Best Friends... With Benefits?


Sarah and I sat with our feet propped on the coffee table, every now and again reaching under the blanket to tickle on another, we had always flirted, even though she knew I was bi-sexual, she wasn't like the other girls I knew who were intimidated by me. She was pretty damn beautiful though, slim with creamy white skin and eyes that could never hide a lie.
I constantly was testing my boundaries with her, but she never seemed to mind. Which of course, made me push them further. . .
I playfully leaned over and tickled Sarah under the blanket, only instead of pulling my arm back after she playfully batted me away, I let my hand come to rest on her thigh. no reaction out of the ordinary. She had a skirt on, I could feel her smooth skin and I could only imagine what lie just a little farther up, I moved my hand, sliding it gently upward. Her gaze broke from the TV. "Allie. . . " she looked at me, her eyes full of hesitation. This was my chance, she turned her body just slightly, attempting to re- direct my hand. I gently pushed her backward, she didn't expect it and was now sprawled on the couch, flat on her back.

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   She tried to spring up, but I held her arms behind her head and laid on top of her. My face was only centimeters from hers, she didn't say a word, but those eyes. . . . they gleamed with a mix of fear and anticipation. My lips brushed hers and I pressed down. She kissed me back. I freed her hands but kept a steady lock on the kiss, parting her lips with my toungue. our tounges gently circling one another. My right hand wandered, down, down. over one of her quaint little breasts and down to the hem of her skirt. she wasn't wearing stockings. My hand wandered under the hem, lifting it, until I felt them, satin panties, like the ones I'd seen her wearing while we had undressed for bed so many times before. I ran my fingers over her slit on top of her panties, I could feel the moist heat and her breath began to quicken.

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Before I could go any further, she pushed me back, had she hit her limit? Before I could say anything she was on me, she pulled her head back for a moment and flashed me a mischievous smile, she wanted this as much as I did.
She kissed down my neck, stopping at the top button of my white button-up shirt, and ripping it open. My pink victoria's secret bra was her next target. thank god the clasp was in the front. I watched her toungue find my right nipple and guide it into her mouth, I moaned slightly, my hands ran up through the back of her hair and she looked up at me.
She brought her face up to mine and whispered "Allie, I want you to fuck me, like you've fucked the others, I hear how good you are at it. Show me. "
In a flash she was off me, I stood up and dropped the remains of my shirt on the floor, I pinned her against the wall, no more sweet and innocent shit. I WAS going to fuck her. . . and now. I ripped her tee shirt over her head, stopping only for a moment to glance at the black lacy bra she as wearing before relasing the clasp with expert speed. her little mounds fell right into my hands I slid down her body with smooth circles of my toungue, stopping and blowing a cool burst of air every now and again, her whole body shuddered and each time it was followed with a gasping moan, intensifying as I got further down.
I slid her skirt down and over her feet, throwing it onto the nearby chair.

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   Now in nothing but her beautiful little panties, I guided her into her room, into her big, soft bed. I unbuttoned my tight suede pants and kicked them to the corner, I wasn't wearing underwear.
I laid on top of her, feeling her skin against mine, both so soft and smooth, our lips met again and my hand found her silk panties, sliding them to the side of her pussy without breaking the kiss. I let my fingers caress her slit, she moaned into my mouth, grinding her hips wanting me so badly. I moved downward, making one straight line with my toungue, down her neck, between her breasts and over her stomach, stopping just above her perfectly shaved pussy.
I slid one finger deep inside of her, she gasped, throwing her head back. she was so hot, her pussy was so tight and wet and I was going to enjoy every minute of this. I pushed my finger as far as it would go as I found her clit with my toungue. making "come hither" motions with my finger and lapping at her clit she writhed in pleasure, her hips grinding against me, "ohhhh-h--h m-my gooddd yessss. " she hissed between gasps, her fingers gripped the sheets, I knew this tounge ring was good for something.
I felt the shudder come from within her and I knew she was about to come, I pressed my toungue hard into her clit and she began to buck her hips wildly, her knuckles white from clutching the sheets with all her might.  Her orgasm hit her hard, and she screamed with its arrival. As soon as the aves had calmed, I sat back and enjoyed the scene, she panted heavily, her breasts heaving up and down. One hand still clutched the bed and she bit down on the other.   We were both decorated with beads of sweat glimmering all over us.

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   She pulled me down to her and kissed me deeply. Her eyes met mine and she smiled "so THIS is what I've been missing?!" she asked. And that same mischievous smile came to her face once again "Let's call the guys. . . . the party's cancelled. " She pushed me backward kissing me deeply all the way down. . . . . it was a long night :)