Callies Adventures Part 3


…My maid Anna with a hairbrush up her pussy moaning into a pillow she had taken from one of the guestrooms. I guess she started to get horny and just couldn’t wait. I stood there fascinated I had only seen another woman’s pussy on TV or the Internet, never up close. I had always been bi curious and I wished Anna would take off her dress so I could see more than just her shaved pussy dripping on the bathroom floor. She started to moan louder and I reached over and took the pillow away as she climaxed I leaned in to kiss her and my mouth muffled her screams. When her orgasm subsided she unconsciously started to french kiss me.

It felt amazing way better than any guy I had ever kissed.
When a guy kisses you he wants to be in control but when girls kiss its softer and a lot more sensual. She opened her eyes and almost fainted. I stood up and she scrambled get dressed and hide the hairbrush. I told her to stop and sit back down. She did and I took of my tank top and mini skirt and stood before her nude. I sat on her lap facing her with my legs on either side. I slowly unbuttoned her dress and lifted it over her head. I reached behind and undid her bra. I removed the bra and watched her erect 36DDs spring out.

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   I took one in my mouth and slowly sucked it while she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I stopped sucking her breast and kissed down her stomach before I reached her pussy she pulled me up and started sucking my breasts one at a time I was in ecstasy it felt so good!
She took control slowly sucking one breast while playing with the other. She rolled my nipple in her finger as she bite down softly on the other. It felt so good I never wanted it to end! She stopped sucking and slowly kissed down my stomach. When she reached the floor she stood up and turned me around so I was now the one sitting on the toilet. She spread my legs and kneeled down so her face was right in front of my pussy. She spread my pussy lips and slowly licked up and down my slit.
She sucked my clit and I squirted all over her chin as I had the best orgasm I had ever felt. I apologized for cumming to soon but she said it was ok just more for her to lick. She then started to tongue fuck me with her tongue going in and out of my pussy. She swirled her tongue around inside my pussy as I grabbed the pillow and screamed another orgasm. She stood up and said she had to get back to work. I promised her I would return the favor soon. She got dressed and walked out of the bathroom. I just sat there for a while then I picked up the hairbrush and slid it into my pussy.

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   As I closed my eyes to begin my masturbation I heard the doorbell ring. Disappointed I put the hairbrush in the drawer got dressed and walked down the stairs. When I got to the door Matt had already answered and standing there was…