A Lesbian Afternoon


As it turned out, Brenda had a locker room-sized shower room with three nozzles. She must have read the expression on my face; "The girls and I practice here a lot," Brenda said with a smile stretching her lips, "I am the captain of the team, only the best for my girls. " She came over and hugged me; it felt warm and sweet, and I felt an odd feeling between my legs as her skin rubbed mine. I smiled back at her as we all undressed and stepped into the shower. Kary turned the nozzle on the far wall, and I watched apprehensively as we soaped up our toned bodies. I must have obviously looked intimidated, for Vashti came over to me and put her arm around my neck, "What's the matter hon?" She apparently saw my trepidation as I sheepishly looked up at the tall auburn-haired beauty, "you're a beautiful woman, hon, how old are you: about 19?" She looked at my breasts, "You have the boobs of a twenty-five year old," she smiled as she said this, and I chuckled. I dropped my head to fling my hair down so I could reach it, "Hey Jenny, all the other girls are through," Kary walked over to me, "want me to finish your hair for you?" Before I could answer, she started massaging shampoo in my scalp, "you're extremely pretty; I think you'll make a great addition to the squad. " That felt really good to hear, and in almost no time we were through. Kary and I were the last ones out of the shower; she toweled off quickly and left the room. I finished up and followed her; the hallway was empty as I scanned the floor, "where'd everybody go," I wondered. Then I saw Kary waving me into the far bedroom, "Come 'ere, you gotta see this. " As I entered the room, I heard "ooo" and "ahh" over and over again. The girls were watching some home movies of women making love with each other. I was taking in the scene when I realized one of the girls on the TV was Vashti and the other one was Tiffany. I was so engrossed by the movie; it was several seconds before I realized some of the moans I was hearing were coming from the bed beside me. Tiffany had her face buried between Vashti's thighs and was eating her for all she was worth.

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   The whole scene was so erotic I scarcely realized my hand was kneading my own mound as I watched the two on the bed. Kary came to my side and kissed my cheek as she placed her hand on mine and helped me gently squeeze myself. I turned and kissed Kary's lips as Brenda knelt behind me and kissed the globes of my ass. Vashti and Tiffany stopped doing what they were doing and came over to us. Before long the girls lead me over to the bed and lay me down. Vashti straddled my torso; I could feel her steaming wetness drip on my skin as Tiffany's soft tongue licked her juices from my chest. She licked and kissed her way up to the apex of my right breast, and enveloped my hard bud between her silky lips I was so turned onto what was going on upstairs that I barley felt Kary spread my legs in order to watch my volcanic mound simmer. She laughed and waved Brenda over, "Look at this, Bren," she was smiling and giggling like a schoolgirl, "I've felt those nerves down there jump, but it's the first time I've actually seen one quiver. " Brenda smiled at me, "you must be aching for attention, hon. "She and Kary looked at each other and licked their lips before both lowered their heads and feasted on my tremulous pussy. I was moaning and gyrating as Vashti moved up my torso and let her engorged petals kiss my hungry lips, and Tiffany gently massaged her butt while kissing my firm nipple. I loved Vashti's aroma, so I licked and kissed her seething caldera. I parted her soft folds with my dexterous lips and buried my tongue deeply into her. As soon as Brenda and Kary both pushed their tongues into my dripping pussy, I screamed into Vashti's corolla and exploded my sweet syrup for them. I felt Vashti's gentle tightness grasp my invading tongue, and she erupted her hot lava, which flowed onto my chin.

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   Vashti dismounted me, as Tiffany's long tongue laved her drenched slit, and went over to where Brenda was, by her dresser. She whispered something in Brenda's ear and watched as Tiffany straddled my face; her aromatic pussy dripped its sweet love juice on my awaiting lips. I wasted no time at all before I started eating her glazed slit, as Brenda produced a huge fruit basket full of various fruit. She selected a plump strawberry and rubbed its coolness on my warm chest. I thought it felt amazing as she coated it with Tiffany's cream and fed it to me. Tiffany tensed up for a few seconds and came on me. I loved the feel of her warmth flow over my face, and just when I thought it was over, here came Kary toting a huge banana and returned her attention to my glossy femininity. I felt her tongue lash my pussy and kiss my enflamed lips, "What, oh what," she started in a mock confused voice, "could we do with this?"She held up the banana and read the sticker on it, "This nanner is one and a half ounces, and it feels about 8 inches," and peeled it. I squirmed a bit, not thrilled with the idea of making banana puree with my pussy, but relented when she shoved it in me. I had never been so filled by any of my men's dicks and loved the feel of it as my honey coated it. It slid in me easily up to the tips of Kary's fingers and created such wonderful sensations. I moaned as I buried my tongue into Tiffany's scrumptious vagina. Brenda came over to us and licked Tiffany's cream off my face then kissed her nicely rolling ass, Com'on Tiff, you had your turn, my pussy's an inferno. " Tiffany motioned Brenda to take her place and reluctantly got off me, "I hope you realize how good Jenny is at that," her eyes softened and she smiled delicately.
    Brenda was right; when she put her beautiful pink mound in my face; I could feel her radiant heat descending on me.

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       Kary was working her magic on me with her fruity dildo, and I was in a sexual frenzy while licking and kissing Brenda's fiery slit. I inserted my tongue into her smoldering hole and could feel her impending orgasm build within her. Before long, Brenda was moaning and bouncing wildly on my tongue, "Oh God, Jenny, Oh God," she was saying at increasing volume; then I felt her sweltering tightness clamp onto my protruding licker, and her hot cream cascaded from her satisfied slit. She relaxed panting and got off me, "Ok, Kary. " "Hold on," Kary said, "I'm just about to finish up here," she smiled devilishly. I was so sexually intoxicated all I could say was, "Please. " Kary rammed the fruit into my hungry cavern as I bucked and writhed on the bed. She would rotate the fruit and kiss my enflamed skin; finally, I just could not hold back and let my volcano's caldera erupt its hot thick lava all over her pretty face and the invading fruit in her hands. She withdrew the soggy fruit from my drenched hole and came around to sit on the bed beside me. She fed me the creamy end of the banana. It was much sweeter with my honey all over it. Then she ate the remainder of the mutilated fruit and kissed my mouth ferociously while gently squeezing and kneading my breasts. She quickly moved from my lips and continued her oral assault on my hard little nipple; she licked, kissed, and caressed her way down my torso and bathed my pelvis with her tongue. We moved into a sixty-nine position, her fragrant pussy-hole in my face, as her head was thrust between my thighs. I was eye-level with her adorable asshole.


       As her tongue reentered my fiery cavern, I moaned her name, plastered my lips to her sweet pussy, and bathed the entire length of her sugary slit. I could feel my own desire rise in me as her skilled tongue worked it's magic on me; Vashti came over and joined her friend; their tongues entered me with sudden swiftness and lunged deeply into my smoldering vagina. I started to feel like I was floating as a wonderful tongue found my g spot and kept licking it. I screamed into Kary's pussy as she and I came together. Kary climbed off me as a streak of her cum ran from her satisfied vagina to my lips "Did you get that, Bren," I heard Tiffany ask as I forcibly turned my head to look at the other two girls across the room. They were starry-eyed, "that was so hot you guys," Brenda panted, "and . . . cut, that's a wrap. " She was putting the camera into a bag at her feet when Tiffany pleaded, Please, please, please tell me you got that. ""Tiff, honey, of course I got that," Brenda answered, "do you really think I'd miss the height of my directorial career," we all chuckled at that, "Yeah, it's not everyday you get to see a girl cum like a mad woman. "I breathed a big sigh as my muscles relaxed and quite loudly farted. My breath caught and I quickly turned my gaze downward; Vashti sat wide-eyed at my feet, then she fell back laughing, Gosh, Jenn, was that really necessary?"I limply dropped my head to the pillow, "Oh god yes. "The room filled with hysterical laughter at our reactions. .

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