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She has wavy, light brown hair that falls just below her shoulders. She has soft skin with only a few freckles. One on her right forearm, on her right cheek, one her left hand, and one on the inside of her right thigh. Her brown eyes are thoughtful and her light, thin lips are perfect. She goes jogging every third day, and as a result, her legs are trim and firm. She keeps her nails slightly long but not colored and her toenails are well-groomed. She grew up watching Boston sports with her dad. Caitlyn still remains a Red Sox fan and carries Celtic pride close to her heart. She never really got into hockey though. She and her younger sister memorized Larry Bird’s shooting technique and became pretty good shots themselves. But that was a long time ago and now Caitlyn has to work for a living. Caitlyn had a boyfriend a month ago, but for mutual reasons, they are not together any longer. She is not exactly interested in playing the field quite yet. She has had sex once and learned from her mistake. She was in college when her then-boyfriend got a little excited. Her roommate had gone home for the weekend so they shacked up in her room.

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   It was an unusual experience. They kissed and touched for a while but when they began intercourse, they were both so caught up in the act that they completely forgot about protection and they didn’t realize it until he came. Luckily it was the right time of month and nothing happened. But Caitlyn learned this lesson. She was never really into experimenting with other woman, but she is slightly curious what it would be like though. The closest she has ever come was during spring break when she and a bunch of her friends were slightly drunk, dancing with each other to the music, and grabbing each other’s breasts just for the heck of it. Nothing further than parties with bikinis. Caitlyn stripped herself of her towel and began drying off. She ran the terry-cloth over her arms and size B breasts. Her breasts are almost perfectly round with the nipple squarely in the center. She dried her flat stomach and her tight but. She cupped the towel in her hand and ran it between her legs over her labia. She keeps her hair trimmed but not shaved. She continued on to dry her legs and back. After Caitlyn hung up her towel in the bathroom, she turned out the lights, pulled on her sleeping boxers, opened the blinds and slid into bed.

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   She laid there looking out the window thinking about the new project she would get at work tomorrow. Then a light was turned on in the apartment across the little courtyard and Caitlyn watched as a naked woman plopped herself on the bed. She was followed closely by another naked woman who lowered herself on top of the other. The two began to make love right then, almost privately for Caitlyn. Caitlyn watched as they suckled each other’s breasts and played with their hands. Eventually the first woman slid up in the bed and placed a pillow beneath her head. The second woman moved towards the end of the bed. Caitlyn then sat up, engrossed in the acts she was witnessing. The first spread her legs and the other dove in. Caitlyn began to feel a little nervous and felt the butterflies taking flight in her stomach. She could feel her clit becoming tight and excited. Caitlyn then dropped her hand between her legs and gently caressed herself through her boxers. The woman across the yard began clenching their fists and arching their backs in excitement.
    The first suddenly sat up and threw her head back, Caitlyn knew what was coming. After a moment the first flew herself backward and was gasping for air.

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       Caitlyn could almost hear her screams of enjoyment. Then Caitlyn slid her boxers of and began squeezing her own breasts. The woman across the yard exchanged positions and the second rolled her head back and forth across the pillow as she was stimulated orally. Watching this, Caitlyn began running her finger through her labia, and increased the speed and pressure. The second placed her hands on the head of the first and forced her deeper into her vagina. Caitlyn watched as the second began rapidly hitting the bed and moments later, exploded in orgasm. The first let the second lay there and walked over, closed the blinds, and turned off the light. Caitlyn didn’t care by that point. She slowly inserted her right middle finger into herself and lay back on the bed. She began moving her finger back and forth in her vagina, hitting her clit with her thumb every time. She began moving faster and harder and took to squeezing her own breasts. She could feel it building. She began panting and moved faster and harder, now exclusively holding her erect nipple. It was coming closer and Caitlyn could hardly breathe. Then she erupted into a fierce orgasmic storm.

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       She looked up to the ceiling, holding her left breast and lightly fingering her labia, Caitlyn thought to herself, I have to meet a woman. Let me all know what you think, I will part up part 2 later on!.