Camping Last Spring


I love to go to the state parks here in Georgia and camp when the weather is mild. Cool in the days and a little frosty at night is perfect. A fire is great and yet not freezing at night. The skys are clear and there are billions of stars out. I like to just go on my own and take a break from everything. Last Spring I went just to get away. Turned of the cell phone and left. I have a couple I like way up in North Georgia and so I packed up and drove there. No, I will not tell where I go. Anyway, I got there and there were not many people in the camping area so I had my pick of spaces. I got one 20 feet of the lake and lots of grass and a nice place all to myself. There are electric plug ins at these so you can get some stuff recharged and all. Well, I was there three days and it was really nice. I have a pop up tent that just sort of assembles itself and so I put down the weather protection tarp on the ground and put it up. I tied down the corners and aired it out while I took a little walk.

Now, I do sleep naked most al the time and so I intended to do the same there and I did.


   I keep a long tank top that doubles as a gown near in case I really do need to put something on. Well, I had gone for a walk one afternoon and came back to a car and three girls setting up two camp sites away. They were all cute cherrleader types except one that was a little plus sized. All were very nice and they said Hi as I walked up and introduced myself. Janet, Holly and Jean I think was their names. I had on cuts offs and a shirt and no panties or bra and the cool air kept my nipples hard. One of the girls, Jean was staring at my chest and I smiled when I caught her looking. I made sure to tie a shirt at the waist and not to button it up when I came over that evening. I had one pair of shorts that I cut special and the only part that passed for a crotch was the seam and only the seam that always slipped into my crack and betwen my pussy lips. These girls were all so hot I decided to seduce them, one at a time or all at once, it made no difference to me at all. I made special attempts to talk to Jean and to touch her shoulder and such, all called foreplay as far as I was concerned. That night I made sure to put my electric latern up on a stand and on the side opposite the girls tent so that all I did was siloetted onto the side of the tent towards the girls. I put some sensual music on and danced with myself in the tent doing a little strip tease to get ready for bed. The next part of the plan was that I got out one of my dildos and turned the light low and the music low and began using it on myself and being very vocal as I got close o an orgasm I was very explicit in how good it felt.

I got up the next morning at sunrise and put on the tank top and nothing else and walked to the lake and felt goose bumps all over me and especially my nipples that were hard and dark against the shirt.

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   I sat on the grass and just looked at the miror surface of the lake and waited. Sure enough in a little while Jean came down to the lake and asked if she could sit too. "Sure. " I told her, "Of course. " She looked at me and then asked if I was okay last night. "Yes, why do you ask?" I said. "Oh, well, we heard you making noises last night and we thought maybe you had a visitor. " she said. "Oh, oh no, that was just me and my toy. I am sory if I was to loud. I forgot you were all there. " I said and she looked at me, "And the strip tease was really interesting. " she said. "Only interesting?" I asked her. "Well, it was exciting but don't tell them I said so.

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  " she said. At that point I laid down on the grass and streached brining the bottom of the tank top right to my pussy lips and a little above. I just laid there and let Jean look at me. She was and licked her lips a few times. "See anything you like?" I asked her. She was in a daze, "Well, to be honest, yes I do. " she said and I puled of the tank top and said, "Well, what are we talking about exactley?" and she looked at me her eyes wide. I took her hand and put it on my tit and massagged one tit then the other with her hand. "That what you like?" and she said, "Yes, they are nice. " and then I moved her hand between my legs as I spread them fuly apart. I ran her fingers between my soaking wet pussy lips and she just jept up the movement when I stopped. I laid back and moved my ;legs apart and she kept moving between the lips and then I said, "Slip a couple fingers inside Hun. " and she did. My hips moved up to meet her fingers and I moaned as she slipped them in and out. Jean had on shorts and a shirt and I reached over and pulled the shirt out of her shorts and then went up o her nipples and pinched them and she moaned softley.

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   "Can we go inside your tent?" she asked me. "Of course Dear. " I said and we got up, me still totally naked and her getting there. We went in and pulled the flap but did not secure it. I wanted her to get caught by her friends.

I sat down and reached my arms to her and she came to me and laid me down on my back and we began kissing. She was realy gentle and soft and asked if she could go down to the rest of my body, "I hope you do hun. " I laughed. Her mouth was on my nipples sucking them hard and leaving several love bite marks and she went further towards my tummy and then she found my clit that was hurting waiting for her. She sucked it into her mouth and then began sucking it gentley and then harder and harder. My orgasm came fast and soaked her face and she came up, her face dripping and kissd me and I turned her onto her back and kissed her and found her lovley bipples that seemed all alone when she laid flat since her tits disappeared and she moaned as I sucked them too. Eating her pussy was wonderful and she loved every second of it telling me how good it felt and plase do not stop. She had almost no pussy hair and what was there showed she was a natual red head and just as she was climbing to her third orgasm the tent flap opened and two girls said at the same time, "Oh my god, I can't believe it, of my god. " and Jean jumped up. She covered herself and then the two girls stood there.

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   "We thought you were lez Jean but now we know. My god. " and Jean was nervous. "Come in girls" I said, "I know you want to. Come one, you have been watching me sicne we met. " I said and they looked at each other and came in and I sat them down one on each side of me. I dropped the shirt I had in front of me, "No, let's don't blame Jean for something that you want to do too. I seduced her and was so good at it that she realy had no chance. " I said. The girls looked at me and said, "How did you do that, she cold have moved. " "The same way I got you to come into the tent. " I said and they looked at each other.

I leaned towards Holly and said, "You know how beautiful your lips are? They just make a girl want o kiss them. " and before she spoke I began kissing her lightly then more and more until her lips parted and my tongue was in her mouth and she was breathing heavy. I had moved her hand to my tits while I was kissing her and she needed no help keeping it going.

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   I turned to Janet, "And you have eyes a girl could get lost in while making love. " I said and leaned to her and she sat there and let me kiss her but was not as easy to get her lips parted. Finally she did when I massagged her tits and she gave in. Jean had dropped her sheet now and sat naked watching. I moved back to Holly and undressed her and she laid down as if waiting for instructions. I moved to Janet and took off her long shirt she wore and panties and then kissed her and looked at Jean, "Make love to Holly Jean, she wants you too. " and Jean laid next to her and they kissed. I saw Jean's hands go between Holy's legs and heard her moan and knew hey would be fine. "Jante, you know you want to have me explore you and make you crazy, don't you. " I said as I kiswed her and she said, "Yes, please. please. " and we laid next to Jean and Holly and began kissing each other all over and soon in a 69 our faces were soaked with each others juices. Holly and Jean made noises and I knew that they were close to their own orgasms and Janet and I watched as their hips rode through the orgasm. "Now I think Holly and Janet need to make love. " and I moved them together and they bean kissing right off and laid down and began devouring each other.

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   After two orgasms they laid in each others arms out of breath. "Oh that was great, and all this time I have dreamed about it but was afraid to do it. " Janet said.

It was time for an early lunch and so the four of us dressed in as little as was legal and drove to a resturant and ate. We teased and talked and it was obvious to anyone that we were all four enjoying a sweet lesbian experience together. THe waitress was flirting with us some and undid her blouse a little and I said to the girls as the waitress came to the table, "Girls, the waitress wants to join us I think. " I said and she blushed. "I realy would but I get of at 4. She said and I gave her the camp ground we were at and the site. "Come tonight and we will make sure you have a big tit. " Holly said. We all stopped and then she said, "Big tip, I meant big tip. " and I said well, she will get a couple big tits too. " and we laughed. Ginger was at the campground at 4:30 and she did get a couple big tits and some smaller ones too.

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   More in part two.



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