Early Morning Fun


Heather was woken up early this particular morning as a familiar buzzing noise broke into her slumbers.

Smiling she looked at the clock and noticed the time, 3:30 am. she turned over to face her partner, Amy. Amy had her eyes closed and was working her clit with a vibrator, it was the steady humming that had wokxe Heather. Amy seemed lost in her own world of pleasure Heather thought to herself how sexy Amy looked, invoulentarily Heather sat up slightly so and kissed her.

"Baby, I didn't mean to wake you. Amy whispered I was trying to be as quiet as possible,"

"Its ok. I am glad I did wake up, now I can help you out," Heather replied to her as she took the vibrator from her and turned it off.

Heather then straddled her partner and started kissing, moving her mouth down Amy's smooth neck and started to bite it softly.

Amy was so beautiful, about 5'7", long blonde hair, and piercing hazel eyes. She had average sized breasts with big pink nipples that always seemed to be hard. Her waist was tiny, and her legs were long. She had the perfect heart shaped ass. Heather would get wet just thinking about her body.

"Oh, Heather, that feels so good," Amy moaned.

"Why didn't you just wake me?" she replied.

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"You looked so beautiful sleeping and it seemed a shame to wake you" Amy replied grabbing Heather by the hips and flipping her over so that she was now on top of her.

They started to make out again. Amy moved her lips down to Heathers left nipple and started sucking and lightly nibbling on it.

"You are so sexy," She muttered as she continued to tease her rock hard nipples.

Heather had shoulder length black hair, deep brown eyes, and the tiniest of breasts with small dark brown nipples, one of which was pierced. she a slim toned flat stomach and a hard firm bum had an average waist and a nice round ass. Her legs were long and slim.

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Amy didn't say anything and turned herself over so her swollen, wet pussy was directly in Heathers face in a 69 position. Heather decided to play hard to get and decided to tease her just lying there.

"Heather, eat me please," she begged and rubbed her pussy into my face. She then started to lick Heathers smooth hairless cunt hungrily.

"Oh, is this what you want?" Heather said as she teased, gentley licking her softly, tasting Amy's wetness.

"Yes! Oh Heather. Please don't stop!" Heather could tell Amy was on the verge of orgasming as she was herself. .

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   The two girls frantically licked and sucked each other’s dripping cunts Amy started to jerk and clamp her legs tightly around Heather as she reached her climax Heather followed an instant later. Both women trembling and moaning into the other’s pussies as they continued to lick and suck at each other. As Heathers orgasm subsided she climbed off and laid beside Amy, breathless from the pleasure she had just received.

Then cuddled up to her and she lifted her arm so she could rest her head on Amy's chest. She started to stroke her hair and tell her how much she loved her and how great that was.

"Are you as satisfied as I am?" Amy asked.

"Not quite, but I'll be fine," Heather replied.

"Not a good enough answer. Amy said I want you to be as satisfied as possible," She replied before getting up out of the bed and searching through their special toy box.

Amy pulled out Heathers favorite strap-on. She put it on and climbed back onto the bed. Pulling Heather by her legs toward the strap-on so that the tip was at the opening to her throbbing soaking pussy, she gently slid it in slowly not taking her eyes off of Heather.

"I love you," she said to the her lover sliding the whole 9" into her. She took a free hand and started to rub her clit, still not taking her eyes off of her. Amy was licking her lips and pumping the dildo into Heather slowly and gently.

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"I love you too," Heather moaned as she could feel her climax fast approaching. Amy could tell she was close and started to fuck her harder and was frantically rubbing my clit.

"Oh Heather, you are so fucking sexy, baby. Cum for me. Let yourself go. Give into the ecstasy. Oh, yeah there ya go," Amy said in one of the most erotic voices I had ever heard.

This sent her over the edge into one of the most intense and best orgasms she had ever experienced. As she was cumming, Amy continued to keep her gaze on her.

"You are so damn sexy, I love you so much Heather, I want to make you feel this good forever," she was saying as Haether's orgasm calmed down.

Afterwards they just lay there together for what felt like forever. The strap-on still inside Heather, they just starred into each other’s eyes, and Amy lightly stroking her face. She then climbed off, took off the strap-on, and spooning, the two girls fell fast asleep.