Allison's Story: Part 1


When she arrived in the Big Apple, the one thing that stunned her was the cost of housing! Even though she would be spending the majority of her time in Manhattan, she was lucky enough to find a sleeping room in Brooklyn for seventy dollars a week. Another lucky break was finding a pretty good job working as a waitress in a midtown cafe, the tips were good, and she was always off by three in the afternoon, which gave a lot of time to explore her new city! So here she was, drinking coffee in a pastry shop and reading and underground gay and lesbian magazine that had a number of ads promoting the night life in the gay community. She noted an address in Soho, left the cafe, and hopped a train and crossed her fingers!The first thing she noticed was the noise!!! The music boomed from huge speakers that were hanging from the ceiling in each corner of the night club. Allison paid the five dollar cover charge and for the next half hour just sat in a corner and watched a parade of strange looking men and women dancing up a storm, most of whom were paired off with members of their own sex!!! Even though she had never been in such a decadent place, the feeling of communion she felt in the room was something she had never experienced before!!! Here she was in a place where if you weren't gay, you were the outsider, in here, gay was "normal"!!! Tapping her foot to the beat, Allison was thoroughly enjoying herself, but was startled when she felt a tap on her shoulder and a woman in black leather pants and a purple bra asked her to dance!!!She was about to say no, when in the back of her mind she realized that this was exactly why she had come here, to get to know people and just be herself, so she flashed the brilliant smile that the boys back in Kokomo loved, and replied, "Sure, let's dance!!!" Miss Purple Bra took Allison by the hand and led her onto the floor where the beat of the music swept them both away!!! There was little if no conversation, but Allison was ecstatic, here she was dancing with another woman, who'd a thunk it!!! During a lull between songs, the woman asked Allison if she'd like something to drink, and Allison replied, "Yeah, I'm a little dry, I could use something!!!" Again, the woman took Allison by the arm and led her through the crowd until they came to the bar at the far end of the room! "Beer okay," asked Miss Purple Bra? "Uh, fine," Allison replied, "make it a draft!" The two women settled down in a booth, each took a sip of beer, before the woman introduced herself, "I'm Vicki, but everyone just calls me Vic!" "Nice to meet you, I'm Allison!" After taking another drink Vic asked, "You're not from around here are you!?!" "It's that obvious, huh," Allison laughed, and for the next ten minutes or so she told Vic her life story! "So," Vic said when Allison was finished, "Ya came to New York to have a good time, huh!?!" "Well, since you put it that way," Allison replied, "yeah, I guess I am!!!" Vic reached into her pocket, pulled out a pack of Marlboro's, lit one up and said, "Well girl, ya came to the right place!!!"The two women talked some more, and Allison found out that Vic was twenty six and lived in an apartment not far away in the Village. Standing up, Vic reached down and took Allison by the hand and said, "Let's go, I wanna show ya my crib!!!" Allison was about to protest, but the quick hard look that Vic gave her shut her up immediately, and she allowed Vic to lead her out of the building where Vic hailed a cab and gave the driver her address!!! In the cab, no one said a word, but Vic casually rested her hand on Allison's thigh, and much to her consternation, she felt a slight rumbling between her legs!!! Vic moved her hand a little higher and said, "If ya haven't figured it out yet, I'm a dom, and I for sure have you pegged as a fem!!!" Allison gulped a little, but finally responded, "I-I don't know what I am, I've never done anything like this before!!!" "Done what," Vic laughed, "have I done anything to you?!?" "Uh, no," Allison stammered, "I didn't mean anything by it, but I.

......" Vic cut her off and said, "Look kid, I'm just givin' ya a bad time, but look at ya, no fucking way you're a dom!!!" "But how can you tell for sure," Allison asked softly, "you just met me?!?" Vic, with a little look of impatience on her face, took her hand away from Allison's thigh, but then to Allison's utter amazement, grabbed her by the crotch and gave her a hard kiss on the mouth, while Allison just sat there and let Vic work her pussy over and stick her hot tongue deep into her throat!!! Finally Vic pulled away and asked, "Would you have done that to me!?!" A breathless Allison shook her head no, but was interrupted by the cabby who announced they were at their destination!!!Once inside the apartment Allison walked around the place, while commenting how much she like it! "Well it's home," Vic said offhandedly, what do ya say I show ya the bedroom!?!" Allison was now getting a fuller understanding on the difference between a dom and a fem, because she found it impossible to say no to anything Vic suggested, and so replied, "Sure, why not!!!" Vic walked up behind her, grabbed a handful of Allison's pretty bottom and said evenly, "Sure, why not my fuckin' ass, you want me to take you in there don't ya, bitch!?!" Allison felt her knees weaken hearing the course talk from Vic, and coupled with the feeling of having her butt pawed by the leather clad dom, she replied, "Yes, please take me in there!!!" "That's better," Vic answered, "now move it!!!"Once inside, Vic turned Allison to face her, where upon she removed her purple bra and asked, "Do you know what I have all my little fems do for me first?!?" "No," Allison said in a small voice, "what should I do first?!?" "This you little cunt," Vic spat, as she grabbed Allison by the hair and pulled her mouth to her waiting nipple, "suckem' bitch, take care of mama's tits for her!!!" For Allison it was a revelation, for the first time in her life she had the nipple of another woman in her mouth and it was incredible!!!" She sucked and nipped on Vic's boobs like there was no tomorrow, she couldn't get enough of these new found playthings!!! After five minutes of so, Vic pulled her mouth away and said, "You like suckin' don't you cunt, well, I'm gonna give you something to really suck on!!!" Even though she was new at this, Allison knew exactly what that would be, and before Vic told her too, she dropped to her knees and began removing the horny dom's skin tight black leather pants!!! "You learn quick," Vic opined smoothly, "when you get 'em off, you know what to do!!!" And, she did to, because as soon as Vic's shaved pussy was open to her, Allison attached her mouth to it like a baby would her mother's nipple!!! "Like that do ya," sighed Vic, "are you sure you haven't done this before!?!" Even Allison had to chuckle at that one, but the taste and aroma of a fresh pussy was the most intoxicating thing she had ever experienced!!! "This must be how straight women feel about men's cocks," she thought, but how anything could approach the taste of a hot pussy was beyond her!!!"That's a good little cunt," Vic moaned, "that's it, right there, on my clit, do it, make me cum!!!" Allison thought about all of the years she dreamed of this moment, but she never figured it would be so good, and she wasn't even being taken care of herself!!! The orgasm that hit Vic's pussy nearly knocked her off her feet, and she reached for the wall to steady herself as wave after wave of pleasure wafted through her!!! Finally when it was over, Vic collapsed on the bed and exclaimed, "I'm not lettin' you out of my sight, you're mine!!!" Allison just nodded and waited for further instructions!!!THE END