Amanda Meets Sarah


"Hello, my Names Sarah, what's yours?" the girl had asked. "Oh. . . um. . . well. . . I'm Amanda. " She managed to get out, Amanda took note that Sarah was a very prettygirl, she had brownish colored hair, brown eyes and seemed a bit heavier, then Amanda but not by much. Althoughwhat Amanda caught herself admiring more then, anything else was Sarah's breasts, they were a little larger then Amanda's and seemed very round and firm. "Hello. . .

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  Amanda. . . earth to Amanda. . . " Sarah giggled. "Oh um what was that, I didn't hear you. " Amanda said quite red in the face now, wondering if Sarah, had seen her starring at her breasts, also wondering to herself why she was looking to begin with. Sarah smiled, not looking very embarrassed at all. "I asked, if I could borrow your notes after school, so I could get caught up to the class. If you give me your address, I can bring them over tonight, when I'm finished. "Oh. . um.

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  . sure. . . here I'll write it down. " She said, now smiling herself, thankful Sarah never mentioned the fact she was staring at her breast's. At the end of the day Amanda, packed up her things and headed home, she knew no one would be home till after 18 PM as Her mother worked, very late hours her father was away on a business trip and she was anonly child. So she hurried home to start her daily routine. As she unlocked the door, and stepped in, she indeed found an empty house. She walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge to get something to eat. She took her food into the living room and sat on the couch, turning on the TV. She ate, as she watched TV, although she wasn't thinking much about the show she was watching, her mind kept thinking about Sarah. She finished eating, turned off the TV and put the dishes in the sink. Then she went up the stairs to her room. Unlike other 18 year old girl's room's which usually had poster's of hot male singers and Actors like 'Eminem' and '50 cent'.

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   She had posters of 'Brittany Spears' and Christina Aguliara'. She laid down on her bed. She looking up at her ceiling. she sighed, and got up. She walked out the door and crossed into her parents room. She made her way over to her parents dresser, opening the drawer and pulled out a 'playboy' Magazine. Closing the drawer she went, directly back to her room, the book firmly in her hand. She laid back down on the bed and started flipping through the book, she came to a picture, with two girls,they looked very attractive to Amanda, in the picture the girl's were naked, one girl was on her knees, licking at the other ones cunt, as she stood over her. Amanda started getting very excited, as she flipped through the magazine, she came across alot more attractive woman, one picture she found was the same two girls from the other picture, only this time, one girl was laying down fingering herself, while the other was watching doing the same. Amanda dropped the magazine, undid her fly on her jeans and slipped her hand in under her panties. She rubbed her clit slowly at first, holding the image of the two woman in her mind. Her thoughts begin to wonder, why on earth she was masturbating, to other girls. As she did so many times before. She never stopped then and she wasn't about to stop now. 'you like it because those girls are very sexy.


  ' A voice in her head told her 'you want to be there with them,you want to lick and fondle them, suckle their tits, caress their beautiful bodies' Amandas finger was now working wonders around her swollen clit. She began to feel very warm, and started to feel bead lets of sweat trickle down her brow. 'you think Sarah is very sexy too, you want to lick her pussy, suckle her tits,and finger fuck her all night long'Amanda's finger begin to move mor faster over her clit, once in a while probing the inside of her hole, once or twice then loyally returning to her clit. the room was now boiling, and Amanda could feel her pillow was soaked with her sweat. Her pelvic area thrashed around as she begin to moan aloud, remember how sweetSarah's Breasts had looked, wondering how sweet they would taste, between her lips. It was true she did find Sarah very sexy, and she really longed to be with her, she was perfect, her pretty little face, her tight little ass, and thoughs lovely, big firm breasts of hers. Amandas mouth begin to water, thinking more about Sarah, how she wanted to, suckle her breast, and eat out her pussy. Amanda licked her lips, thinking this thought. Her pelvis still thrashing about, she let out one final moan and just as she was releasing, the door bell rang. "Shit who the Fuck could that be?" She yelled quickly doing up her pants, and rushing down stairs forgetting all about the 'Playboy' Magazine on the floor. Amanda dashed down the stairs and opened the front door, to her surprise it was Sarah. Sarah looked at Amanda. "Um is your air conditioner broken? You look like your boiling hot. " Sarah had pointed out. Amanda looked scared.

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  trying to come up with some excuse. "Um. . no actually I fell asleep, on the couch, and well, with all these clothes on it gets rather hot. " She lied. "Um ok, so are you going to invite me in?" Sarah asked. Sarah and me alone in the house together, oh my god, Amanda thought, and smiled. "Sure you can Sarah. " She replied. "Some of the girls from school, said alot of things about you, that you might find of interest Amanda. "Sarah brought out. "Um I never really pay much attention, to what girls at school say. " Said Amanda quite dully. "well they pointed out to me that they all think your a lesbian. " Said Sarah.

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  "A what, thats crazy, I am not. " said Amanda, again Amanda was lieing to herself she knew she was, she had to be. "They told me to stay away from you, but don't worry I'm not going to listen to the likes of them, and besides I really don't care if you are a lesbian. " Sarah said. "I AM NOT!" Amanda shouted. "Ok what ever, so are you going to show me around, since we are friends now right?" Sarah asked. "Oh right well, this is the hall, that is the living room, the kitchens down here. " Amanda started walking in the direction of the kitchen. "How about a tour of your bedroom?" Sarah asked, very boldly I might add. "Um ok follow me. " Amanda said. Heading up the stairs. they walked in the bedroom, and right away, Sarah made a grab for the 'Playboy'. "Hmm. .

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  . what's this, I thought you said, you weren't a lesbian?" Sarah asked. "I'm not, Sarah. . . I read the articles. " Amanda Said, through grinding teeth. "What am I on trial, did those girls, send you here? To try and get proof that I'm a lesbian. ""Aha! you are, I knew it. " Sarah said. "I never said that I was!" Said Amanda. "Anyways why are you pushing if I am a Lesbian or not. What business is it to you?""Well. . .

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  it's because, I was hoping the girls were, right. See Amanda I am a lesbian, and the reason why, I came over to you in school, the reason I was asking them all questions about you, and the reason I am here now Amanda, is because, I think your very sexy and I really wanted to be with you, I really like you. Although, I guess, your not and I just made a fool out of my self so I'm going to go. " Sarah said her Eyes filling up with tears. She started to head out of Amanda's room. "Wait, Sarah, did you really mean what you said? No bullshit or nothing. " Amanda asked, walking closer toSarah, talking just inches from her face now. "Yes, Amanda, every wo----" Sarahs sentence was interrupted as Amanda leaned in and gently kissed Sarahs lips. Taken at first by surprise Sarah slowly closed her eye's. Touching the right side of amanda'sface with her left hand. Slowly Starting to part Amanda's lips with her tongue, as their tongues touched Amanda longed for Sarah more. Apparently so did sarah. In between kisses she finally mumbled Sarah asked. "Not. .

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  . . . Any. . . . time. . . . soon. " Amanda answered. Sarah's eye's still closed her hands found, Amanda's Breasts and cupped them gently fondling them in her hands, caressing Amanda's hardened, nipples,Which lay under the Material.
    As Amanda was slowly unbuttoning, Sarah's shirt, When finally the last button was undone, Amanda found herself in lucky, the clip on the bra was in front giving her easy access.

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      The Bra made a soft snapping sound as Amanda undid, the clip, stopping long enough, for Sarah to pullher own shirt up over her head. Sarah reached around now and unclasped Amandas bra, which also made a soft snapping sound. Sarah, Pushed Amanda onto her back on the bed, as she lay down beside Amanda, on her side. Sarah slowly caressed, one of Amanda's breast as she gently suckled the other. Amanda in turn handled one of Sarahs while gently but longly suckling Sarahs other. From time to time each girl would move their mouths to the other breast and then return. Sarah grabbed ahold of one of her own breast suckling it, as Amanda eagerly watched. Sarah then bent Amanda's Breast so that the nipple was just millimeters away from Amanda's lips, and Amanda willingly suckled her own, breast, as Sarah watched, in lust. Sarah licked her tongue around Amandas chest mapping the out line of her breast, then in a straight line down her rib cage, circled around her belly button While her hands undid, Amanda's Jeans. Sitting up now Sarah Pulled Amanda's Jeans off. Got up and Pulled off her own. Then She Straddled, Amanda, like a man would a woman, and Humped Amanda, rubbing Her own clit against, Amanda's. To Amanda it was one of the most wonderful experiences she's ever had. "Do you like that baby?" Sarah asked. "Yes.


      . . . Oh Sarah it feels so good?" Said Amanda. "See Amanda, your butch, and I'm femine so your like the man of the relationship and I'm the woman. My job is to please you, when ever, where ever you want it. I'm your girl but I'm also your sex slave. That is what I want to be Amanda, I want you to remember that. I will do what ever you tell me, when you tell me to do it. If I don't, I want you to beat me, If we are lovers now this is the way it is. Thats The way I like my relationship. Do you under stand?" asked Sarah Twisting her Pelvis into Amanda's. "Yes, Sweetheart. " Amanda said, and they kissed each other. "MMMMMMM.

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      . . . . . . Amanda, does this feel good?" Sarah asked whipping around fast so she was lieing in 69 on Amanda. Sarah's tongue, flicked Amandas, Clit. Slow and gently, as a finger started probing inside the hole, Amanda also felt Sarahs Pinkie probing the entrance to her asshole. The more her fingers probed, the more she licked and the more Amanda liked it. "Yes baby, give me my sugar. " Amanda Managed to moan. As she began Slapping Sarah's Bare Ass check. Very hard, with in seconds it started to redden. Then She moved her tongue along Sarahs Pussy lips at first tasting Sarahs sweet cunt juice.

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       Then she started flicking Sarahs Clit as, she too probed Sarahs hole and ass. Sarahs Pevis began to thrust, the more Faster Amanda's tongue had gotten. The More faster Sarah thrusted, The faster Amanada, fingers probed, the hornier Amanda got watching her angel, get off. It felt good but it was time for big 'Butch' Amanda to talk over and please her self. So Amanda GrabbedSarah, Pulling her Around. "Get up for a minute. " Amanda Instructed. Sarah did as she was told to. "Ok now kneel over the side of my bed and put your ass up in the air. " Amanda walked over to her closet and grabbed a black leather belt. "I seen this on porno movies, and it really turns me on. " Putting one Leg up on the bed, so her pussy was visible, she took one hand and started fingering herself, She noticed, Sarah's hand was between her legs as well. With the other hand Amanda brought back, the belt. Violently whipping it at Sarahs ass. CRACK!"Ooh" Sarah said Shockingly but softly.

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       Amanda brought back the belt again. CRACK!!!!"ooh"Again Amanda brought back the belt, CRACK!!! CRACK!!! CRACK!!!! "OH DAMN" CRACK!!!! CRACK!!! CRACK!!!! By now all that was coming out of Sarah was "ugh. . . Ugh. . . . ugh!""You Like this baby, you want more?" Amanda Asked. "Yes more, more. " CRACK!!! CRACK!!! CRACK!!!! "MORE" MORE" CRACK!!! CRACK!!! CRACK!!! CRACK!!!!"Your ass is so red, it's such a turn on. " Amanda Yelled. CRACK!!! CRACK!!! CRACK!!!! "Sarah I'm Gonna Cum!""OOH ME TO BABY KEEP GOING!" CRACK!!! CRACK!!!!CRACK!!! "MORE! MORE! MOOOOOOOOORE!" CRACK!! CRACK!! CRACK!!! CRACK!!! CRACK!!! "MOOOOORE GIRL HARDER!!!!""You want it harder why didn't you say so. " Amanda moaned out. CRAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! CRAAAAAAAACK!!! CRAAAAAAAAACK!!!"OOH" Sarah screamed as Cunt juice burst out of her hole like a volcanic explosion, A puddle of it under her.


       Amanda did too, pruducing a even bigger puddle under her. They both kissed, tired out they both laid down embracing one another, for a few minutes before going to shower together. the ENDMaybe continued if you all like this one. . . So let me know. . . k!.



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