A Bedroom Encounter


I once again looked intto the mirrior at my now wet naked self. I got this feeling in the pit of my stomach but I thought noting of it. After gerring towel dry I walked back into my room and once again laid my eyes upon the package that i had not yet opened. I shut my door and turned around holding the paxkage in my hand. Like the bathroom the back of my bedroom door had a mirrior but this mirrior was not as large. I started to unwrap the package and just like the note said it was a viberating dildo in the package. Then I thought back to what the last line of the note had said "test it out for me. " She reread this line over and over in her mind while staring at the object in her hand. Jus then the phone rang interuptting her thoughts. "Hello" I said into the reciver"Hey Nat," Trina awsered back " have you started to test out my toy yet. I thought a minute and replied" Not yet that was what i was about to do. ""well you better get started cause i wil be over there in anb hour to try it out with you. " She then hung up the phone and so did I. But a weird thought hit me "Trina a lesbian no it can't be can it. "I wabved thisb thought away and went back to the bedroom to honor my frinds word. I shut the door behind me and locked it.

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   If the phone rang again i'll let the machine get it. If somneojne showa at the door between here and an hour then let them think i'm not home. I took off the shirt I had put on, The the shorts that I had put on. Until yet again I was naked. I grabbed some pillows that were on the other side of the bed and proped them up aginst the other side. I laid down and spread my legs and set the dildo in between them. I started to touch my self starting at my neck working my way doen to my round firm B-cup sized boobs. Down my belly into the interthinghs and around my clit. i started to tease myself and work around bearly parting the hair and hardly ever touching the nerves. When i thought i had become wet enough i pick up the dildo and sucked on it to give it so lubercation. after about two minutes of sucking I pulled it out my mouth and lowered it to my clit. getting ready for entry. At first I bearly pushed it in and out of my clit. But with every 30 or so seconds i would increase the pace and hardness. until finally i reached orgasm.

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   I laid back after cumming all over the bed feeling relived. All i had to do now was sit and wait for Trina to arrive. Around 45 minutes later i heard a knock at the door. I pulled back on the robe and walked through the hallway leving little dripping spots as i walked. I looked through the eyehole and saw Trina on the other side. I opemed the door and before i could even say hi she pushed her way through the thresehold. She shut the door and locked it. I was about to say something but before i could she put one finger over my mouth meaning to be quiet. She grabbed my hand and lead me back to the bedroom, and laid me down on the bed. She stepped back a little way And started to strip. This was the first time I had ever seen Trina naked and damn she looked good. After getting completly naked she stepped forwad. After getting close enough she knelled down next to the bed. My pussy was half hanging over the bed and i was all wet in between my legs. She knelled down and started to lick my interthigh.

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   She started to lick around my clit teasing me and making me want her bad. After about 18 minutes after teasing me she started to dart her tounge inside me. At first slowly, but then faster and harder. I yelled at the top of my lungs "I'm c-u-m-m-i-n-g" Instanly opened her mouth and drunk the jucies that came rushing out. After lapping up the rest of the jucies she laid down on the bed next to me. To me that was the best Lesbian Bedroom Encounter i had ever had. .