A Night of Passion - Part 1


Her small circle of close friends were the type of girls who went out every weekend and frat hopped. By the end of first semester, Kelly had been to every frat the technical school had to offer. She met guys left and right, her natural beauty seemed to make guys flock to her. Kelly found one guy who really got her going. It seemed that she had the perfect life. She was doing well in school, she just found an amazing guy, and her friends stood by her side. There was one friend of her's who didn't go out as often, but Kelly considered her to be one of her best friends. Sam was a freshman along with Kelly. She lived just down the hall from her in her dorm. Sam was also very beautiful, but didn't want to believe it. She was a little shy in large company, but with Kelly, she was at ease. Sam was only about 5'3, had light brown hair that fell effortlessly to her shoulders. Her light blue eyes seemed to glow with her dark hair. She wasn't as bright as Kelly, but she worked harder than anyone Kelly had known to get the grades she did. Although Kelly had become close with a lot of girls, Sam seemed to be the only one Kelly could confide in. She loved being around Sam and often woke her up in the middle of the night just to be in her company.

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   Sam had known about Kelly's boyfriend first. She knew every aspect of the relationship; when they met, how they met, the way he treats her, the sex and how good it is. Sam was a little jealous of Kelly. She often thought about how beautiful she was and how sweet she was. After a year at school, Kelly and Sam parted ways for the summer. They talked every day on the phone, and even paid some visits to each other. They couldn't wait to get back to school and room with each other. Kelly was still going strong with her boyfriend, Tom, who was often jealous of Kelly's relationship with Sam, although he'd never admit it. He was the talk of all his house, his brothers were all jealous of him. After the start of the first semester, Tom and Kelly's relationship began to fall through. Kelly was often blowing off Tom to spend time with Sam, and Tom wasn't standing for it. He began to get mean with Kelly and started cheating on her. Kelly soon found out, and reluctantly broke it off with Tom, she found herself waking up Sam in the middle of the night when she got back to her room, needing to vent to Sam. "I just don't understand it, Sam, things were so great with Tom and I, and then he suddenly changes. He was cheating on me with every girl he could, who knows what kind of diseases I could have now.

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   He slept with every slut he found," Kelly sobbed on Sam's shoulder. "I'm sorry Kel," said Sam as she held her close on her bed, running her fingers through Kelly's hair, "I know how much you cared for him. But you know he's an asshole, everyone was trying to warn you. ""I know, I know," cried Kelly as she wrapped her arm around Sam's waist, lying next to her in Sam's bed, "but I thougt he was different. I thought he really cared about me. Everyone who knew him warned me, even his brothers. They all told me that he was just screw me and leave, but I didn't want to believe them. "Kelly began to calm down as Sam held her close. Sam began to tell Kelly of all her relationship blunders in high school, how she moved from guy to guy, dated anyone she could, but never found happiness. She told Kelly what she was looking for in a relationship. She related to Kelly with all her cheating boyfriends in the past, how much they hurt her and how she was taking a break from dating for a while. Kelly settled down while listening to Sam. Sam was laying on her back, with her arm under Kelly, lighting rubbing her back; Kelly had her hand rested on Sam's stomach, with her head on Sam's shoulder. Soon, Kelly fell peacefully asleep. Sam watched Kelly as she slept.

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   She brushed Kelly's hair away from her face and smiled down at her. Lately, she had been feeling things for Kelly that she hadn't felt for anyone before. She had noticed that while Kelly was awake, she was rubbing Sam's stomach slowly and gently. Sam was trying to push away the warm feeling that she was getting from Kelly's touch, but she didn't want it to stop. She fought shutting her eyes and allowing the feeling to grow while Kelly was awake. Her hand so soft, occasionally brushing her skin where Sam's shirt revealed parts of her stomach. She wanted so badly for Kelly to continue, but she was too afraid to express her feelings of lust for Kelly. The next day was better than ever for both girls. Kelly was surprised at how quickly she had gotten over Tom, and lingered in Sam's bed with her before deciding to get up and shower. She had been enjoying touching Sam the way she was, she could see how red Sam's face was getting when she was caressing her stomach, and she felt Sam breathe heavier when she lightly touched her soft skin under her shirt. Kelly had wanted to linger under Sam's shirt, but didn't want to make Sam uncomfortable, so she only touched her silky skin occasionally, to bring the feeling back. That night, the two girls had decided to stay in and watch a movie together. They both curled up in Kelly's bed with the lights off and one of their favorite movies in the VCR. They had always sat close to each other while watching a movie together, so it wasn't new when Kelly rested her hand on Sam's stomach. Sam had wanted the feeling back from last night, so when they changed into their pajamas, Sam made sure to wear a tank top that fell to just above her navel, and short shorts that she wore on her hips, leaving plenty of skin available for Kelly to caress.

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   Kelly had worn something just as revealing. Her cut off sleeved shirt was cut at the bottom, and fell around her ribs, showing off her strong stomach, and shorts just as Sam's. Kelly didn't just drop her hand onto Sam's stomach, she slowly ran her fingers across her stomach, feeling every inch of Sam's soft skin. She brushed her leg against Sam's, moving in closer. Sam felt her heart race, she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip to hold back a soft moan. She slowly slid her fingers up Kelly's bare arm, hoping she would continue her venture. Kelly quickly got the hint and began to slide her hand under Sam's tank top, feeling her soft stomach. Kelly looked up and saw that Sam now had her eyes closed, she watched Sam lick her lips and slowly bite her bottom lip as she caressed her stomach. She noticed her face turn red, Sam moving a little as Kelly continued. Kelly felt her loins grow hot as she gazed at Sam's beautiful face. The glow from the tv was showing Sam in a different light. Kelly moved her hips against Sam's leg, moving her leg over Sam's, getting closer, feeling the heat from Sam against her, Sam, now moving her hips up and down slightly as Kelly's fingers slowly lingered around the top of Sam's shorts. Kelly slid her fingers under Sam's waistband, Sam had one hand resting on Kelly's arm, the other caressing her bare side, moving north towards Kelly's perfect breasts. Kelly moved in closer and slid herself upward as she moved her hand from Sam's stomach, to the thigh, lightly touching it and moving to her inner thigh. Kelly breathed against Sam's neck.

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   Her hot breath giving Sam goosebumps, Kelly's lips brushing the side of Sam's neck, her hand sliding up Sam's inner thigh, moving towards her heat. Sam spread her leggs slightly as she felet her hand grow closer to Kelly's breast. Kelly leaned up and began to lightly kiss Sam's neck, her hand moving up between Sam's leggs. She brushed her hand lightly against Sam's hot loins, hearing Sam allow a soft moan escape from the back of her throat. Sam reached and lightly caressed Kelly's breast, she felt her hard nipple, running her fingertips over it, hearing Kelly moan against her neck. She spread her leggs more when she felt Kelly touch her warm pussy, she was wondering if Kelly could feel how wet she had gotten simply from her touch. Kelly slid her hand up and under Sam's shorts. She quickly found that Sam wasn't wearing any panties, and continued to move her hands toward the source of Sam's heat. Kelly rubbed her loins against Sam's leg, which was now between Kelly's. Sam felt her heart race, waiting for the moment she would feel Kelly's hand caress her wetness. Kelly slowly moved her hand down, lightly touching Sam's pussy. She heard Sam moan again and moved further downward, she slid her middle finger between Sam's lips, down to the source of her wetness. She allowed her finger to linger there for a moment as she got her finger wet with Sam's juices. . .

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  . . to be continued. . . . . . This is only the beginning. . . the rest of the story will come soon. .



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