A rainy day with Allison


This is my first story but I want to know your honest opinions:


It was a rainy night and I really hated being alone. My parents were gone for the weekend so I called my best friend Allison. Allison was pretty.  The type of girl that when you saw her you had to stop yourself from staring.  She had long blonde hair that fell down to her mid back and light blue eyes that sparkled in the right light. She was about the same height as me at 5’8” when she wasn’t wearing heals.  We are both 18 years old.

I have light brown hair that comes past my shoulders and inch or two with dark green eyes. I don’t have large breast but they fit perfectly into the hands of another person.

When Allison arrived we headed upstairs to my bedroom and we just talked and watched some tv. She asked if she could take a quick shower and I said of course.  My bathroom was connected to my bedroom so I heard the water running. About thirty minutes later she stepped back into my room rapped in a towel that barely covered her body.

​I wasn’t a lesbian I knew that for sure but looking at her in that towel was starting to make me wet. I had had numerous boyfriends. I even had one now but he had been out of town for two weeks on summer vacation with his family.

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   Allison kept looking at me and I finally asked her what she was thinking. She was still soaking wet and had not put any more clothing on.

​“I'm thinking… I'm horny. ”

​“And what do you expect me to do about it?” I laughed sarcastically.

​She walked over to me and dropped the towel on the floor, “No one is home. Let’s just have a little fun…”

​“I'm not a lesbo. ” I said looking her straight in the eyes.

​“Neither am I?”

​She straddled my body though and started running her fingers down my face and neck.  “I think you should kiss me. ” She whispered.

​I let out a nervous laugh, “You should kiss me. ” I said it jokingly but I was so curious at the same time.

​Allison leaned down and our lips hug a small distance away from each other.

I could feel her breath and she could feel mine. I closed the distance between us and our lips overlapped just slightly before she leaned away.

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​“Take off your clothes. ” She demanded. I did what I was told because I was starting to really get curious.  She lay next to me in bed and we were start kissing again. Our tongues intertwined quite a few times and she tasted so good. She started kissing down my neck and shoulders and placed her hands on my breast. She started pulling at my nipples and then she stopped pretty suddenly.

​“What’s wrong?” I asked.

​“You’re breast are so perfect. ”

​Her body in comparison to mine wasn’t much different though. Her boobs were B38s and the curves of her body made her look like a goddess. We both had that hour glass figure and she kept running her fingers up and down my stomach.

​“Alli…” I said but my voice was softer than I had planned.

​She grabbed my breast rougher than expected and I let out a small yelp. She smiled at it and then put her mouth around my nipple.

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   I could feel her teeth biting it and pulling on it. It hurt but in a good way.  Her other hand had travelled down my stomach and started to rub the outside of my shaven pussy.  Her fingers found my clit and started rubbing it. She moved her mouth to my other nipple and started biting on it and pulling it away from my body.

​I let out small moans and tried to control my breathing but it was getting harder. I wanted to fight this but Allison was making me feel better than any guy ever had and I hadn’t been touched by my boyfriend in a while.

​“You’re already so wet, Amanda. ” Alli purred, she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then she leaned over to my ear and whispered, “I'm going to make you even more wet…” She slid beneath my sheets and I knew what she was about to do.

​I felt her fingers part the lips of my pussy and I let out a shaky breath, “Allison, maybe we should stop. ”

​She paused and under the sheets I heard her say, “No, I have wanted to fuck you for three years and we are no stopping. ”

​With that I felt her tongue on my clit and she startedlicking on it teasing me but then she stopped just for a moment. Then I felt her tongue again rubbing around the edges of my vagina.

​“Tell me how badly you want it, Amanda, beg me for it!” So I did.

​I started screaming her name and begging her to put her tongue inside me.

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​I felt her tongue stop teasing me into desperation and she pushed it deep inside of my vagina.  I moaned so loudly but pushed her head deeper into my pussy. She ate me out for at least twenty minutes  without stopping and I was soaking wet. I was about to reach my climax but she pulled away I begged her to keep going but she said no. She was going to make me her toy.  

​She forced me to get up out of the bed and then bend over it. She started rubbing my ass with her hands and squeezing it. “You have such a nice ass, Amanda, I'm going to enjoy this…”

She kept rubbing her hands on my ass and in between my legs.

It was starting to feel good and I was starting to relax a little when she pulled her hand back and spanked me. I screamed and she asked if I liked it. I didn’t know how to respond and so in my silence she said, I don’t care if you do or not because it’s only going to get harder. ” She spanked me over and over and it hurt but the sting felt good too. I started rubbing my pussy as you spanked me because somehow I was getting wetter when she spanked me. She saw me touching myself and stopped spanking me. She went over to her bag and pulled out some thin rope.

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   She made me lay spread eagle on the bed and tied me down

​“No touching yourself without my permission,” She slapped my pussy and pulled on my nipples, “you slut. ” She pulled out a vibrator and I begged her not too. She spread my pussy lips and turned on. She placed it right on my clit and then with her other hand she started fingering me. She shoved two in and then three.

​I was moaning and screaming with pain and pleasure when I felt the pressure build inside me and I started cumming on her hand.

​“It’s not over. Not even close. ” She said. She stopped fingering me and then pulled out another toy from her bad. It was a huge dildo. She shoved it up my vagina and made sure it went all the way in.

​She made me eat her out for thirty minutes. She grinded her pussy against my face and roughly grabbed my boobs. She came quickly and it got all over my face and in my mouth.

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   She untied me and removed the vibrator and dildo from my body. I thought maybe it was over but she removed a strap on from her bag and put it on herself. She climbed on top of my body and slid the huge cock into my body. I moaned and she just started to fuck me harder.

​“Cum, bitch, cum!” she yelled grabbing my breast and biting my nipples. I came several times and my body was super sensitive. She finally pulled out of me.  And got off me.  We were both sweating and dripping wet. She made me look her pussy clean of her cum and then made me get up and lean back over the bed.  

​She positioned herself right behind me and rubbed my back with her nails, “You know I love you, Amanda. You are so beautiful. ” Her sweet tone had returned and I was happy to know that this was actually us fucking and not me being raped.

​“This is going to hurt like a bitch, Allison. ” She laughed coyly.

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​“I know, that’s why I'm going to let you do it to me tomorrow. ”

​She shoved the cock all the way in me without stopping. I screamed from the extreme pain and tears filled my eyes.  She told me to relax and breathe. And I tried my best. The pain started fading and she started moving her hips slowly pushing in and out the strokes getting bigger each time. She finally was pushing all the way in and out each time and I couldn’t help but moan. We had been fucking for 4 hours when she had finally figured that I had had enough.

​We both slept til noon the next day but after lunch our fun began again… only this time it was my turn.




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