slit as I sit with tension building, waiting eagerly for her to touch me.

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   Her fingers brush past my clit and I just about explode. My hips jump toward her hand and I feel warm and tingly inside, all over my body. She slips a beautiful finger inside me and feels around, making me squirm. She still has the vibrator inside her, and I can tell it’s bringing her close to another orgasm already. She shifts in her seat but tries to concentrate on my pleasure instead of hers. She slides another finger into my hole, her thumb hits my clit, and I jump again. She notices and taps it again, evoking the same response. Seeing this, she rubs her thumb up against my clit in little circles. I involuntarily begin to gyrate my hips along with her motion, causing her fingers inside me to pull in and out. It feels wonderful and I’m on the brink of climax in seconds. Suddenly, she stops all movement, tenses up, and moans in powerful orgasm from the vibrator still in her dripping pussy. Her body shakes and spasms, humping the vibrator. Her passion is beautiful and I reach up, bring her to me, and kiss her gently. Her body is still gently spasming on top of mine and it feels wonderful. To see her like that, so indisposed in throes of passion, and to feel her on top of me is indescribable beauty.

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I reach down and gently remove the vibrator from her still spasming slit and turn it off. Slowly, she comes down from her high. "That was amazing…" she says dreamily. I wrap my arms around her and hold her on top of me as she drifts into a post-orgasm doze.
A while later, I get woken up by an unfamiliar buzz on my clit and a tongue on my pussy. I revel in the feeling a while, hoping it’s not just a dream. Suddenly, I remember what happened previously and I open my eyes to find Robin lying between my legs, vibrator in hand, and tongue on my dripping slit. I’m on the brink of orgasm again, lifting my hips toward heaven, and the sight of her beautiful body pushes me over the top. My cunt spasms, sending hot gushes of girl-cum into her waiting mouth. She manages somehow to keep my new vibrator on my clit while I violently hump the air. She sticks her tongue in my dripping passage, feeling around a bit, and it makes my climax even more intense. Suddenly, she takes her mouth away and shoves the vibrator in my cunt all the way to the hilt, hitting the back of my vagina. I scream in pleasure and pain. Finally, I start to come down slowly. She leaves the vibrator in me on low so I still am gently stimulated, and comes up to kiss me hard.

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"I love you baby," she says gently. "I love you too. " I reply. After a slight pause, I continue, "Will you be my girlfriend? Please? I know you have Mike, but I really, really want you, and I’ve wanted you for almost two years and you’re beautiful and all I’ll ever want. You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met, with the best morals and views and you’re beautiful and you always say the right things and I wish I could have you forever and I love you. "
She lies quietly on top of me, our wet, naked bodies touching, me still breathing hard for quite a while before she answers, "Yes. I'll talk to Mike about it. I love you too. You’re amazing, and I’m sorry I haven’t seen your love for so long and I’m sorry I haven’t paid attention but from now on, I’ll always be there for you. "



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