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She was talking the whole way saying "I just don't believe it! Jenny?! I have wanted to see her pussy since you guys moved into this neighborhood! This is too crazy!" I heard her exclaimSandra was not too far behind her saying "Cassie! No!!" But it was too late she had already busted through my bedroom door with a grin ten feet wide"Off with those blankets she said I wanna see!" She criedI looked over at Sandra waiting for her nod of approval and when she did I seductively began to remove my blankets staring Cassie dead in her bright green eyes. She caught her breath as I exposed first one boob then the other. As I looked up I noticed that she had taken her shirt off and was furiously working at her bra! Cassie walked up behind her and took it off for her while kissing her shoulder blades. Cassie then looked at me and said "Let us show you how grown ups fuck!"I looked at Sandra with disbelief on my face and said "I thought you told me you had never been with another woman?"She smiled at me with an evil grin and said "That was a line to make you feel more comfortable with me I have wanted you since the first time you came to your dad's!"I grinned I just could not believe what was about to happen! Here I was with two hot women and they wanted to fuck me!!I guess I should describe Cassie.

She is about 5'6 and has short brown hair and the brightest green eyes I have ever seen. She has a very shapely body. Very perky breasts if I had to guess I would say she was probably a solid C cup. As she bent to take her Lycra running shorts off I noticed that she had a very cute belly button ring it had a light purple jewel in it with a silver lizard hanging form it. As my eyes traveled further down her perfectly bronzed body I noticed that her pussy was completely shaved and was dripping wet!I looked over at Sandra and she had moved from Cassie's shoulders to the swell of her breasts licking and rubbing her chest while Cassie is moaning and trying to reach the bed too. Sandra began to roll her nipples between her thumb and forefinger which seemed to drive her wild. Finally Cassie made it to the bed and lies down next to me and looks at Sandra and smiles. "Lick my cunt Sandy-girl. Make me cum" she says. Sandra just kneels down at the foot of the bed and began to lick her dripping fuck hole like there was no tomorrow. Cassie looked over at me to find I was madly fingering my pussy and pulling on my nipples. "Poor baby you need some attention don't you?" She asked in a very sympathetic tone.

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  I nodded my head in agreement and with that she turned over on her tummy and began to massage my clit. I was moaning and writhing kissing Cassie on the mouth I said I wanted her to put her fingers inside my pussy. She obliged fucking me with her index and middle fingers.
    I could tell that she was about to cum when she tensed up and began saying "FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!!" She came a bucket load on Sandy's face. Sandy looked up at me and smiled sweetly and asked"Are you still okay with this?""Okay with this?! I fucking LOVE IT!!" I repliedCassie looked at Sandy and smiled and whispered in her ear "Go get Zues"I thought that this comment was weird but didn't say anything because this was too fucking good!Sandy jumped to her feet and ran down the hallway and almost flew back"I didn't want to miss anything" she replied breathlesslyAbout that time she pulled something from behind her back and it was the biggest fattest double ended dildo I had ever seen! Not to mention the only double ended dildo I had ever seen!Sandy put one end in her mouth and Cassie out the other end in her mouth and the began sucking on it to get it wet enough so they could slide t into each others pussies. Sandy went first shoving that massive thing into her fuck hole moaning and wiggling the whole timeCassie dropped to her knees and begin licking Sandy's slit and licking the walls of her pussy. Cassie then reached down and started to work her end of that massive stick into her hot wet pussy. Sandy looked up at me and said "Do you mind hon? Cassie needs a little more lube. "I nodded greedily and off the bed I went in a flash. All at once I bean lapping at Cassie's love juices and make the walls of her cunt wet and slippery so she could stick that big dildo inside her. She began to ride my face almost instantly and I could feel someone's fingers massaging my clit"Mmmfhmmm" Was All I could manage to get out when I started to cum. Cassie was humping my face wildly when she began to cum. My face was covered in her hot sweet juices. Sandy was laying at the other end still attached to Cassie by the massive rubber cock they had stuffed in their wet boxes. Sandy looked different somehow to me.

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       And at that moment I knew things would never be the same between us again. As we all laid cuddled up in the floor, I drifted off to sleep thinking how I was going to tell Mom I wanted to move in with Dad and Sandy. .



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