All Day of Sex - 1st part


Hi Friends, this is Sneha from Pune and I am reading the various stories for a long time and today I am here to say my own story which I found to be told to this World. I am 23 yrs old with a 32-26-34 figure and a totally sex freak. I found sex in everything and can do it anywhere anytime.

My this story is a Part 1 of the sex for full day. I had different experiences of sex in one day for the 1st time.

Part 1. . . . .

Today was a completely new experience to me. Having a LESBIAN SEX???? What? A great shock for me when I heard this from my best friend who told me in the morning. I had never imagined in my dreams to do it. I am always fond of boys and they are always with me round the day. I had many sex experience in my life till now. But his was going to different, isn't it? For the 1st time its going to happen.

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   I wasn't completely ready for this but this happened.

I stay in a apartment with 3 more girls. We all are from different places of the World. I am from India, the other one is from Australia and her name is Jessica we call her Jass. The third one is from London and her name is Michelle. We were different but had one thing in common, desire for SEX. We are very good with boys and can get any boy under our pussy anytime. But today was completely different as I had a Lesbian Sex.

I wasn't knowing Jass & Michelle were having a lesbian relationship between them, as they were doing as I was doing with the boys and never showed any desire between them. Today morning when I woke up I saw Jass and Michelle were besides me and were wearing only Bra and Panty. I saw them many times on it but today was different. I was wearing shorts and top with a panty on it. Jass was seeing in my eyes and told me you are going to enjoy something new today. I didn't understood and I went up to the bathroom for a piss. As I came back, I saw them both kissing each other.

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   I stood there far a moment and then went out in a flash asdidn't see it. I went to the kitchen for some breakfast and they came behind me. I was standing beside the platform and suddenly Jass told me they wanted to have a Lesbian Sex with me. I told them "NO". But they were not going to listen to me.

I went to the hall as I thought they will not come as the window is open and anyone see us. But they came and sat besides me and started pressing my boobs and Michelle started kissing me. I was completely took off but unable to stop them as I was also enjoying it. But back of my mind it as going wrong but I thought lets try once. Michelle stopped kissing me and said Did you Enjoyed? I told Yes and kissed her back deeply. Jass was pressing boobs and kissing me from behind. I gave her the kiss and showed my interest of having Lesbian Sex with them. They took my top off and started sucking my boobs - both on one boobs. My hand were pressing their boobs. I took their Bra off and even started sucking theirs.

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   It was a good experience but the best was yet to come.

We slid our hand on each others panty and started teasing each other pussies. Jass and Michelle were need in flash and I was still in a panty as i was wearing a short also. But it bother as they teared it all and now I lost one of my panty. we all were naked and staring each other bodies and experiencing a new style. We started Licking each other pussies in the form of a round and slapping each others ass. Jass took my pussy and Michelle took my ass in their mouth with me standing between them. When I took Jass pussy in my mouth it was awesome. The juices were flowing down and I was enjoying it. Even my juices were sucked by Michelle. We were doing it all without any sense of ours as we have lost all our senses for the lesbian sex.

We were doing it for a long time and were exhausted and thought we need some air. We sat on the couch to catch some breath and suddenly realize a Man from the neighborhood was watching us and was mastrabing infront of us. We took this opportunity and started figuring our owns pussy once again and moaning it even louder so that he can here us. He was also enjoying it and shouted it load of sperms to the best of his (thought from his reaction) life time.

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   Four of us were naked and giving each other a nice look it was 3 vs 1 but a good one.

After it we all three girls went to the kitchen for some snacks and went to bathroom for the bath. We bathed each other and washed eachother bodies and even pissed on each other while bathing. It was a terrific experience of Lesbian Sex and now once a week we do the Lesbian Sex and sometimes we show our play to the man and he also shows his dick to us.

It was a Best experience to me of a Lesbian Sex and now I am doing it on a continues basis and really enjoy it. I feel once I have this sex I am going to enjoy more of sex with boys as they make me feel more hornier and even I feel more hornier after Lesbian Sex.

This was my experience of Lesbian and my day started with this. After this what happened even I didn't think of it. It will be continued in my Part 2.


Love Sneha. .