Changing my mind


Topic: Changing my mindThe events here are something that took place when I was 18 Thinking back I think they changed my life at the time, though everything I remember is coloured by the intense emotions I had. I now (in retrospect) know they were unusual at the time, but am happy with where my life has taken me since.
My best friend at the time was called Amanda, I was a pretty regular girl who didn't do very much special. I loved sports and did lacrosse and horse riding occasionally, and had done some others but quit when it got too serious and you had to attend three times a week if you wanted to be in on it. I got attention from guys a lot although it wasn't really something I tried to encourage, it was pleasant and cool but sometimes just a bit too much. I don't have lots of strong memories from the time because nothing very significant had happened; I read about people whose parents died or got divorced and feel sorry for them, but there wasn't much to touch me.
I was just having lunch by myself as Amanda was away on a sports day, when Jennifer and Becca came and sat next to me and started talking. Jennifer was 18 and very attractive, but not really a party animal. I didn't know anything beyond that. Becca was 18 and her mother was Polish, her parents were divorced. I felt a bit weird as these two older girls essentially started talking to me, but it was also really flattering and I felt a bit giddy and proud. Jennifer asked if I was Susannah *****, and I said that I was, and she asked if I was the one who was together with Jason. Jason was a much older guy who had been talking to me a half year ago and trying to get me to do various things with him (going out etc) - I hadn't really wanted to as he was the slightly scary type. I blushed and told her that no, I didn't really like him and preferred if he didn't speak to me any more. They laughed and said that they knew, or had figured it out, and said they hoped he didn't ask them the same thing, or hoped it so that they could tell him to go away. I felt so relieved and appreciated, and was so happy that they had started talking to me, so we spent the entire lunch break chatting about school and the different teachers I was going to have.

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   At the end of it I was so proud that they seemed to take me in as a friend, and when Becca asked if I wanted to join her and Jennifer at Jennifer's place after school I said yes wholeheartedly.
When we met up to be picked up by Jennifer's mom we were laughing and joking a lot, and they asking me lots of questions about myself which was flattering. The day was spent gossiping and them telling me all kinds of stories about the people in the class above - it felt so cool and special. We watched a chick flick and they told me about makeup (which I wasn't allowed to buy at the time). At the end of the day I felt like I had some new best friends - sure, Amanda was the one I had grown up with, but Jennifer and Becca were so fantastic.
Over the next month and a half we talked pretty much every day; also when Amanda was with me, but they didn't seem as interested in her for some reason. I picked up the hint directly or indirectly and left Amanda's side every now and then to seek them out - she seemed a bit hurt by it but to be honest I was too caught up in my new friends to notice, so I hoped she could bear it.
One day they asked me to a sleepover at a place belonging to someone called Claire. I asked if it was Jessica in the year above me but they just said no, it was someone else they knew. I also felt that they really wanted me to come, so I said yes. The rest of the week went as usual, though they reminded me on the Friday (we were staying from Saturday to Sunday) and I had gotten my parents' permission by then.
We met up before the party quite early in the day; they said we were meeting a few hours before we got picked up by Jenifer's mom. To my really big surprise they said they were going to take me shopping. They dragged me along to what looked like a lingerie store and I was wondering what this was about. They said as it was a sleepover we could be playing truth or dare or someone could see me in underwear, and at that I did feel embarrassed about my plain white bra and panties, as I knew older girls usually wore thongs and laces.

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   They asked me my size and I shyly told them; they then dragged me around the store commenting on everything while I grew redder and redder. In the end Jennifer picked out a black lace bra and panties that was very see through in places, and she even paid for it. I was relieved and a bit miffed when I thought we would be going, but then they said I had to put it on as well - I followed them to a mall next door and was sent into the girls toilets to change. I was feeling a bit angry and bullied at this point - but what not for my new friends? - and having put it on, the lace felt so smooth and silky - it was like all my intimate parts were being gently caressed. As I went out they hugged me and said sorry, they really wanted to find me something that I would be comfortable in, and I had to admit that I felt comfortable.
Jennifer's mom picked us up an hour later and drove us to Claire's house - it was a small one but it turned out only Claire (whom I was somewhat amazed to see was around 18-19) and another girl were living there. Claire got us all a glass of what I found was apple cider, the weakest alcoholic drink in existence but really the only fizzy I had had at that point, she'd made some small canapes and we were playing Singstar and having sweets really quickly. She had some amazing sofas, and as we had introduced ourselves and were lying around I felt so appreciated - Claire was really friendly, and pretty as well, and I felt that they all really cared about me. I learnt that she was sharing the house with someone named Danielle who might be coming over later, and that Jennifer and Becca were friends of them.
We messed around and played truth or dare a bit, and it was the usual things, though nothing very sexual. Later in the evening they told me follow them for a special treat.
I followed Claire, Jennifer and Becca who sort of grabbed hold of my arms into one of the bedrooms. I saw it was small but with a large bed and for some reason with big mirrors on the walls, though Jessica dimmed the lights so it was more like evening time. They pulled me on top of the bed and sat around me. Claire then said as it was my first sleepover they were going to give me a massage.

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   I just nodded I suppose and they pushed me down on my stomach, while Claire sat astride me. She was kneading my shoulders so much that it hurt and I yelped and wiggled, but she told me to relax and slow down. At the same time Jennifer and Becca were rubbing my legs. It felt a bit overwhelming but as I was lying there (not much else to do) I started to feel soft and warm, like I was melting in their hands.
I felt so relaxed and sleepy after a while that when Claire said she could not do my back properly while I had my clothes on I did not really stir. They rolled me over and Claire unbuttoned my pants while Jennifer and Becca pulled them off, then she took my sweater off. I felt very selfconscious and blushed, but I did really feel very warm and comfortable and my muscles were too soft to move. They just rolled me over again and kept massaging. I remember I thought in the back of my mind that it was good that they had bought me the underwear as they could all see it now. The feeling of Claire's soft hands and Jennifer and Becca on my legs was quite intense and I tensed up again just from embarassment but could not really stay that way for long.
I felt them all stop and someone lie down next to me; it was Claire. They all said they would 'do the rest' and partially rolled and lifted me on my back onto Claire who had undressed down to bra and underwear. It was quite shocking to feel her beneath me as we were skin to skin and I was with my head on her chest, but the whole situation, their pleasant murmurs to relax, the feeling of Jennifer and Becca making tiny warm circles on my lower legs all made me quickly relax. When Claire started making small circles on the side of my head it was all I could do not to fall asleep, and she did start to feel very warm and soft under me.
Jennifer and Becca had been working themselves up my legs and were now at my calves; then one of them started gently running her hands over the sides of my stomach, while the other very gently stroking my legs again.

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   Claire had intertwined my fingers with hers, and she was caressing my midsection - with her arms around me I felt quite safe and special. She whispered for me to breathe deeply, and I could truly feel myself melting and dissolving somewhere between warmth and sleep.
Suddenly I felt something in my body - warmth and pleasure flooded up in me, and was that a hand I felt? the warmth everywhere made it hard to tell and the pleasure just grew and grew, faster than I could hold it, and because I was so relaxed I could not offer any resistance to it, it just rushed up through me from my midsection, from my. . pussy. In a heartbeat it had gone from there to my head, filling me with an enormous pulsing desire. Suddenly I connected two things in my head; of the hands that had been massaging me one was now under my string, fingertips slick and stroking and moving on a peak that radiated pleasure, in my pussy. Maybe I knew in some way what was happening, but it was a whisper in a waterfall. Claire was holding my hands within hers; she had moved them up to my breasts now, one on each, rubbing in circles, and suddenly there were two more fonts of pleasure in my body. If I was going to stir any more than involuntary gasps and jerks it was not going to happen as Becca suddenly lay halfway across me and started stroking my cheek.
I realize now that Jennifer had lifted my string and started to finger me directly on the clit and the pleasure hit before I could think of anything else. It was so overwhelming that lying there on Claire's soft body with her arms around me and our hands on my breasts, I was washed with pleasure that kept multiplying and multiplying. Jennifer had continued rubbing my clit while having two fingers at the edge of my opening. I think at some point I lifted my legs up in a fetal position involuntarily - I had no control at this point and was caught up in the feeling of the soft bodies against mine and pleasure that I didn't know was possible. It took longer than I would have thought given the situation but when I finally exploded it went from gasps and moans to divinity, so strongly that the dim contours of the room turned into blackness and stars, and I knew a rollercoaster of pleasure such that I hadn't imagined.

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As the pleasure slowly subsided into a warm weariness I felt myself slick with sweat, almost sliding on Claire beneath me, and with a dull throb between my legs. I was shocked, it was like a dream, but the afterglow of the feelings was still with me and diffused whatever panic I would have felt. Becca rolled off me, but Claire still held me, our hands together and holding me tightly. 'Relax', she whispered, 'that was the biggest thing we are going to show you today. It is what it means to be a girl'. Becca and Jennifer were both lying next to us now, sitting up and looking at us with shining eyes - slowly they both started to smile, then grin. Part of me felt truly embarrassed but the rest of me was not listening and I started to smile as well, now feeling more embarrassed that I had lost control as much as I had. I now felt Claire had let go with one of her hands and started rubbing my pussy again, it was still tender.
"Was it good?" they asked with beaming smiles. "We tried to make it as good as possible". I couldn't say very much but maybe made a small nod and swallowed. "If you haven't had that before it's really a big thing". I could feel Claire chuckling slightly under me. "I feel a bit weird" I croaked. They were still sitting on either side of me, on top of Claire.

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   "Don't worry", Jennifer said, "it was just really intense because it was your first time.
    It gets easier when you do it more". I wasn't quite sure what I was thinking to that. Then she and Becca looked at each other for a second and bent down and placed their mouths on my breasts. My eyes flew open as I had no idea what they were trying to do, but the feeling of some warm and wet mouths on me was stranger than I had imagined, or rather, hadn't. Pretty much immediately I felt a strong jolt from each side as if they had touched two raw nerves going through my body. It wasn't entirely unpleasant, just very strong. As they kept licking my breasts and sucking at my nipples (and hard) my breasts started to feel somewhat warm inside, and then it was like they were pulling at something deep inside me. With each tug with the lips it was like they were pulling bits of me out through my breasts, and the feeling from each side made me just gasp.
    Claire kept whispering sweet words. "Relax, enjoy the feeling, just breathe deeply and let it come to you. You're so sweet, you're so kind, you're so pretty, you're so brave. . . you're so warm and soft to hold, you're so sexy and hot.

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      . . You look so good". I felt so close to her and pampered, and to Jennifer and Becca, and bear in mind, this was while she kept carefully fingering my pussy. Then I felt her stir under me and slipping out and depositing me gently on the mattress with Jennifer and Becca still attached. Claire slipped out of view for a second until I could feel something warm and wet meld together with my pussy, she had starting licking me and the pleasure was intense.
    In the state I was in her lips felt so soft and delicious, I was hungry for her face pressed against mine, for the feeling of her entire body on top of me rather than someone under me. I clawed at her, pressed her against me, feeling her breasts press against mine while frantically kissing her like someone dying of thirst. Claire had let go of my pussy and Becca had pulled away as well, so for a few minutes me and Jennifer kissed and groped like hungry lovers. As the ecstasy of her kept flowing and flowing I felt Claire start to like me again; it was literally too much as I struggled to control even my lips as I felt a spastic wave of pleasure engulf me from below. I came then, frantically and without control trying to buck my hips against Claire's mouth while feeling like she milked me of nectar, and blacking out to the feeling of sweet Jennifer on top of me.
    Day 2
    As I woke up the next morning I felt relaxed, elated, confused - where was I? Who was the warm person with the arm around me and our legs together, her skin feeling. . . her? It all came back to me, my eyes flew open; Becca, Jennifer, Claire.

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      . . had we really? I started to stir, to disentangle myself slightly; Becca was on top of me, I saw it from her hair. She must have been awake and noticed, she jumped fully on top of me again with a beaming smile, and her eyes with the strongest feeling of tender love that I had ever felt, I felt like I could drown in her eyes at that point. "Good morning!" she shouted; "Hey, she is awake!"
    I heard Claire and Jennifer stir and say something, but then Becca bent her head close and. . . kissed me. My body went on autopilot, her lips becoming the nectar of life for me. The need to be with her consumed me, I needed to feel her tongue, she was so beautiful and felt so beautiful, like the world existed within her. I could feel my lower hips pulsing, reaching out. . . we kissed for, I don't know how long, but she finally pulled away and looked at me, and smiled, and I felt love for the very first time.
    But then she rolled off, only to have Jennifer take her place - I was so surprised, but couldn't resist, and soon we were kissing like thirsty devils again.

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       She felt as sweet as Becca, only more aggressive with her tongue and more insistent; I liked it and welcomed it. Becca laid next to me and stroked my arm and hand with her fingernails, "We all have to give you the good morning kiss, okay?" I could only mumble, whatever, and then I was consumed by Jennifer again. The feeling pulsed in. . my pussy, I felt I needed her to do something to me, to make me whole again, like yesterday. . When it was Claire's turn I was prepared, she was a lot taller than me and I thought I would be squashed, but she rolled me over on top of her and we kissed as well, just sweet kisses on the lips. . I could feel myself touch her, on the leg maybe, and then there was a wet spot there, making my own legs slick. .
    Afterwards we laid in the bed, together, all three of them curled up towards me, and I felt love, and wonder, and amazement - I could see their bodies, like angels surrounding me, although I didn't dare look down lower on them. . They stroked my hair and Jennifer said, "Don't worry, just listen, okay? We're going to tell you a few secrets and the only thing you have to do is listen, okay?"
    She looked at me expectantly and I nodded a tiny bit.
    "You have just felt what it's like to open yourself to a girl. It's not just about being friends- because girls understand each other so well, if you are completely open you can be like two people in one body.

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    You need to have a sex life, and it's very important for you to have sex to develop well. But at your age you shouldn't be doing it with guys at all, just because there's too many bad things that would happen. So even though we've shown you what sex can be like, you have to promise, and I'm not going to take no for an answer, the age that you can first start to sleep with guys is 17, okay?"
    I nodded. She was so wise and pretty. But scared, as I was committing myself to something about sex when I had hardly ever thought about it before. She smiled and kissed me again. Oh, the feeling of her lips.
    "The exception is, if there ever comes a day when you absolutely MUST, you have to ask one of us and we can arrange it, okay?". She did really care for me.
    I smiled this time. I threw my arm around her neck and kissed her. We rolled around on the bed - suddenly I felt Becca's nose and tongue between my legs again, licking my lips and between them. This time I was not going to lose control, I was going to take it all in, the feeling of her tongue sliding over my lips, adding to their wetness, tickling the edge of my clitoris while she stroked two fingers down the whole length of me before curling them inside. Jennifer must have understood what I was doing because she stopped kissing and held my head carefully. I couldn't see anything, the pleasure was too intense.


       My legs started to spasm and I just let them - my stomach clenched, Becca's tongue became my world, dancing across my being. When I came I groaned like a caveman, then screamed, pumping my hips against her and my lips grasping to be filled with something between them. After I came down she kept licking while my juices ran out of me, it was heaven.
    We spent the whole and afternoon naked until before her parents would come home. We cooked breakfast nude, they all massaged me with their fingertips, and we watched a film while I sucked on someone's breast the entire time. At one point Claired held me from behind while I leaned against her, and she was teasing my breasts while we watched Jennifer and Becca lick each other in a 69 - and I understood how much of heaven can be put into the feminine form.
    Since that day I have stayed with girls except for once, and while there have been ups and downs I have had good times to last a lifetime. I love my girlfriends more than most people will ever do.
    ----------The above is a fictional tale, and names and characters the product of fantasy. Feel free to visit the author's profile page at.


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