Childhood Friends


Sara was nine when Emma moved town, and Emma was just turning nine. Sara moved to Metfield and Emma to Douglas. They grew up together, played together and were best of friends. But when they seperated their lives were ever the same, sure they made new friends but they never made a friendship quite like back then. Emma woke hearing the dull drone of her alarm. She quickly turned it off and almost fell back to sleep if her dog Shepard had'nt jumped on the bed. She laughed to herself and got up to get dressed. She slipped on her best clothes and went to the kitchen. After making some toast she fed Shepard and left for work. Presonally Emma knew it was going to be another average day at work. She worked for 'Sidocost' a big law firm and it was Emma's job to sort the finshed files. Some of the things she had seen were quite funny, but other than that the day was normal. As for Sara she was up at 7. 00 o'clock, her body clock had adjusted to her work schedule or the lack of it. She lost her job when she was caught stealing here bosses penholder. So 7.

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  00 o'clock was her hour to go find a job, but where ever she went she seemed to be turned down straight away, even with her degree in Law. Today she had an interview with 'Sidcost' a law firm in the city. She got dressed in a brown skirt, white shirt and matching brown coat. Let me give you an image of the two girls, both now 24. Emma had long flowing brown hair, was 5ft 7", brown eyes, 32B breasts and was quite petite. Sara had straight black hair, was 5ft 11", hazel eyes, 40D breasts and a nice body. Sara entered the lobby of Sidcost and approched the reception where she was greated by a older cheery women. The recptionist directed her to the second floor where seh was told to wait. While wating Sara watched all the people going about their buisness. Emma just got off the lift on the second floor and headed for her office at he end of the corridor. She reached it and noticed that there was already a pile of boxes and files wating for her. Sara entered the room of the interview and sat down with her legs crossed. The people who sat before here looked very professional and so the interview beagn. Half an hour later Sara left accompenied by Marie, one of the interviewers, and showed to an office. She was so excited that she had got the job straight away.

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   As Marie left she said that if she need any help to ask in the next office. Emma shifted through the files and got to a paticuallary interesting file of a case where a man had his Penis cut off by a jealous wife. She curshed herself for laughing when there was and short knock on the door. She ordered the person to come in. There in the door stood the most beautiful women she had ever seen, with the nicest breasts she had seen. The women introduced herself as Sara Mitchell and approched Emma with her had outstretched. Emma stood up and introduce herself as Emma May, then what ever way she look at the women standing in her office she blurted "Sara!!!!! Its me Emma from when we were kids". They both hugged as if they were lovers and kissed each other on the cheek. "What has it been; asked Sara "Fifteen years?" "Its amazing how much you have grown. " "You too; replied Sara. "Listen; said Emma "I have a lot of work to do why dont you drop by to my house at around 8 lets say?" "Sounds good to me" With that Emma gave Sara her adress and returned to her work. When she got home Emma rushed to the shower and freshened herself up. She got dressed in her white underwear and her jeans and green top. Just after she put Shepard to sleep the door bell rang and when she answered, Sara stood there in her work clothes. "Sorry I could'nt change" "Dont worry you still look good; Replied Emma.

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  After they ate teh sat down and enjoyed a bottle of wine when suddenly Sara planted a huge kiss on Emma and tried to force her tounge into here mouth. Emma pulled away and said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?", "I missed you so much;said Sara "But we have so much to catch up on!; retorted Emma" "Lets leave that for later. " As she said that Sara stood up and began slowly stripping until she was in her panties and bra. Emma was getting really turned on looking at her childhood friend wtand there withonly an thin layer of clothes standing in the way. Emma quiclky took off all her clothes and laid down naked on the couch. Sara crawled ontop of her and kissed her. Their toungs entwined as they explored each other mouths. Sara began massaging Emma's already erect nipples which made her squirk underneath her. Sara broek the kiss and remove her bra allowing Emma full view of her great tits. Emma could not resist and began to suck and lick them like a baby.
    After about ten minutes of playing with each others tits, sara moved towards Emma's grommed pussy wich was wet from the activity. She began to stoke around the edeg and slowley inserted one finger into her saturated pussy. This was too much for Emma as a orgasm ripped through her twat. Sara lower her head and started to suck and lick her friends pussy making emma orgasm twice more. When that was done emma lower herself to Sara and repeated the process.

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       Even though it was emma's first time she was so good seh had sara moaning so loudly that Shepard was barking in the wash room. "Suck that pussy. Mmmmm your sooo good. . . . " Emma began flicking her toung on sara's clit and that sent her over the edge as she cummed on emma face. Both ladies, now tired lied and huddled together panting. "I enjoyed that; said emma. " "Me too" "but i really want to try something I've only seen on porn. " "Whats that?" "Its when two girls rubb their pussies together, i think its called tribadism"They poisitined them selfs and began moving their hips in unison while their pussie grinded together making squishing noises from bothe their juices. They each rubbe theirs breasts while this was happening and were groaning like there was no one around to hear. "Ooooooo im cummming; screamed emma" " Meee toooooo; said Sara" They both came ogether and collapsed together embracing each other. After they had gotten dressed, Sara moved for the door and said "Lets meet again at my house tommorow to do some more catching up""We sure will""Ill see you at work"With that Sara blew a kiss and left. Emma sat on the couch and fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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      THE END.