A chance encounter


Hannah was 22 and until the day she went for the movie Basic Instinct 2, she never realised a certain unique interest of hers. It may be unfair to say that she is attracted both the sexes, since what happened that day was not initiated by her, but by an older lady that she happened to meet at the cinema by accident or fate, she would never know. Hannah was a pretty young thing. Her short blond hair gave her a boyish look until your gaze swept down to the rest of her body. There was nothing boyish about this young lady. Her hips were full, and she had an impressive chest bordering on a 34 d cup that she generally tried to hide with a smaller bra size. This had an alarming habit of pushing up her bra to accentuate her cleavage that forced her to wear high necked tshirts. However, her flat tummy and unassuming face that was prettier than most girls were the very reasons why men as well as women looked at her more than twice. Hannah had long ago given up trying to acknowledge any of these looks or advances and many a time she was compelled to lead a reculsive life as much as her life would permit. In a rare moment of desperation to come out of her shell, she decided to watch a movie that she really liked: SpiderMan 3. Toby MacGuire was her idol and that was the main reason for her attraction to this movie. So she went alone to the movie. She was dressed in a flowing skirt that did its best to hide her legs and a turtle neck sweater. However, there was too much of a crowd for the movie and she did not want to go back either. So she ended up in a queue for a completely different movie: Basic Instinct 2. There was not much of a crowd at the movie and she found herself standing behind a lady who seemed to be on her own.

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   She was quite a pleasant looking lady who seemed to be in her early thirties. She was dressed in a short casual skirt that attracted the eyes of several young men. She did not seem to notice these glances and kept her attention focused on the moving queue. Hannah was right behind her and could not help but notice her full figure and bulging bust. It made Hannah wonder how this lady managed the constant stares from a number of people. She was wearing a blouse that barely hid the cleavage and the blouse ended an inch above the waist of her skirt exposing her flat tummy. Judging by the tone of her muscles, Hannah realised that she was looking at a fit woman. Before long, they were at the ticket counter. The man at the counter issued two tickets thinking that Hannah was with the lady. She looked back at Hannah and then paid for both tickets, giving her a gentle smile. "Here you go. Looks like I am lucky enough to be seated next to you," she said. Hannah insisted on paying for the ticket but, she brushed it away. "You can buy me some pop corn if you like. " she said.

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   They got the pop corn and Hannah was feeling a bit uncomfortable around this strange woman. It turned out that they had the box all to themselves which made Hannah even more uncomfortable. They finally sat down next to each other. Hannah was fidgeting with her watch and forced herself to talk about why she came to the movie. It turned out that Tracy was a fan of Sharon Stone. Hannah couldnt help looking at Tracy's cleavage from time to time when she turned to talk to her. She seemed not to notice the young girls glances. After a while Hannah got comfortable with Tracy, finding her to be a funny and and easygoing person. The theater was getting a bit colder and Hannah felt goosebumps on her hands. The lights went off and the movie started. Hannah was not prepared to face what happened next. The credits started with Sharon Stone being fingered by a half delirious man. She was surprised to find that it was arousing to watch a woman driving a car at high speed being fingered at the same time. She continued to watch the scene, mesmerised and out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something strange. She could see Tracy's hand on her own breasts caressing them.

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   She did not want to move her head to see what was going on. But she felt desperate about seeing this older woman caressing herself. She turned slowly towards Tracy. Tracy's hands were caressing her body. Tracy saw her look and smiled. "I hope you wouldn't mind if I touch myself a bit," she said caressing her breasts ever so gently. Hannah could not take her eyes off this spectacle. Tracy's actions were so erotic that she felt her hands rise upto her chest. She stopped herself in time pushing her hands somewhat reluctantly to her lap. She could not move. Tracy continued to caress herself. Hannah was shocked to notice a certain amount of moisture between her legs. She squirmed in her seat willing herself to get up and stomp out of the box. But her body did not move. Tracy turned towards her.

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   "Can you help me with my bra?" she asked, turning her back to her and lifted her blouse exposing her smooth skin. Hannah resisted an urge to feel Tracy's skin, but her hands did not obey her. She felt her hands run over Tracy's back as it moved up towards her bra to unsnap the clasp. Hannah felt the releasing of Tracy's breasts as the tension eased on the massive mounds. Tracy settled into her seat and started to rub her breasts under her blouse. Hannah was mesmerised by the bulging breasts being caressed by Tracy. She felt her mouth water at the thought of the loveliness inside Tracy's blouse. As if she read her mind, Tracy calmly lifted her tshirt and bra exposing her milky breasts. Her nipples were pink and the aureola was large. Hannah could see that these were natural breasts devoid of any enhancements. Tracy took Hannah's shaking hand and placed it on her breast urging her to caress them. Tracy was shocked but could not take her hand off Tracy's soft flesh. She leaned closer as she tried to calm her trembling fingers as she ran her hand over Tracy's breasts feeling the contours. She teased the skin on the nipple coaxing them out of its lethargy and gasped as it stood up proud. Tracy put one hand behind Hannah's head and slowly pulled her down to the warm skin of her breast, her intention obvious.

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   Hannah's mouth opened automatically to welcome the soft skin of Tracy's breast into her mouth. She started to lick the upper part of her breast, holding it in her hand. Tracy's breast felt heavy in her hand. She squeezed it lightly as her mouth left a trail of saliva across Tracy's breast making its way towards the summit of her breast. Hannah's heart was beating faster than ever and she was so confused as to why she found this act so erotic. This was the first time she tasted a womans' breast and she felt as if she had done this all her adult life. Hannah's mouth reached its destination and Tracy shuddered as Hannah's inexperienced lips took hold of her pleasure point. Hannah's enjoyed the harness of Tracy's erect nipple and started to suck in earnest. Her other hand toyed with the other nipple making it hard. Hannah sucked Tracy's nipple hard making Tracy moan and wriggle in her seat. Hannah spotted Tracy's hand moving towards Tracy's crotch. Hannah stopped Tracy's hand and placed her own hand on Tracy's thigh, caressing the smooth toned skin. She moved her hand up, feeling the heat of Tracy's core. Hannah's hand moved higher and higher reaching the wet fabric of Tracy's panty. Tracy scooted down the seat to make her pussy more accessible to Hannah.

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   Hannah started to jab her fingers at Tracy's pussy over the panty making Tracy jump at every jab. Tracy reached under Hannah's tshirt and started to squeeze Hannah's breasts. Hannah pulled up her tshirt giving Tracy access. Tracy helped Hannah remove her panties making Tracy's wet pussy accessible. Hannah could see glimpses of Tracy's pussy in the darkened theater. She cupped Tracy's pussy and was unsure how to proceed. Tracy gave her quick lesson in pussy rubbing and Hannah started to rub her pussy making a wet sound as it slipped along Tracy's slit. Tracy moaned softly as she felt Hannah's fingers traverse her wet pussy. She pushed her body against her fingers needing more of Hannah's touch. Hannah responded by putting on more pressure. Tracy pulled Hannah's head away from her breast and started to kiss her mouth. Hannah felt a woman's tongue and lips for the first time in her life and enjoyed its soft feel. She had kissed a couple of guys before and kissing a woman seemed much more enjoyable. Then, Tracy bent over Hannah's breasts, searching for the hard young nipples. Hannah almost screamed as she felt Tracy suck her nipple.

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   She held Tracy tight as her mouth explored. Hannah's fingers faltered on Tracy's pussy as she found the attention too much and it distracted her from rubbing Tracy's pussy. Tracy didn't notice as she continued her onslaught on Hannah's hard nipples. Hannah could sense Tracys attention getting more intense as she felt her mouth suck harder. Tracy pulled up Hannah's skirt trying to get at Hannah's pussy. Before long, Hannah's panties were on the floor and both women were rubbing each others pussies. "Oh Hannah, I wanna fuck your pussy,. . . " whispered Tracy. Before Tracy could respond, Tracy just stood up and made Hannah lie down on the carpeted floor. She lifted Hannah's skirt baring her pussy. Then she lay on top of Hannah with her pussy pressing gently against Hannah's lying at an angle getting the maximum contact possible. She gently started kissing Hannah while starting to rub her pussy on the young girls pussy. Hannah was surprised but had no choice but to respond while moving her hips in concert with Tracy.

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   They started to feel the heat and wetness of each others pussies rubbing against each other, trying to merge while the other patrons watched the movie oblivious to what was happening a few feet away. Tracy started to hump Hannah's pussy faster and faster kissing her so hard as she felt herself on the edge of her climax. Hannah felt Tracy's urgency and moved faster feeling her own climax nearing. Just then, Tracy came, moaning into Hannah's mouth and she kept rubbing her pussy against Hannah without slowing down. The intensity of this act made Hannah cum a second later. Hannah didn't scream as her mouth was locked into Tracy and she held onto Tracy as her body rocked with a fantastic orgasm. After catching their breath, both women sat up and moved into their seats after wearing most of the clothing. "Oh, Hannah, I just can't get enough of your pussy. Would you like to come with me to my place? We still have at least a couple of hours," Tracy said looking at Hannah hungrily. "Yyess. . ," Hannah nodded. They both left the cinema in a hurry and headed down to Tracy's place. Tracy lived in an apartment complex close to the cinema. They entered Tracy's apartment.


   As soon as they were inside, Tracy pushed Hannah against the wall and started to kiss her hard pressing Tracy's heavy breasts against Hannah. Hannah hugged Tracy tight as she felt Tracy's tongue explore her mouth. Hannah lifted Tracy's blouse, and Tracy helped her take it off. Before long both women were topless,rubbing their breasts as they kissed hungrily. Tracy enjoyed kissing this young inexperienced woman who was a fast learner. Hannah was amazed about how pleasurable it was to be kissed by and older woman. Hannah got bolder and turned the tables on Tracy. She turned Tracy so that she was pinned against the wall. She started to kiss Tracy's neck feeling the smooth skin on her neck and started to suck the skin. Hannah jammed her thigh between Tracy's legs forcing them open pushing the tight skirt up. As if in a trance Hannah knelt before Tracy, pushing the skirt up more and baring her pussy. Her tongue reached out automatically reaching the wet fabric of Tracy's panty. Tracy was beyond the teasing phase. In a lightening move, her panty was off and Hannah's tongue touched a woman's pussy for the first time. As her tongue touched Tracy's pussy, Hannah felt a wave of pleasure course through her body making her shudder.

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   Before long, Hannah's mouth was all over Tracy's pussy loving the taste of it. She kept licking Tracy and before long Tracy was on the verge of another orgasm. Tracy made Hannah finger her pussy as she licked her clit and before long Tracy came hard collapsing on Hannah helplessly as she lost all control of her legs. Tracy recovered quickly and reciprocated. Her mouth found Hannah's pussy and Hannah felt a womans tongue on her pussy for the first time. She held on to Tracy as she felt her tongue roam all over her pussy. Then she felt Tracy go lower and lower reaching the end of her pussy and reaching the area between her anus and pussy. She enjoyed Tracy's attention. When she felt Tracy's tongue reach her anus, Hannah almost jumped. But Tracy held her down moving towards her little hole gently probing. Hannah felt Tracy's tongue trying to make its way past the tight opening. Hannah relaxed her muscles, letting Tracy push through. Tracy tongued Hannah making her scream. She felt Tracy's finger enter her pussy making it even nicer. She felt Tracy's attention get intense as she drifted closer and closer to an orgasm.


   Just then, she felt Tracy's finger replace her tongue in her ass and now she had two fingers: one up her pussy and one up her ass. A few seconds later Hannah screamed as she came hard. "Oh gosh Tracy, that felt so good," moaned Hannah as she stretched like a cat on the floor. They got up and had a shower together ending up in another couple of orgasms as they soaped each other. It was late when Hannah finally left promising to grow the friendship to much dizzier heights. Tell me if you like more of this couple. Gen_man69. on yahoo. .



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