A Night Out by Lil-Brandi


I hung up the phone quickly and turned my legs out of the covers for my feet to meet the floor. It was cold outside, being December, and chilly in the house compared to the warmth of my waterbed. I felt the cold air rush up my warm legs and give me Goosebumps. I stood up and the cool air quickly encircled my entire naked body, I felt my nipples harden, and I shivered slightly as I walked across the room to get my robe. I stopped briefly and went to the two huge French doors, which lead from my bedroom out onto a huge deck outside. I parted the curtains wide. The morning light shone in and I squinted my early morning eyes to fend off the bright light until I could adjust. It was a gray day. . . lots of clouds, and frost was covering everything the air had touched. I watched as a few stray snowflakes danced their way to earth. I opened the curtains wider and stood totally naked looking out for the entire world to see me if they had a chance. Of course no one had a view of my deck, that's where I would walk out on early summer mornings before getting dressed, loving the feeling of the fresh days air enveloping my nakedness and where I would tan endlessly, thrilled that I would have no tan lines. But this morning, there was no way my naked body was going to get even close to that outside world. I turned and headed for my bathroom, I started the shower and the hot water quickly developed a thick steam in the cool room.

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   I glanced at myself in the mirror and smiled at the sight before entering the fully glass shower stall. The water felt so good, so hot. It caressed my tired skin, kneaded my breasts and stomach, and tickled slightly as it ran down the length of my legs. I breathed deeply, as I felt the heat pour between my legs and touch my nicely trimmed pussy. I closed my eyes and thought dreamily of the night of love before. My mind envisioned the cock pistoning in and out of me just 8 hours earlier. I still felt the throbbing sensation deep inside. I reached for the soap and began massaging my entire body with it, the fresh smell tantalized my senses as I breathed it in. Soon I was covered from head to toe with slippery soap. My hands slid across every inch. I cupped both of my ample tits, the nipples hardened against my palms, I thought how nice they were and fairly large for my tiny 5'1" 106 pound frame. I pondered at how firm they were as I gently squeezed them and thought of all the compliments I received about them and even the crude comments from the perverted guys at school. My hands worked downwards over my tight tummy, abs that I work on constantly, making sure they stay flat and firm, years worth of silly crunches paid off, I thought to myself. I massaged the soap in to my skin, not missing a single inch. My hands trailed to my ass, "the greatest personal asset" I thought, "it and my legs.

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  " Small indeed but very shapely and tight, firm and tanned. I giggled to myself as my hands caressed the two halves, not quite the same feeling as John's hands felt like on them last night. His were strong and large, and squeezed my ass perfectly as I sat on top of him and slid up and down on his embedded cock. At one point he controlled my up and down motion, by gripping my ass and hips tightly and then thrusting his hips up and down, driving his hard-on into me relentlessly. On his up stroke he would push me down to meet his thrusts, plowing his flesh so hard and deep inside of my wetness. His cock was not that big, I thought to myself, thank god, or I would be so sore today, I wouldn't be able to walk, cause his staying power was really good. He worked his cock in and out for about 90 minutes straight, at different tempos, and different positions. Of course, "I sucked him to a mind blowing orgasm earlier in our love making session, which I'm sure helped him last longer on round two. " My hands had just worked there way to my now wet pussy, massaging the soapy hand over the sensitive luscious lips and to the love button itself, when I was thrown into reality by the sound of Lisa's voice. . "Hey girlfriend, damn you sure can steam up a bathroom" she laughed. "I'm going to get on the computer and go to Naughty Chat until you get out ok?" I replied "sure". I continued my shower, of course not as naughty as it was beginning to be. My mind drifted to Lisa. She was my very best friend in the world, always has been.

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   Definitely a hottie as well. She had more than her share of harassing guys and dates as well as offers. Her and I were double trouble I thought to myself. She was tanned like myself, much taller however, with a beautiful body. Her long straight blond hair went down to her nice ass, and was a huge contrast to my long brunette wavy locks. We worked out together, swam and tanned together, shopped together, dated together, and just shared life in general together. There was nothing we didn't know about the other, nothing. She again breaks the silence of my thoughts by asking about my date last night and laughing an evil laugh, I just giggle. "Oh that tells me everything" she replies. I finish my shower and step out of my glass encased dreamland. My legs almost feel weak as I put on a clean robe and wrap my hair in a towel. Walking out of the bathroom I see Lisa is chatting online in the Rusty Screw Pub with a guy named Tom. She is laughing hysterically. I take off my robe and begin to towel dry my body. She suddenly says, "damn if I was a guy I would have a huge hard-on right now" I glance up and see her looking at me, I feel my cheeks get flushed at her comments.

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   I've never had another girl say anything like that to me. She continues, "Oh c'mon Brandi, you are absolutely gorgeous from head to toe, how could any human not have some kind of feelings looking at you naked. "She turns and continues her chat session. I finish getting ready to go, hair, makeup, and clothes. Lisa says her good-byes to Tom online and turns off the computer. My mind can't stop thinking about her comments, an almost strange feeling of excitement raced through my body after she said it, a feeling I had never felt before. After greeting my parents with good mornings and hugs, we head out the door to the awaiting day. We take Lisa's car because it is warm already, and head to the mall. Both buying new outfits for the night's party that lies just a daytime away, we go from store to store trying on clothes. At some, both going into the same dressing room if big enough, as to see each other's selection and give our opinions. I again think of her comments as she stands in front of me in the dressing room of 5-7-9, my favorite store, in just her bra and panties. I look at her suddenly in a very different way than ever before, she is very, very sexy I think to myself. Then I wonder oh my God, I am looking at my best friend, another girl with thoughts of lust, what is wrong with me? I find a beautiful dress in my size, short and very fitted but I love it. A sexy "After Eight" black number with cutouts in all the right places. I look at myself in the mirror and like the way it really shows off my body and my tan.

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   "Hey if you have it, flaunt it right?"Lisa says, "that's the one, my God it's a serious head turner". I end up buying boots to match, and a short waist length jacket as well. We spend the rest of the day together having lunch and taking in a matinee movie. Every single move that Lisa does I end up conspiring into something more. My mind is in a fit of arousal or something. Finally as the day comes to a close, Lisa drops me off at home to get ready to go to the party. We agree I will pick her up at eight. I watch as she drives off. I carry the bags and myself into my house. I shower again, shave my legs, etc. , and get myself all dolled up for a fun night. Getting dressed, I put on no bra or panties, just black pantyhose, as underwear would show under the dress. I hate lines from panties. The dress is designed so no bra is needed. My tanned breasts swell at the top, showing enough flesh to tease, my tanned cleavage looks fabulous through one of the cutouts.

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   The dress makes my tits look bigger than they are, I think, as I look at myself in the mirror. I turn to look at my ass in the dress and marvel at the way everything looks. The dress hemline falls at mid thigh, showing off my sculptured tanned legs, the short heeled boots accent them even more. I love to dress in outfits that you have to watch and control the whole time you're out. as to not accidentally show too much. Yes conceited, I think, wow!!! Happy with the way I look,I grab my jacket and purse and head out the bedroom door. Kissing the folks goodnight and telling them where I'm going, and listening to Dads comments about my outfit, I head out into the garage and climb into my car. The leather of my 300ZX is cold against my skin and I shudder in chill. I push the button on the garage door opener and drive out into the dark. I feel so naughty and good at the same time as the turbo engine purrs on my lil' sportscar and my engine races inside my lil' body! I get Lisa and we head over to the party. She is dressed to kill as well and looking seriously hot. I climb out into the night and suddenly feel the rush of ice cold air race up my legs, up my dress and straight to my nakedness. My god what was I thinking. I grab Lisa's hand and move quickly to the warmth of the house. Three guys greet us at the door with immediate wows and comments and roaming eyes, we just giggle and enter.

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   I immediately feel and welcome the warmth. The crowd is already huge, and the party is in full swing, the host of the party Matt, comes up, welcomes us with kisses on the cheek and offers us a drink. On his return with drinks, he quickly starts in with "So Brandi how come we have never gone out"Lisa says, "Jeeze Matt you get her one drink and already you're moving in for the kill""I told you Brandi, you and that dress are a dangerous but great combination. " She then laughs. Not wanting to upset anyone right from the start, after being asked by I don't know how many people, I dance the first few dances with Lisa, leaving the wanting guys out on the sidelines for a while. Then a slow song comes up, John, my sweetie from the night before, makes an appearance and asks me for this dance, I say sure. I close my eyes and soak up the feelings of his strong arms around me as Celine Dion belts out "My Heart Will Go On" I feel my breasts pushed up against him and the nipples harden under the fabric as his hands roam freely all over my back and butt. He whispers into my ear about the night before and how great it was, how I spoiled his cock like no one ever had. He said he thought about my sweet lips wrapped around it and my tight pussy all day long. I just moan a response. I suddenly feel his excitement against me as we dance seductively. "My God he is rock hard". . . I feel the throb of his cock as it pulsates in the confines of his jeans.

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   I look around at everyone else dancing, all are in there own worlds it seems. I reach down a tiny hand and rub the bulging crotch. I feel the entire outline of his swollen member pushing against the denim of his button fly. I hear him groan in my ear as he gently nibbles and sucks on my ear lobe. He whispers suddenly, "I've got to feel you, please" He takes me by the hand and walks me through Matts house quickly, we stop at a doorway that he swings open. I hesitate briefly telling him, "I just got here. " He ignores me. Walking inside he switches a light on, it's the laundry room. "No partiers here" he says with a huge smile. He closes the door, then takes me in his arms and kisses me deeply, I feel his tongue push inside my mouth and seek out mine. Our tongues intertwine and dance together. I feel his hand on one of my ass cheeks and briefly get the image from the night before. I gently suck on his tongue which causes him to moan out. . "I love your lips Brandi".

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  I feel the wetness develop between my legs as my heat rises. He takes my hand and places it on his crotch, I rub it and feel it come to life under my touches. It throbs and jerks as if trying to escape the jeans. As if with a mind of its own, my hand undoes the top button of Johns jeans, then the second, and third. . . I part the fly and suddenly Johns hard love muscle leaps out into the open. I encase it with my small fingers, barely wrapping around the thick shaft. It throbs powerfully in my hand. I move my hand back and forth slowly, causing John to moan out a "oohhh yesss!" John then pushes his jeans down to his ankles and hops up onto the washing machine. I look at his cock pointing straight up to the ceiling. Veins run around and down the length of the shaft. The head is purple and swollen and begging for my lips, I know. I look up into Johns eyes. They speak a thousand words but a few very clearly, like all guys eyes do at this moment.

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   I move forwards and again take a hold of his dick, it is so very hot in my hand. I pump the skin up and down the length a few times. His cock is maybe, maybe 6 inches in length, but fairly fat and as hard as steel. His heavy balls are pretty big though, hanging down between his thighs. I caress them with my other hand, that brings another groan. I again look into his eyes, then lean forward and kiss the tip of his cock with my full plump lips. He jerks his hips upwards just slightly. I giggle knowing he wants to drive it into my wet mouth. I tease him with my tongue, and with kisses asking him in my most seductive teasing voice, "What do you want Hon", "Tell me what you want". . . I get him to the point that he begs me to suck his cock, pleading with me to please wrap my beautiful lips around his shaft. Wanting to taste his flesh as bad as he wants to feel me sucking on him I let in, plunging furiously down on his entire length. The head hits the back of my mouth, and he almost screams out with pleasure. I continue massaging his balls as I release my other hand from the shaft and let my mouth do all the work there.


   On the down strokes, I swirl my tongue all over the soft silky feeling head. I stop bobbing my head up and down every now and then to savor the feeling of his cock in my mouth. I play with his pee hole with the tip of my talented tongue and taste the first drops of precum on my tongue. . . mmmmmm. . . . . I know once I really get into giving head, guys cannot last very long at all. I have a technique that works wonders. My lips are perfect for sucking a guys penis, and my tongue knows exactly how to work over every inch of flesh, to drive an orgasm out of even the most stubborn of dicks. I grip my lips tighter around Johns throbbing wet shaft and slide every inch into my hungry mouth, I bob my head with more authority up and down the full length. His pubic hair slightly tickles my nose as his cockhead almost heads down my throat.

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   I move even faster now, feeling Johns hips begin to buck to meet my face, his breathing gets even deeper and he begins to groan and then moan that he's going to cum, "Pleeease don't stop" he yells as he begins fucking his engorged cock into my mouth, I suck for all its worth knowing my treat is almost there. I feel his cock swell even bigger just as the first explosion occurs. A massive hot flood of cum shoots into my throat, just then the damn door to the laundry room swings open. In shock we both look at Matt, smiling at us, and commenting that, "that's no fair" and "how the hell did you get this lucky John. " I keep my mouth on Johns cock until his orgasm subsides, not wanting to get sprayed with sperm this early into the party. I release his softening member from my mouth and stand up fully, wiping my chin and mouth incase any of his powerful ejaculation escaped my lips. Matt, with a smirk, says "Now me?"I look at him and say "I think not" quite embarrassed that I got caught giving head to John in his laundry room. His reply was "Awwww c'mon Brandi be a sport" then he laughed. John was doing up his pants, I looked at him and smiled, straighten my dress and hair, then turn to leave. Matt punched John in the arm and mumbled something to him about being a lucky son of a bitch. I escaped the room and headed to a bathroom, to clean up and to later find a drink. I finally catch up with Lisa. She is having a blast and I tell her sorry I was absent for a while. We both get drinks and begin to mingle with everyone else, John finds us and just whispers in my ear "Thank you". .

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  . then smiles and says "I can't believe we got busted", we both shrug and laugh. Lisa of course hears, and wants to know what the hell we were doing, we again laugh. Hours passed and the party was cranking and seemed to get wilder as the night wore on and the drinks started to take affect. I was even feeling a little bit silly and more giggly than usual. As people started to dissipate into different rooms or head home as it was getting late, I danced a few more dances and drank a few more drinks and then got Lisa and asked if she was ready to leave. I didn't want to have to drive home too drunk, even though we were in the same neighborhood. She said sure she didn't care nor have any reason to stay later. I found John and told him we were heading to my house and that I would see him tomorrow. He didn't want me to go and then offered to come home with me even. He was quite drunk and I didn't think that would be a good idea. He kissed me and said thanks again for the wonderful time and said he'd catch up with me soon! We headed out the door, thanking Matt, who still had a now drunk smirk on his face. "Glad you could come" he said laughing, then added "Or that was John that came" he then laughed and said be careful and gave me a hug and a butt squeeze on the way out! His last words were "one day baby, one day you will give me the time of day". At my house, Lisa and I got something to eat and headed up to my room. I flipped on the TV as we got changed into our nightclothes.

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   I threw on a robe over my naked body as I sleep in the nude. I don't like the confines of clothes while in bed. I could not help but notice Lisa's body before she covered it with a T-shirt. Her tits were beautiful, bigger than mine, but appeared just as firm and tanned. Her nipples seemed so hard, I thought to myself. Her pussy was covered barely with fine blond hair barely noticeable. We were both feeling on the border of a drunken state, stumbling as we got undressed and dressed. We fell onto my king-size waterbed almost at the same time. Her tits bounced under the thin fabric of the T-shirt, and her nipples poked out almost teasing me. She lay back against a pillow on the headboard. We both focused our attention to the television. It was a Red Shoes Diary segment, a show I always thought was very sexy. We both watched and giggled like lil' kids. The show was about two women that fall in love with each other and then end up getting very intimate with each other. It was sooo hot.

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   I began getting very turned on. I could feel my cunt getting so wet as I watched the two lovers on the screen. By this time, I took off my robe and slipped under the sheet. Seeing that Lisa was also lost in the moment on screen I reached a hand down to between my legs, God I was soaked. I couldn't believe it. The mixture of alcohol and this show and maybe even this hottie next to me almost naked in my bed was taking its toll on me. My mind was going crazy with thoughts. "I wished I could have a cock to thrust deep inside me right now. Maybe John should have come over", I thought. He could relieve my frustrated state. My hand was still between my legs, just laying on my hot pussy when suddenly Lisa turned towards me, and her hand laid right on top of mine on the sheet. She said, "Why don't you let me do that". . . "Oh my god", I thought, "my best friend just caught me touching myself and is now coming on to me.

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  " One part of me wanted to leap out of the bed and run, but the other, a bigger part, wanted to stay and see what would happen. I know I turned 3 shades of red, I just giggled though and said "what"? Her reply shocked my half-drunk self. "I saw you touching your self, I know you are horny as hell, and well, I love you dearly and am very horny as well and very very turned on by you. " I could not believe what I was hearing.
    Was it really being said or was I more drunk than I thought? Before I could say another word, Lisa came closer and kissed me passionately. Her lips on mine felt like electricity racing through my body. At first I didn't respond at all as her tongue worked its way between my lips and sought out my tongue. I tasted the alcohol on her breath even though she had brushed her teeth. I knew then that she must be more drunk than me. I felt her huge melons press against me as she kissed me thoroughly. Her kiss, I thought to myself, was unbelievable. Her lips were the softest to ever touch mine, like tiny satin cushions. I felt myself begin to release a moan and I stopped it. My tongue suddenly had a brain of its own and started caressing her tongue. It seemed I had no control of it.

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       It danced all around hers. Suddenly, very gently she stopped and sucked on my lips, then ran her tongue across them. Oh my God, I was gone, somewhere, floating in air it felt. My body trembled at the kisses and felt so weak. I abandoned all hope in trying to resist. Part of my mind wanted to, but the other part and my body said no way. I felt my nipples get increasingly harder and my cunny much more wet. Lisa kissed me like I had never ever been kissed or even imagined to be. She then left my mouth, I was saddened at first, then felt her lips and tongue on my neck. She sent shivers through my body as she gently nibbled and kissed her way downwards. She circled her tongue around my heaving mounds of breast flesh. Rising and falling with deepened breaths. Finally her circles became smaller and for the first time ever, I felt a females tongue tickle my nipples, which were so hard they almost hurt. I moaned softly at the first lick. She suddenly locked her lips on to one nipple and sucked it so perfectly I trembled even more.

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       Between her sucking lips, I felt the tip of her tongue caress the very tip of my nipple. She worked on my tits for what seemed like hours. No one had ever paid that much attention to my breasts before. Guys always seemed to grope them, squeeze them and suck savagely on them as they fucked me. Which I had no complaints about, but now I was feeling something totally different and I loved it. The sensations Lisa was giving me seemed to go directly from my breasts to my cunt, which was on fire now. I felt myself squirming on the bed and undulating my hips wildly. Lisa sat up suddenly and removed her T-shirt. Her beautiful boobs swung free. God they were so nice. The nipples were like mine, not too big at all. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and did not sag at all. She had no tan lines either as we both tanned all summer nude, or at the tanning salon. Her cute little nipples stood out firm. She again leaned forward and kissed my lips, more teasingly but with as much passion as ever.

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       She then kissed both breasts and sucked quickly on each nipple, then proceeded downwards. She pushed the sheet off of me, and with her feet, pushed it off the end of the bed. I realized for the first time I was totally spread out naked in front of my best friend and totally at her mercy. She moaned out an "ohhhh my godddd" as her eyes looked over my body. She whispered almost in a husky voice. " My god girl you are spectacular. " She then went to work on me again with her lips and hungry tongue and mouth. She kissed and licked her way over my firm tanned tummy down to my bellybutton. She pushed her tongue into it and licked it like it was candy. I squirmed even more and let out a long sigh. With that she went downwards, as her tongue approached my thin, perfectly trimmed pubic hair, my ass lift off the bed instinctively, and I thrust my pussy forwards towards her mouth, she giggled deeply. She teased me so badly, breathing onto my hot cunt, I felt her breath on my wetness. She ran her tongue all around my crotch, but never once touched my pussy. I was just beside myself with frustration. She then left that region and headed down a leg.

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       She stopped at my toes and one by one, sucked them into her mouth. As she sucked on a toe, her tongue would slither in between my toes, licking so powerfully. It felt so incredible I thought I would just pass out. No one had ever sucked on my toes, I couldn't believe the feeling. She sucked for about fifteen minutes or so on all my toes, and then she pushed my legs apart, wide. She shifted her body so she was lying in between my spread legs. Her lips started kissing back up my legs, alternating between the two of them, kisses, nibbles and licks. She got to my inner thighs, her kisses and gentle nibbles made my thighs feel so sensitive. I spread my legs even wider apart, almost inviting Lisa in between them. Mentally I was begging for her tongue to touch my sweet pussy. Finally I again felt her breath. I squirmed my hips, and tried to lift my pussy to meet her mouth, God I wanted it so bad. I jumped slightly when I felt her finger run up and down the wet slit. My cunt lips were now so sensitive to the touch. She continued to gently rub up and down for a few minutes then she parted my pussy lips.

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       Suddenly I felt it! Her tongue was actually on my cunt, gently probing the outer edges and just inside my puffy lips. Then with no notice she plunged forward. Her tongue went all the way inside me. I almost screamed out with pleasure. She wiggled it around inside my tightness, and lapped up the juices that were now pouring. My god I never knew a tongue could feel this good. She darted it in and out of my hot cunt like a little soft wet cock at a speed that was driving me close to the edge quickly. Then she plunged it in again deeply and wiggled it around, I had never had a tongue so deep in me. Her hands pulled open my pussy lips as her tongue lapped at my sensitivity unbelievably. She then ran her tongue from my slit down to my very very untouched sensitive asshole. She licked my sacred hole that no one had ever touched before. My hips went out of control, humping the air as the tiny tongue invaded my virgin hole. I felt the wet tip push just barely inside. I screamed out loudly and then quickly muffled it, not wanting to wake my parents. The feeling was absolutely heavenly I almost cried.


       I felt, at this moment, so close to heaven I could hear angels sing. Her tongue continued the assault on my ass, then went back and slid into my slippery little slit again and again. She tongue fucked me furiously until I was so wild with lust that she had to grip my hips to control me. I moaned and moaned so loudly. If that wasn't enough, she had other tricks up her sleeve. I had known that Lisa had a vibrator at home, she had told me on a number of occasions about her midnight rendezvous with her artificial cock. I had no idea however that she brought it with her to my bed. She pulled it out and held it in her hand. It looked so real. It was black, and maybe 7 inches long, and god so fat. Veins, just like on a real cock, rippled down its length. It was complete with a bulbous head and two huge balls. Lisa giggled at the look on my face then dove back onto my dripping cunt. She moved her mouth up and circled my clit with her lips, I screamed out at the first touch her lips ever made on my sensitive love button. Her tongue swiveled around it and she sucked on me just like I would suck on a cock.

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      . . my God It was unbelievable, I couldn't help but wonder if this is what it felt like to a guy when my lips were wrapped around his cock. If so, it explains why guys always want that! I came quickly out of my thoughts when something hard nudged against my honey hole. Again and again I felt the hard nub of the black dick push against my entrance and then finally slid inside just enough to open my pussy lips. Lisa thrust the cock again and I felt my cunt spread as the hard appendage entered me with a pop. "Ooohhh my God" I screamed, "yesssss". . . . She continued slowly sliding the rubber penis in and out of my stretched pussy until it was all the way inside me. I had never been penetrated so deeply before. "It is sooooo big" I wailed over and over again. I could feel the huge head up near my belly button it seemed. She then switched her toy on.

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      . . . I just about died instantly from ecstasy. "My Goddddd" I screamed so loud, I could have woken up my parents and all the neighborhood parents as well. I grabbed a pillow and covered my screaming mouth with it, biting into the soft padding. The luscious dick vibrated my insides and the walls of my pussy quivered at the new feeling. Lisa then placed her lips back around my clit and sucked on me so hard. At the same time she began slowly withdrawing the big black cock, then thrust it back in. She did this over and over, never once stopping the suction on my clit. I never imagined in my biggest fantasies that something could feel like this. I never knew the feeling of lips and a cock at the same time until now, it was incredible. Her lips and the cock were now both moving rapidly, the dexterity she showed was mesmerizing. My juicy tight cunt spasmed around the huge vibrating black rod as way down inside I felt a huge orgasm building. It felt already, in its early stages, like nothing I have ever felt before.

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       I began thrusting my snatch back onto the cock in Lisa's hand. She sensed my building orgasm and upped her tempo and pressure on my clit, and started banging the dick into my love box harder and faster than any guy had ever driven his cock into me. My mind was lost, I started yelling muffled filth to Lisa. . . "Oooohhh yesss baby, fuck me hard, ohhhhh you're tearing up my pussy. . . . yessss don't stop, don't sttttopppppp. " I was over the edge like never before. As my orgasm neared, I gripped the pillow tighter and screamed into it so loud I could have woken the dead. Suddenly it hit with all the velocity and intensity imaginable. I screamed and shuddered, my body lost control. I strained so hard as I came bigger than ever in my life.

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       A scream-out-loud, swear-like-a-biker, cunt-bouncing-slut kind of orgasm raced through my body. I felt the liquid fire pour out of my cunt, around the big dick embedded in me and run down between my ass cheeks to the bed. Over and over again I came, my multiple orgasms drained me and turned me into a quivering ragdoll. My juices soaked Lisa's face and she lapped it up like it was precious. After my orgasms finally subsided, I lay still, not able to move a muscle. The sound of the vibrating penis echoed through the otherwise silent room and I felt my spasming cunt pulsate around it. The hum of the TV, was barely audible. Lisa finally withdrew the big cock with a soaking wet suction sound. My pussy felt suddenly empty but oooohhhh so good. I felt throbs deep inside, my cunts muscles still coming down from the episode. Lisa licked all around my well-fucked and sucked vagina gently, licking up all the love juices. She then moved up the bed and kissed me on the lips. I tasted myself on her lips and tongue, sweet, I savored the taste and wondered if that is how she would taste. A little while later I found out. I took Lisa as good as I was able to on my first attempt, my first taste of a woman.

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