Amy and Joanne, Part Two


Miss Austin, Sister Rachel’s secretary just rolled her eyes at the two girls as they paraded past her on the way back to the principal’s private office. “Sit down,” she ordered while shutting the door behind them, “I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you two!”She went around behind her large oak desk, and after giving both of them a look of disgust, plopped down in her large swivel chair while shaking her head in disapproval. She was just about to say something when out of the blue she questioned, “What on earth is that smell………?” Both girls looked nervously back and forth at each other hoping against all hope that the sister would drop her inquiry. “What the devil is that?” Sister Rachel asked again. “It’s almost sickly sweet,” she opined. “What on earth could it be, it wasn’t here a minute ago?” Realizing that it must have originated with one of the girls she turned her attention to Joanne and ordered, “Come around here, I’m going to get to the bottom of this, and I mean right now!” Joanne’s shoulders noticeably slumped as she made her way over to Sister Rachel. “Just as I thought,” the nun mumbled, “it’s getting stronger!” Joanne now stood only a foot or so from the sister, who by now was leaning forward and sniffing around the frightened girl’s waist. After only a few seconds or so the nun leaned back with odd look on her face and offered softly, “My goodness gracious, I believe that I smell your vagina!!!”No one in the room so much as said a word! Sister Rachel’s last sentence hung in the air like a heavy smog in Los Angeles on a hot summer day! Finally, with shaky hands the old nun reached out and slowly lifted the plaid uniform skirt and lifted it above Joanne’s waist! “Good lord in heaven,” the nun gasped, “w-where on earth is your underwear?!?” Joanne was too caught up in the moment to answer and just stood there like a statue unable to move or speak! The sister took in a whiff of the fragrant aroma wafting from Joanne’s crack, and after sighing softly took a finger and gently opened the folds of the young vagina only to expose the most incredibly fat clit she had ever seen in her life!!! Sister Rachel literally shook her head to make sure that what she was seeing was actually real! “Now I understand,” she said softly. “I mean now I can at least see why you didn’t wear your panties!” “Is it always so engorged?” she asked the frightened young girl. With her pussy was absolutely on fire, Joanne made an audible gulp and whispered hoarsely, “Y-yes, sister, j-just like that!”Sister Rachel stared at the erect organ for a good minute before Joanne interrupted her thoughts with, “A-am I in a lot of trouble, ma’am?” “I-I didn’t want to cause any trouble, it just happened!” “Of course you’re not in trouble, child,” the nun replied shallowly, “but I’m afraid that we’re going to have to do something about your condition.” “Don’t you agree?!?” Amy was the forgotten person in the room, but for some reason she pulled herself together and offered, “I’ve already sucked her off once this morning, sister, I think she needs another session!” Without looking at Amy the sister replied, “I do believe that you’re quite correct in your assumption, dear! And then without further or do the fiftyish nun pressed her open mouth directly into Joanne’s bulging hair pie! “Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy,” the poor girl sighed, “Oh yesssssss, suck my big fat clit!” Big and fat wasn’t the half of it!!! Joanne’s clit had grown to at least ten times it’s normal size, making it appear for all the world to be a tiny little cock! Amy looked on slack jawed while the old nun licked and sucked the young brunette for all she was worth, but again she was unable to control herself and as if on automatic pilot slipped her hand up under her blue plaid skirt and began fingering her own drooling cunt!For the second time in the last hour Joanne’s incredible clit was getting the sucking it so richly deserved! Losing all sense of decorum the hot pussied senior urged the old woman to suck her harder while grinding her vulva hard into the old nun’s wide open mouth! To Sister Rachel Joanne tasted like nectar from the gods! There was just something about sucking a fresh young pussy that brought out the best in her! Amy’s pussy was slipping quickly towards a cum it’s own, and with her eyes glazed over she ordered, “That’s the way, suck her off, suck that big fat fucking clit, suck her little girl dick until she blows!” The sound of such crude language was like an aphrodisiac to the young women, and as Amy’s fingers flew and Sister Rachel’s tongue flicked, the two seniors bucked their plump pussies forward as stunning orgasms raced through their convulsing cunts!!!Amy simply leaned back in her chair with her skirt up and legs splayed wide apart while Joanne stumbled sideways until thumping heavily against the office wall.

Both girls were shell shocked beyond anything they had ever experienced in their young lives and their pussies throbbed in a post orgasmic haze! “I-I don’t believe what just happened,” Joanne moaned softly while gently caressing her bulging lips. “Me either,” Amy sighed while Sister Rachel wiped Joanne’s juice off of her lips and chin, “I can’t believe what I just saw!” “Oh my gosh,” Joanne said urgently while looking at the clock, “we’re gonna be late for second period class, oh nooooooo, another detention!” Sister Rachel smiled at the shaken girl and said softly, “Don’t worry about any detentions, we still have a little work to do here!” THE END