A Quiet Friday Night


Cherise went up to her bedroom, put her hair up and jumped into a hot shower. She slowly washed her body, caressing her soapy tits and nipples. Her right hand slowly made its way down her torso, until she reached the furry triangle between her legs. Cherise spread her legs wide and moved two of her warm soapy fingers back and forth on her clit increasing the speed until she climaxed. She stood in the shower and let the hot water rinse her body. When she was done she wrapped a large towel around her body, went into her bedroom and slipped on a black sheer lace slip and went downstairs for another refill. As she was going into the kitchen, the door bell rang, it was her friend Liz. As Liz entered the condo, she noticed the items of clothing on the floor. “In a hurry to get naked?” she inquired of her friend as Cherise handed her a glass of wine. She had brought over the pictures from her modeling assignment. Liz had just had her first job the past week. Liz asked Cherise if she could take a quick shower while she looked over the pictures. Liz took her bag and glass of wine and went upstairs. Cherise sat down on the sofa and took the pictures out from the first large envelope and began to look them over. The first couple of pictures were of Liz in a very skimpy string one piece bathing suit, high stiletto heels, leaning back on her hands and spread eagle on a swimming pool diving board.

The next few pictures had Liz stripping off the top of the suit and caressing her round tits and pink nipples leaning up against the diving board ladder.

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   The next shots had another model, wearing nothing but a rhinestone G-string, heels, with her and Liz caressing each others breasts and erect nipples. In the next shots, the other model was removing what was left of the string bathing suit, leaving Liz totally naked but for the heels. The next shots were of Liz stripping the other model. Liz came back down stairs from her shower, helped herself to another glass of wine and joined Cherise in the living room. Liz sat down on the couch and asked Cherise what she thought of the pictures, Liz had put on a pair of sheer black bikini panties and nothing else. Cherise know Liz was an exhibitionist and uninhibited to boot, she had seen her naked more times than she could count. Liz handed Cherise the other envelope and begged her to look at those photos as well. Cherise did as she was asked and was surprised at what she saw. Liz and the other model were now on a bed, completely nude, kissing each other and sucking each others tits. The next shots were of Liz with her face buried between the other girl’s legs, licking her to a climax. Liz told Cherise the money was great, and it was a wonderful experience for her. They talked about it some more and Cherise confessed she wished she had the nerve to pose like that. Liz told her there was nothing to it. You get used to being naked. Liz offered to take some shots of Cherise, but she quickly declined.

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       “Oh come on I’ll do it with the Polaroid, no negatives!” After some coaxing, Cherise agreed, and Liz got the camera. Liz instructed Cherise on how to pose. The first picture was a little modest, Cherise pulled down the straps of her skimpy slip, at the urging of Liz until they barely covered her nipples. For the next picture, Liz pulled the lace slip all the way down to her ass, and insisted Cherise caress her ample tits and nipples, and spread her legs slightly. All the wine Cherise made her feel very relaxed, and posing made her feel sexy especially when Liz told her how hot she looked. Liz instructed Cherise to put one leg up on the coffee table and spread her legs a little more. Cherise did as she was told and Liz snapped away. Liz removed the slip and had Cherise put her leg over the sofa and slide her hand up her thigh towards her furry triangle, as she did, Liz instructed her to finger herself to climax. Feeling drunk from the wine Cherise began to do so. Liz watched as her friend fingered herself. Liz began to get excited herself watching her friend. As Cherise lay on the sofa stroking her slit, Liz slid off her panties, damp from excitement, and joined her friend. Liz pulled her hand away from her crotch and replaced it with her warm tongue. Liz rubbed her own shaved slit as she did this. Cherise soon began to moan as Liz sucked on her furry slit.

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       Cherise climaxed in no time at all. Liz straddled her friends face, soon Cherise was licking and sucking her shaved lips and clit. Liz soon climaxed as well, and they lay together in each other arms breathless. .