A Friend In Need


The two friends sat quietly for a few minutes drinking there coffee, when out of the blue Molly sniffed the air and asked, "Do you smell something funny!?!" April took a couple of sniffs herself and replied, "No, I don't smell anything!!!" Molly cocked her head to one side and concentrated on the aroma for another moment of two before asking, "I know what it is, tell me the truth, April, did you and Mike do it this morning!?!" "W-what kind of question is that," April as incredulously, "I don't see how that's any of your business!?!" "Oh, stop it," Molly shot back good naturedly, "it's not your fault that you reek of hot sex, in fact I'd be proud of it!!!" April rolled her eyes and replied softly, "You're incorrigible, do you know that, you're all baaaaaad!!!" Molly giggled a little before replying, "So tell me, how was it, did you let him cum in your mouth!?!" Mollyyyyyyy," April said exasperatedly, "now stop that right this instant!!!" "Oh come on," Molly pressed on, "if I can't get the real thing at least let me hear about it, so, how was it!?!"April pulled her housecoat closer around her chest and in almost a whisper replied, "It was unbelievable, Mol, Mike woke me up with his mouth on my vagina and in just a second or two I was cummin' all over his mouth!!!" "Oh my," Molly moaned softly, "t-then what happened?!?" Now leaning closer as if she were divulging a state secret, she replied in a whisper, "He was in a hurry cuz he was running late, so he crawled between my open legs and fucked me super hard for about two minutes straight until he shot a load deep inside of me!!!" "D-did you cum when he was fucking you," Molly asked breathlessly!?! "Are you kidding," April sighed, "I musta had five hard orgasms in just that two minutes alone, he was like a wild animal out of control with only one thing on his mind--getting his gun off!!!" "Did you wash your pussy afterwards," Molly whispered in a thick voice?!? "No, his cum is still dripping out of my cunt," April replied gently, "why do you ask!?!"Molly was now in a state of high sexual arousal and in a very shaky voice answered her friend, "I just knew that I smelled a man all over you, and now I know that it was his cum oozing out of your pussy!!!" Both women sat there for a few moments wondering what to do or say next until Molly gingerly reached over to April and pulled open the top of her duster exposing her two large hard nipple breasts!!! "W-what are you doing," April gasped as Molly's warm hand caressed her chest and tweaked her rubbery nubs!?! "What does it look like I'm doing," Molly breathed, "I'm feeling up your fat chest and now I'm gonna suck on it!!!" April sucked in a lung full of air and gasped, but offered no resistance when her best friend leaned in and took a hard nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it gently!!! "Oh, Mol," April sighed softly, "we shouldn't be doing this, you gotta stop it!!!" Molly gave a sneaky giggle and asked sweetly, "Stop what!?!" "Y-you know very well what," April moaned while Molly nipped at her very erect nipples!!! "No I don't," Molly replied innocently, "you'll have to be more specific, I'm just a dumb blonde, you have to explain everything real slowly or it just goes right over my head!!!"April rolled her eyes and groaned as the sexual furnace in her pussy was being stoked by her tit sucking best friend, but she gamely asked, "Y-you're making fun of me aren't you!?!" Molly sucked hard for another minute or so before standing up and pulling April to her feet and whispering softly into her ear, "I'm just teasing you, hon, now let me help you take off your robe so I can suck Mike's cum out of your pussy!!!" Oh, no," April gasped, but again offered little if any resistance when Molly pulled of her duster and gently pushed her back down onto the chair with her legs spread wide apart!!! "Now sit there and be quiet," Molly ordered evenly as she calmly slid her own things off until she was standing there in only her bra and panties!!! After licking her lips, she dropped to her knees and with little or no fanfare, pushed her mouth against April's vagina and gently started tonguing her!!! "Sweet mary mother of god," April gasped as the tip of Molly's tongue wrapped itself around her hard little clit, "I-I can't believe you haven't done this before, it's even better than when Mike sucks it!!!" "When you're starving," Molly sighed, "you try harder," and then with hard nip on the clit, she bored in hard and brought April to a quick and satisfying orgasm!!!April just leaned back in the chair with her legs still splayed wide apart while absentmindedly playing with her nipples she sighed softly, "You're unbelievable, Mol, I can't believe I let you do that, but you were so darn persistent!!!" "Yes I was," Molly smiled back at her satiated friend, "but you haven't seen anything yet," as she slid off her panties and unhooked her bra, "now it's your turn!!!" "Now wait a minute," April protested, "I'm not gonna suck your pussy for you, I'm not a lesbian ya know!!!" "Of course you're not," Molly said while fingering her slit into a frenzy, but you can at least get me off with your tongue, I promise I won't tell anyone, and besides, just look at my cunt, it's absolutely on fire!!!" April didn't want to, but she couldn't stop herself from looking at her friend's clean shaven lips, and when she did, she gasped at what she saw, Molly's vagina was so puffed up that her clit was poking out of its hood and easily visible from across the room!!! "Y-you're not gonna leave me like this, are ya, April," Molly asked thickly, "if I don't get some oral relief I'm gonna just die!!!" April tried looking away, but her pussy was already drenching again, and so in a shaky voice she replied, "I don't know how you talk me into these things, but get over here.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . "Molly pushed the dishes to one side and hopped up on the kitchen table directly in front of April with her legs spread wide apart in an unbelievable slutty display that caused April's mouth to immediately go dry!!! "Jesus christ, Mol," she swallowed, "j-just look at your pussy, your lips are huge!!!" After putting her arms behind her on the table, Molly leaned back and by activating her cunt muscles flexed her outer lips with drove April right over the edge as she buried her face in the blonde's hot burning cunt!!! "Ohhhhhh fuck," Molly gasped upon contact, "ohhhh, baby, suck that pussy you fucking cunt lapper, oh yeah, do my pussy with your fucking mouth!!!" "Such naughty talk," April said between licks and sucks, "you don't sound very lady like do you!?!" "Fuck, lady like," Molly groaned, "just suck me off, I wouldn't have to resort to this if that asshole Gary would take care of me like he's suppose to!!!" April chuckled a little at her friend's rant, but her attention quickly returned to the task at hand, and that meant getting Molly's oversized clit to blow it's little nut!!! In one last tease, April barely flicked her tongue over the distended little head and asked sweetly, "Is this how you like it, babe!?!" By now Molly was in no mood for joking around, so without warning her hand snaked out and grabbed April by the back of the neck and jerked it hard into her pussy, which naturally caused her cunt to convulse in a series of brutally satisfying orgasms that left her shaking and quivering like a bowl of Jell-o!!!"Good grief," April said softly after they had had a chance to recover, "that was unbelievable, huh!?!" "Molly flopped back down on the table and sighed, "Baby, unbelievable isn't the half of it!!!THE END.