Aubrey and Kristen


This is my first story, and I hope it goes over well here. If it doesn't just send me some hate mail. This is only part one, out of however many you people want. just keep emailing me at Potatoguy123@yahoo. com with comments, suggestions, etc. Remember, the more you bug me, the faster I write. . .

The sunlight slowly crept into the room, through the tightly drawn blinds. It traveled across the floor, over a pair of her shoes, and up the side of the bed. It hit the sheets, and continued until it hit her soft face. Slowly, her eyes flickered open, and immediately closed. She opened them again, this time allowing her pupils to contract. Smiling slightly, she sat in her bed, reveling in the weekend sunlight.
Aubrey allowed the sun’s gentle heat to lull her back to sleep for half an hour, before springing awake once more. This time, she was resolute on getting out of her bed.

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   She pulled off her covers, fighting the urge to close her eyes once more.
Because of the warm summer night, Aubrey did not have her usually heavy blankets, opting instead for light sheets. Looking closely, one could see through them, and could spy her smooth, creamy skin beneath. She kicked the sheets away. Her rough motion seemed, in her mind, to shatter the smooth grace of the morning which was luring her back to sleep. Her eyes opened a little wider as she shook herself fully awake.
As she slipped out of her bed, Aubrey grabbed a towel, which she had laid out for herself the night before. Padding silently across the room, the fourteen year old disappeared into her bathroom. Soon the sounds of a shower could be heard, and not long afterwards steam came from under the door.
Twenty minutes later, the shower was off, and Aubrey had her towel wrapped around her body. She dried her hair, and left the tiled room. She walked to her dresser, leaving small, wet footprints on the dark carpet. Knowing her window faced nothing for miles, Aubrey opened the blinds, letting the sun dry her completely.
Looking out, the girl saw signs of construction, not too far away. A cluster of condominiums was going up, and it would spell the end of her much enjoyed sun-drying.

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   Slumping her shoulders, Aubrey closed the blinds halfway, and picked out her clothes.
Aubrey watched herself in her full length mirror as she dressed. Before putting on her underwear, she took a small moment to appreciate her nude form. Even though she was just a freshman in high school, being two inches under five feet made her one of the shorter girls in the school. Thankfully, her long legs made up for it, and would only get better as she got taller. Her hips were beginning to curve, and already were quite noticeable. Turning sideways, Aubrey appreciated the perfect curve on her butt. Staying in profile for a moment, she looked at her chest; her b cups were small by most standards, but looked appropriate for her small stature.
Finally, Aubrey turned toward the mirror, looking into her own face. Whatever baby fat there was had disappeared over the summer before high school, leaving her face lean and perfect. She had a small mouth, with shapely lips. Her braces had done their job well, leaving her teeth perfectly straight and white. Standing back a little to let more light in, she could see her own eyes, which were the brightest, and most perfect shade of green she had ever seen. They fit perfectly with her naturally red hair. Just slightly darker than a traditional fire truck, no one believed that her hair, which cascaded in a series of small curls down to her waist, was real.

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   In her school full of bottle blondes and brunettes, she felt her red hair made her unique, and was very proud of it.
Realizing suddenly she was on the verge of vanity, Aubrey pulled back from the mirror and slipped her clothes on. She wore a light, flowing white skirt that fell to her knees, and a powder blue shirt, which formed nicely to her budding curves. Happy her attire looked so good, and would pass her father’s careful eye, Aubrey left her room and nearly flew down the stairs. Today was a beautiful weekend, and she didn’t feel like wasting it indoors.
She kept breakfast light, just a bagel with a scraping of cream cheese. Her mother complimented her look, while her father kept a mockingly dour look on his face as he decided whether or not he liked what she wore. After a painfully quiet silence, he broke into a smile, and gave her a thumbs up sign. Aubrey smiled and hugged her father quickly around the neck. She placed her plate in the sink, and left the house.
Once outside in the sunlight, Aubrey felt free. She took her cell phone from around her neck (Aubrey didn’t usually carry a purse, opting to carry her cell phone on a lanyard, and her money in a pocket), and called up her friend. She tapped the thin piece of plastic, waiting for her friend to answer. Finally she did.
“Yeah?” came Marcia’s voice.

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   Aubrey smiled, knowing she had caught her best friend still asleep.
“Come on, lazy butt,” Aubrey said lightly. “It’s a beautiful day! Let’s hang out some. ”
There was some sort of mumbled response Aubrey couldn’t understand. “Yeah, fine,” Marcia finally managed to coherently say. “My house in like, half an hour. ”
“Okay,” Aubrey said cheerfully, and hung up. She closed the flip phone, and slipped it back under her shirt. The red fabric of the homemade lanyard felt rough as the phone hung from it.
“Half an hour to kill,” Aubrey said to herself. Sighing she, looked around her street, hoping some sort of opportunity would present itself. As she looked to the left of her house, an opportunity did seem to appear.
Two doors down, Aubrey’s neighbor was watering her lawn. Aubrey knew the woman, and decided to go talk to her for a while before heading for her friend’s house. She walked slowly, looking at the clouds in the sky as they languidly floated overhead.

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Reaching her neighbor’s lawn, the young woman waited a moment before treading onto the property. Looking up from the hose, her neighbor nodded her head and gestured for Aubrey to come over. The girl smiled and approached.
“Hey Kristen,” Aubrey said.
“Hey girl,” the woman replied. “What are you doing here?”
Aubrey smiled again and shrugged. “I’m just killing some time while my friend gets ready. ”
Kristen motioned with her hose. “I’m just trying to get the watering done before it gets too hot out here. ” The twenty-five year old turned off the flow of water, and let the hose fall to the ground. “But I’ve had enough of that. Do you want to go inside and get some ice cream? I just got some last night. ”
Pouting, Aubrey took a moment to decide, before nodding vigorously. Kristen smiled and led the girl inside. She took two bowls out and placed them on the table, followed by some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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   Two spoons and an ice cream scoop completed the preparation. Soon the two girls were eating ice cream and laughing.
“So,” Kristen started, with a serious expression on her face, “any boyfriends yet? I know you started high school this year. ”
Aubrey smiled, but blushed noticeably. So far, none of the guys had taken an interest in her- that she could tell, anyway.
“No, no one yet. The guys don’t seem to notice me, really. ”
Kristen too a sip of coffee, and then a bit of the ice cream. “Yeah, most of the time boys don’t appreciate us fully. That’s why I-” She stopped mid sentence, an expression of surprise registering on her face. Then she regained some of her composure. Aubrey, midway through taking a sip of her own coffee, seemed riveted.
“What?” she asked.
“Nothing,” Kristen said. Then, to cover up her blunder, she asked, “Are you sure your parents let you drink coffee?”
Aubrey gulped some of the liquid down, smiled widely, and shook her head.

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   “They don’t. ”
Kristen laughed, and leaned in close. “Then don’t tell your parents I’m letting you have it. You’re already pretty hyper. They’d think I was giving you alcohol or something. ” Both girls laughed at that.
“What here you going to say though,” Aubrey asked. Her naturally inquisitive mind needed to know, or else it might have bothered her for the entire day.
Swirling her cup for a few seconds, Kristen tried to choose her words carefully. “What I meant is that sometimes…boys just aren’t the best option. Keep that in mind. ”
Sheltered by her parents, and having gained much of her knowledge about relationships from her friends, Aubrey wasn’t quite sure what Kristen meant. But she respected her neighbor, recognizing that Kristen was older, and much more experienced than she.
Glancing at a clock on the wall, Aubrey saw she had been sitting there for nearly twenty minutes. If she wanted to get to her friend’s house on time, she would have to leave now.

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   Thanking Kristen, and apologizing, Aubrey got up to leave.
The woman put her hand on the girl’s arm, stopping her for a moment. She felt the cool flesh underneath, which distracted her for a moment. She shook the feeling away.
“Just, uh, have some fun out there. ”
Aubrey could see, by the expression on her friend’s face, that she had wanted to say more but decided not to press the issue. Her inquisitive nature would just have to wait for another time, she decided.
Thanking her once more, Aubrey walked out of the house and hurried over to Marcia’s house.