Awakening the Daughter


I tipped the glass to my lips and let loose a grateful sigh as the burning liquid slid down my throat. I closed my eyes and lost myself for a moment as I set down the glass, simply listening to the gentle chatter of women all around me. The difference from my norm was astounding and a balm. I was so sick of males that I just couldn’t stand them tonight. That’s why I was sitting in a females only bar, no a lesbian bar. But I didn’t have to deal with the bastards and cocks they thought with.
Here I was a new face, something unkown among the norms and more likely to be left alone. Sure I might have a few women try and pick me up, but that was alright, I was a succubus and they didn’t have cocks, that was about the only thing that mattered to me at the moment, that they didn’t have cocks that would do all their thinking.
The barkeep laughed as she reached for the glass, “I know that look, sick of the third leg eh?”
I smiled at that, teeth showing and my natural aura striking her, dazing her for a moment, “Exactly, could I have a refill?”
I held out the amount needed, but she hesitated, “You gonna take it slow… I don’t deal with drunks?”
I smiled again, “I’ll make this one last, I just needed to get the first one down. ”
Her smile returned and she poured the amber liquid into the glass before sliding it to me. I held it up in salute before taking a sip. She looked over my shoulder then and her eyebrows rose before she beat a hasty retreat to the other end of the bar leaving me puzzled as I watched her face flush.
“What a pretty new face to join us, what brings you to join us within the Coven Hall?”
I turned and it was my turn to be dazzled. I stared, she was a goddess walking as a mortal, had to be, no one could be that beautiful without being a god. I was damn close to that type of beauty, but damn!
She was about five ten and had long slender legs. Her body was the perfect hour glass form, nice hips with a tidy little bum.

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   Her stomach was flat and her chest was perfectly proportionate to the rest of her. Her skin was smooth and silky, a bit on the pale side but it was still perfection. Her hair was straight and black, currently tied back but I was positive should she let it free that it would fall to the small of her back. Her lips were full and a red most couldn’t achieve with lipstick, but I could tell she had not a touch of makeup on except a little eye shadow to accent her eyes, a brilliant piercing green. When her eyes met mine I knew exactly what she was.
The succubi are Lilith’s daughters, but we were not of her soul, she only has one daughter of her soul, though that soul was lost to us long ago, cursed to live a mortal life till she chose one of us to free her, not that she would know that she was not mortal.
Though I knew this it seemed not to matter as I answered a bit tersely, “That has got to be the dullest pickup line I’ve ever heard. ”
She simply laughed and seated herself next to me, staring into my eyes as she studied me, “Sorry, I was a bit distracted by the beauty set before me, wrapped oh so wonderfully. ”
I ducked my head at this, a blush I couldn’t explain climbing over my skin. I was nothing to her in her black leather pants and deep burgundy corset that clung to her like a second skin. I was about five six and didn’t have the legs like she did. My hair was a honeyed brown that fell in curls to my shoulders. My form was nice, a good shape, but my hips and butt were a bit small while my breasts were a little overlarge for my body. My stomach was flat and my legs and arms were nicely defined. My skin was fair and my eyes were a warm brown, almost amber.

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   I was one of the rare ones that chose to use my birth form most of the time so it wasn’t like I couldn’t fix these little things, but I never wanted to.
I was wearing a unique dress. It was a soft cotton died a brilliant red. To put it on I put a strap over one shoulder then wrapped it around me to tie closed at the one side, showing hints of my fair skin between the ties, “And if I wasn’t as savvy and just a bit more inclined towards women I’d be a slobbering idiot right now,” I looked down the bar at the bartender, “One of your conquests?”
She smiled flashing her teeth as she took the embedded compliment for what it was before turning her gaze down the bar, “Yum, my favoriate to date. ”
I took another sip to hide a smile, “Lucky girl. ”
Before I knew what was happening she had gently put her hands to my face and had turned my head. Her lips met mine and the world swam from my view, centering on those lips. Gently they caressed mine, a soft massage before her tongue flicked out, parting my lips to taste me for just a moment before she fully pulled away, leaving me breathless and an ache spreading between my thighs.
“I haven’t been kissed by another girl since my dance team won the state championship during my sophomore year. ” I muttered, trying to get my mind to flutter back.
She giggled and grabbed my hand, leading me to the door, “I bet I know what happened after that,”
After that I was lost. Somehow we ended in front of a door with her back to me as she unlocked it. She pulled me into her apartment and closed the door behind her. I stepped in and took a quick look around, noting the furnature before turning to look at her.
She was staring at me with those green eyes with a smile stretching her lips.

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       Slowly she walked to me, hips swaying hypnotically, “Lets get you unwrapped. ”
    Her hands gripped my hips and pulled me close. As our bodies pressed together she kissed me again. This time her tongue slid in and wrapped around mine, caressing it till I  was almost moaning with the sensation. Her hand slowly slid up my side, pulling at each tie, undoing it and then stroking her fingers along my skin till the next one. Finally the last tie came undone and she broke the kiss. Staring into my eyes she set a hand on my shoulder and stepped back. Her hand pushed the strap from my shoulder as the dress unwound and it fell to the floor. Her eyes took in my naked form and she licked her lips before swaying her hips, “Mind helping me?”
    I nodded and dropped to my knees before her. I lean forward and ran my hands about the edge of her pants, caressing the skin where it disappeared under the leather. I could feel her looking down at me as she gripped the back of my head. I put my lips to the clasp of her pants and slowly used them to undo the clasp.   I curled my fingers and pulled her pants down, watching the leather peel from her skin with a soft sigh.
    As soon as I tossed the pants over to the side she hooked her leg over my shoulder and I didn’t need to be told. My tongue flicked out and ran over the length of her shaved pussy.


       I heard a soft sigh and then pressed my lips to her clit, tongue darting out to flick at the ball of nerves. Her hips pressed her sex into my face and a moan slipped from her. In moments she was wet, I could feel it slowly dripping from her. I dipped a finger into her for a moment before sliding it to her rear, tracing it around the opening of her ass and then sliding it in to her gasp. Slowly I pulled it in and out as I pressed my tongue past her nether lips, tasting her insides.
    “Oh my… faster. ”
    I obeyed and started working with a fever, sliding my tongue in and out of her, listenting to her moan, until her voice rose in a scream and cum poured from her. I licked it up, greedily lapping each little drop up.
    Finally she stepped back and gripped my shoulders, pulling to my feet, “What is your name?”
    “Anasha. ”
    She smiled down at me then bent me over backwards on a table. She gripped my wrists and pinned them against the wood above my head as she slipped one leg between mine and the other over mine, angling so she could rub her pussy to mine. Slowly she pressed against me, her corset rubbing against my chest causing my nipples to harder. She peered into my eyes and slowly started grinding against me. I tried to keep staring into her eyes but soon my head feel back as I moaned out my pleasure, heat building in my cored as she rubbed against me. I closed my eyes and then gasped as her lips found my left nipple, sucking at it causing me to squeal.

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    I was lost in her body, unable to think beyond the pleasure as she rubbed herself against me. I heard her panting as she pleasured herself too, but I could tell she was getting something else, she was awakening, absorbing my energy as she fucked me. Soon I was grunting in pleasure with each thrust of her hips, getting louder each time. Then my body stiffened and the core of pleasure broke in me, flooding me in pleasure so intense that my I squirted my cum as she did, the both of us climaxing, and then the world went dark.



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