Samantha Only Does Black


"Samantha Only Does Black"

By: Eeric

Blog: abmwmw. blogspot. com

My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam.

My family has always been very conservative.
So they have always disliked that I wore tight tops or even
tight jeans.

But I am considered to be quite a sexy girl by the guys.
And for that reason I have always had a boyfriend, which is something
my family doesn't like.

And I have to tell you, I really love sex.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I'm 20 years old, blonde and about 5 feet 3 inches tall.
I have a thin waist and a very athletic body.
My ass is very firm and tight.

I have always liked all of my body, well almost all of it.

The thing is, that I have rather small breasts.
I am a size A.
Don't get me wrong, they are very firm, soft and perky.

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And the guys have always liked them.
But I have always wished that they were bigger.

Because of the size of my breasts I usually don't wear a bra.
And I also like the attention I get from guys when I don't wear a bra
under my top, when they can see my nipples through it.

And I have always liked to show off my body.

Well as I said, I really love sex, and all the boyfriends I have had
has always said that I was the best.

I like to think that I'm very good in bed, because I have always
enjoyed everything about sex.

I mean, I love to give blowjobs.
And of course I like to have my pussy eaten as well.
And I love to get fucked real good.

Ever since I turned 18 and saw my first porn movie, I've had a dream.
To become a pornstar.

And since then, I have had a very strong sex drive.
But I have never really been satisfied by my boyfriends.

So a month ago when I turned 21 I decided to go to an adult movie audition.

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I had looked around on the web on various well known adult company web sites,
who produce porn movies.

And on them, I had found an audition that I planed to go to.

A day later I moved out from my parents house.
I had managed to get a small apartment in the city.

The audition was on a Thursday and when that day came,
I also got dressed for it.

I put on a very sexy tube top that showed my perky tits through it.
As usual I didn't wear a bra underneath.
And I also wore a pair of tight jeans.

I thought that I looked very hot.

So I went down to the place where they held the auditions.
It was in a building where you could rent offices for a week at a time.

I went inside.
In the waiting room there were lots of girls, and many of them
were gorgeous. And allot of them also had quite big tits.

I went up to the desk where you signed up for an interview.

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I signed my name as Samantha without my last name.

After an hour they called my name.
I walked into a room where the casting people were.

There was one woman and three men who sat behind a desk and asked me
some questions.

- Hi Samantha.

- Hello.

- You are 21 years old.

- Yes, I turned 21 last month, I told them.

- Is this your first audition for an adult movie, they asked.

- Yes it is.

- Ok.

A few minutes past.

- Well Samantha, the scene we have for you is a one with two guys.

- I've never done it with two guys before, but I guess I could try it, I told them.

- Ok great, now we have to take some shots of you naked.

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I was a bit nervous, but I began to get undressed.

Soon I was standing there naked, and a guy started to take some photos of me.

- Ok. . . good, you have a great body Samantha, I think you will be just great
for this scene, one of them said.

- You can put your clothes back on now.

When I had gotten back into my clothes, one of the guys walked up to me and
gave me the address for the video shoot.

Although I wasn't here for the money, I asked anyway how much it paid.
He told me that I would get 200 bucks for this scene.

When I got back to my apartment I felt a bit nervous about doing this
movie, but I also felt really exited.

The day of the movie shoot, I went down to the address that the man had given me.
The address was a large house.

I went up to the front door and rang the bell.
It was a woman who opened the door.

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- You must be the new girl, Samantha is it, the woman asked.

- Yes. I told her.

- Ok come on in, I'm one of the producers of this movie, she told me.

- The crew is upstairs in the bedroom setting up their equipment.

- We begin shooting in about an hour, so you can change in that room over there,
she told me.

- What am I supposed to wear, I asked.

- Its a small bra and a thong, and there's also a robe in there that you can wear,
before we start filming, she told me.

- Ok, I said.

- Look, I know its your first movie but you'll be just fine, trust me.

- Thanks, I told her.

I went into the room and changed into the bra and thong.
I looked very sexy I thought.
Some time went by.

- Are you ready.

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It was the woman producer.

- Yeah, I guess so.

- As I said just relax and everything will be just fine, she said.

We then walked upstairs to the bedroom.
In the bedroom the film crew had set up their cameras.
There were 6 people in the crew.

The director who was a black man said hello.

Then he told me to sit down on the bed and take my robe off.
I went over and took off my robe.

The director said that the two guys would come in and you would start kissing,
and then you would take off your clothes and give them a blowjob.

Then you would start fucking, and after that they would cum on your face.
But there won't be an anal shot in this scene.

- Ok, I told him.

A few minutes later.

- Ok people, action, the director said.

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A door opened from the left and two guys entered.

I was a bit shocked to find out that one of the guys was black.
I had never fucked a black guy before.

And they were also already naked.

They were both in quite good shape I thought.

But there was one difference.
The black guys cock was allot bigger than the white guys.
I mean, it was huge. I had never seen a cock that size before.

They were now sitting down on each side of me on the bed.
I started kissing the white guy, because I had never done anything like
this before with a black man.

The black man undid my bra and took it off.
He started sucking on my nipples. God it felt good.

The white guy pulled away from my kisses and started touching and kissing my tits.

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At that moment the black guy came up and pushed his lips up against mine.
And soon we were sucking on each others tongues.

I felt that I was actually allot more turned on by the black man than the white guy.

They had soon gotten my thong off and was rubbing my nicely shaved pussy.

It was now time for me to suck their cocks.
So I got down on my knees in front of them.

I looked at their cocks, as they were now hard.
And god, the black guys cock was soo damn big.
It must have been more than twice the size of the white guys.

I started to suck on the white guys cock, I had done this allot before and
I had no trouble getting it all into my mouth.

Then the black man pulled me towards him, and I pulled out the other
guys cock from my mouth.

I started to suck that huge black cockhead of his.
And for some reason I just loved sucking on his big cock.
I mean, I normally like to suck cock but there was something different
about his, maybe it was the size.
But I felt like I could slurp on his for hours.

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The white guy tried to get me to suck his, but I just ignored him and kept sucking
on that delicious black cock.

The director saw that I was soo into this black guy, that he felt that the white guy
was ruining the shot.
So he actually waved at the white guy to get out from the camera shot.
He had apparently decided that the black guy was going to fuck me alone.
And I had no problem with that.

Five minutes later the black guy pulled out his cock from my mouth and laid
me down on the bed and spread my legs.
He went down on me and started licking my wet pussy.
He was so good that I was moaning real loud.

- Oh goddd yeeeess I'm cummming, I screamed out.

He then got on top of me and placed his huge cockhead up to my pussy lips and
then he just shoved it right in.

- Ahhhhh yeeeessss, I moaned.

He shoved it half way in then he pulled it out, and shoved the entire length
right inside of me.

- Godddd It sooooo bigggg, I screamed out.

I couldn't believe he had gotten his entire length inside my tight pussy.
I felt completely stuffed with that thing inside of me.

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He now started fucking me real hard.
He would pull out half of his cock and then shove it back in again.

God he felt so damn great.
He was now slamming his cock in and out of me, I could feel his balls slap against
the underside of my pussy.

- Ahhhhhh godddd, I screamed out as I was cumming again.

I had never cum this hard before.

He leaned down to me and we kissed each other hard.

He then grabbed me and lifted me up.
Then he laid down on the bed.
I got on top of him, and got down on his huge cock.

I was now slamming my pussy up and down over his cock.
He had his hands on my tits and was squeezing my hard nipples.

We fucked for ten minutes more then he pulled me off of him.
I was now lying on my back on the bed with him pulling his cock in front
of my face.

- Ah yeah, he grunted.



He shot his huge load of cum all over my face.
I had my eyes closed as he continued to spurt his sperm onto my face.
I could feel his cum running down over my closed mouth.
My lips tasted some of it and it didn't taste that bad, so I opened my mouth
and took his remaining load into my mouth.

It actually tasted great, salty and sweet.

I now opened my eyes and saw his black cock go soft, so I took it into my hands
and then sucked it clean.

A minute later.

- Cut, said the director.

- That was great job you two.

Someone handed me a towel to clean my face with, but I didn't want to waste
any of this guys semen, so I scooped it up with my fingers and swallowed it.

I then put my robe on and went downstairs and got a shower.

God that black man really satisfied me.
No one had ever done that before, I thought to myself.

After I had showered and gotten my own clothes on, the woman producer came
up to me and gave me the money, 200 bucks for my part in the movie.

I was just about to leave when the director came up to me.

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- That was a great job Samantha.

- Thanks, I really enjoyed it.

- I could tell, he said.

- There's not many girls who has that glow that you had, he told me.

- And I was wondering if you were interested in doing some
other movies with black guys, he asked.

- Yes I am, actually I am very interested in that, I told him.

- Good, because I have three other movies with a black man doing it with a blonde.

- Would you be interested in doing all three, there is one scene in each movie, he said.

- Yeah Ok, I told him.

- Great, here is the address to the first movie.

- Thank you, I told him.

When I got to my apartment that day, I was actually looking forward to
my next movie.
I wondered if that black guy was going to be as good as this one today.

And he was.
The weeks past and turned into months.

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I had only done movies with black guys.
I just couldn't get enough of black cock.

And I had also decided to get a boob job.
I had saved enough money to get them done by a real good and well respected doctor.
And I also had enough money so I could stay home two months until they had healed.

Actually it only takes about one month for them to heal up after the procedure.
But I wanted to stay home a few weeks more to be sure that they were really healed.

The procedure went very well.
I now had a pair of DD size breasts.

A month past and my breasts had healed up very nicely.
And let me tell you, they looked great.
I had always wanted bigger tits and now I had them.
They looked soo good on my athletic body.

I had about a month left before I was going back to work.
There were allot of people calling and telling me that I would be great
in their movies.

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There were still a few people who called me asking if I wanted to do a movie
with a white guy, I didn't.

Most of the producers and directors in the business knew by now that I
only did black guys.
I had yet to meet a black man in the business that had a small dick,
most of them had really big ones.

But it wasn't just the size of their cocks that had me so turned on,
it was the whole experience of having a black man fucking me.

One day when I was in the local grocery store picking out some apples,
a guy came up to me.

- Don't take those green ones, try the red ones instead,
their much healthier for you. he told me.

- Really, Ok I'll try the red ones instead.

He was a white guy, about 30 years old, rather nice looking.

- I haven't seen you here before, have you just moved here, he asked.

- Well I moved here about six months ago, but I haven't been in this store before.

- Well its a great store, they always have fresh fruits here, he told me.

- Oh by the way, I'm John.

- Samantha, I told him.

We ended up walking around in the store for about an hour, just talking.

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He then asked me out tomorrow for dinner and I said yes.

A week later we had been out every day and I started to really like John.
I found out that he was the owner of the store we had met in and that
he also owned two more.

I wondered if I should tell him that I star in adult movies.

A few days later I decided to tell him.

We were out having dinner at a very nice restaurant with a table away from
the others.

- John, there's something I have to tell you.

- What is it Sam, he asked.

- This might be hard for you to find out.

- What, he asked.

- Well It's about something that I do and that I really don't want to stop doing.

- Yes.

- I'm in the adult movie business, I star in adult videos, I told him.

John looked at me and said.

- I know.

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- What, you know, but you haven't said anything.

- I know because I have seen allot of your movies, John told me.

- You have.

- Yes, and I didn't want to tell you because now that I have gotten to know you,
I have found out that I really like you, I like you very much, John said.

- And I didn't want you to think that I was just going out with you because
of who you are and what you do, he told me.

- And you weren't going out with me because of what I do, because you thought
it would be cool to date a porn star, I asked him.

- Well, maybe a little at first but not now, he said looking into my eyes.

He took my hand.

- I really do like you very much, and I really would like too keep seeing you,
he told me.

I smiled back.

- I like you too John.

And later that night we went home to his place and slept together.

He wasn't very good in bed, but I liked him and I didn't want to hurt him,
so I told him that is was nice.

The next day we had breakfast at his place.

- Are you sure you don't have a problem with me doing adult movies John,
because I don't want to stop doing them, I told him.

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- No I don't think so, John told me.

- You should now that I only do black men, I told him.

- Yes I know, I have seen your movies.

- And. . . do you like seeing me with those big black men, I asked him.

- A little, he said blushing.

- Do you get a hardon seeing me suck their black cocks, I asked teasing him.

He looked down.

- Yes, he said.

- That's nice John, I told him.

- And you know that you wont be able to satisfy me like a black man can do.

- I know, he said.

- And do you still want to keep seeing me, I asked.

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- Yes I do, he said looking at me.

I smiled, then I went over to him and gave him a little kiss.

Two weeks past and we were still going out.

I had gotten a call for a scene with two black guys, and I thought that would
be a great way to come back after being away for two months.

I told John about the scene and he actually seemed a bit exited over it.

Then came the day with the scene with the two guys.

I was about to leave for the shoot when John came over to my place.

- I just wanted to ask if you needed a lift, he said.

- Ok, I told him.

We got into his car and drove to the building where the shoot was taking place.

- Thanks for the lift, I said and gave him a kiss.

- Have fun, he said.

He was actually wishing me to have a nice time.

- I will, I said.

- And John.

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- Yes , he answered.

- Do you want me to bring you a copy of the tape when we are finished.

- Yes, he said.

- Ok I will, and we can watch it together, I told him.

- Great, John told me.

Wow, I thought to myself, I know that John likes me very much,
but I also know that he gets a bit jealous too.

But now I knew that he loved me soo much that he wants me to
fuck black guys, because he knows that he can't satisfy me in bed.

I waved him off as he drove away.
I then went inside the building.

Inside I met with the director and he told me what to wear for the scene.
I went into another room to change, they had a dress for me to change into.

The dress showed allot of cleavage, and I thought it looked great on me
with my new size DD breasts.

I then went to the bedroom where they had sat up all the camera equipment.
I talked to the director.
He said that the two guys would come in from the right, and then you would
talk for a minute.

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Then the guys would start caressing your body and you would start kissing.
After that you give them a blowjob, you would fuck each other and then they
would cum in your mouth and on your face.

- Ok, I told him.

I sat down on the bed.

The director then said action.

The two black men entered from the right.
They sat down next to me, one on each side.
I had read the script and there were some things we said to each other.

After a minute of talking they started to touch my body with their huge black hands.

I was now tongue kissing the guys while they had pulled up my dress and
were touching my pussy.
A moment later I stood up and dropped my dress to the floor.
I had no panties underneath the dress so I stood there totally naked.

One of the guys stood up and started squeezing my big tits while he kissed me.
The other guy started to get undressed.
The guy who had been kissing me was now sucking on my hard nipples.

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The other guy had gotten all of his clothes off and he had a very hard muscle body.
I got down on my knees in front of him and took his huge black cock in my hand.

He was still soft, but he still had to be at least 9 inches.
I took his black cock into my mouth and started sucking on his big head.
I was slurping at it, getting more and more of it into my mouth.

The other black guy was now standing next to me with his cock in his hand.
I switched and started to suck on his big cock while I was jerking the other ones.
He had to be at least as big as the first guy if not bigger.

I would suck one of their cocks then the other ones, and this I did for a while.
But at the most I could only get about half of their black cocks in my mouth
before I started to gag on them.

Then one of the guys pulled me up to the bed and laid me down on my back.
He got up between my legs and teased my pussy a little with his big cockhead.

He then shoved it into my wet pussy and started fucking me.
The other guy came up to me and sat down on his knees on the bed.

He laid his black cock right over my mouth.


I opened my mouth and began to suck on his delicious cock.

They fucked me like this for a few minutes before they changed position.

They flipped me up onto my hands and knees, and the guy I had been sucking got
up behind me and started fucking me.
The other one laid down in front of me and I began to suck his huge black cock.

I was now moaning real loud, but all anyone could hear was a gurgling sound coming
from me sucking on this mans cock.

The one who was fucking me pulled his cock out of me.
Then the man who I was sucking grabbed me and told me to get on top of him.
I got up and got on top of him and then I sunk down onto his black cock.

He now had his hands on my ass cheeks and pulled them apart.
The guy behind me placed his huge cockhead up against my butthole.

Oh god, he was going to fuck my tight ass.

He then started to push his head into my ass.
Soon I could feel his big head entering my tight ass.

- Oh goddd, I screamed out.

He started pushing more and more of it inside of me.

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I was now completely stuffed with black cock, one in my pussy and one in my ass.

They both started to move their huge tools in and out of me.

- Ohhhh I'm cummming, I yelled out.

Oh god I was in heaven.

The two of them fucked me like this for a few minutes more, then they pulled out
of me and I laid down on my back.

They started pulling their cocks in front of my face.
I stuck out my tongue and had my mouth wide open.

One of them started cumming right into my mouth and on my tongue.
His cum tasted so sweet, and the rest of his cum he shot on my face.
The other guy started to spurt his semen on my tongue and on my cheek.
His sperm was a little saltier and he came allot more than the first one.
He shot almost all of his cum on my tongue and in my open mouth.

When they stopped cumming I had allot of cum in my mouth, which I
showed to the camera before I swallowed it. Yummy.
I just loved to swallow their cum.

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The director said cut.

Later when I had taken a shower and gotten dressed, the director came and
told me about another job.
I said yes to the job and he gave me the time and the address.

It was a gangbang, and this one was going to be great, I thought to myself.
But that scene wasn't for another month.
So I had to do a couple of more jobs before that one.

He also handed me a copy of the tape we had shot today.

I then took a cab home to John.

When I went inside his house he was sitting watching TV and waiting for me.
He got up and walked over to me, I gave him a nice kiss.
When he hugged me I felt that his dick was already hard.

- I see that you have been waiting for me.

- Yes I have. Was it fun, John asked.

- I have the tape right here, I said.

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- Lets put it on, he said.

He put the tape into the VCR and turned it on and then we sat down on the couch.
We watched as the two black men came in and started having their way with me.

I saw that John began to blush a bit watching the tape and also that he was
very turned on by it.

- You like watching those big black men fuck me hard, don't you.

- Oh yes, he said quietly but with a heavy breath.

- You want to take your dick out of your pants, I asked.

- Yes, he said as he reached down and unzipped his pants and took his dick out.

He started jerking it while he watched me on the TV getting fucked.

- Do you want me to jerk it off for you, I asked.

He nodded.

I took his little dick in my hand and started pulling it.
He was soon starting to breath even heavier and I could see that he was about to cum.

- Ahhh, he grunted.

He shot his little load over my hand and on his pants.

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- Oh that's nice honey, I said and gave him kiss on the mouth.

- You were great Samantha, he said.

He gave me a tissue and I wiped his cum off my hand.

A month past and I had done about 18 scenes during that time.
And John wanted me to bring home a tape of each one.
I had also moved in with John.

I had told him about the gangbang I was doing today about a week ago.
He was quite turned on by the idea.

John actually asked if he could come and watch.

- Are you sure you want to watch, I asked.

- Yes I am, he said.

- You know honey, its quite different than watching it on the TV, I told him.

- I know, but I still want to come and watch.

- Ok, you can come, I told him.

We drove down to the place were they were going to shoot the gangbang.

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We got out of the car and went inside.

- Hi Samantha, the director came up and we said hello.

- And who is this, he asked.

- This is my boyfriend John.

- He wanted to come and watch the scene we're shooting today, I told him.

- Well I guess he could watch, though I have never seen allot of the girls
boyfriends come down and wanted to see their girlfriends fuck other men,
the director said.

- Oh John is ok with me fucking black guys on camera, I told him.

The director told me where to change, and then showed John to an empty room
where they had sat up the camera equipment.
He showed John a place were he could sit and watch.

In the changing room I changed into a small bra and thong that I would
be wearing for the scene.

I then went into the room where we would be filming.
The room was empty except for a mattress in the middle of the room.

I knew that it was on that mattress I was going to be so I went over and sat
down on it.

From there I could see John sitting in a chair behind the crew in the back.

Then 8 black men came in wearing nothing but boxers.

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They were now standing behind me.

The director then began to tell us how he wanted the scene.

- Well this is a simple scene, I want to see some blowjobs, some hot fucking
and two of you guys cumming on her face.
The rest of you guys, I want you to cum in the glass in front of you.
After everyone has shot their loads, Samantha, you drink up the cum in the glass.

I smiled and said ok.
The guys nodded.

Today I was going to swallow so much delicious cum, I thought to myself.

The director said action.

All the black guys took off their boxers and revealed their massive cocks.

They walked up to me and stood all around me.

They were waving their cocks in front of my face.
I grabbed one of them and started sucking on that huge black cock.
While I was sucking on one cock I took another in each of my hands and jerked them.

I wanted to taste every last one of them.

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But there were so much cock around me that I didn't know who I had done.
I sucked on one for a minute then I switched to another and slurped on that one.

They now pulled me up onto my feet and removed my bra and my thong.
One of the guys laid down on the mattress, and then I got on top of him and
started fucking him.
Another guy got up behind me and shoved his black cock into my tight butthole.
While I was getting fucked up the ass and in my pussy, I was sucking on another
huge cock.

They fucked me for a few minutes then two other black studs switched with them
and started fucking me hard.
All the time they were fucking me, I always had a cock in my pussy, one in my ass
and one in my mouth.
I was really stuffed.
I don't know how many times I had cum but it was allot of times.

A few times I saw one of the guys go over to the glass and jerk off in it.
I had seen three of the guys do this.
It was a big glass, but it was almost half full.

They fucked me for about ten minutes more, then the two guys pulled out of me.
They got up to my face and started spurting load after load of sperm all over my face.

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I managed to swallow a bit of their cum too.

When they stopped cumming I looked up and saw two of the men standing over the glass,
and they were pulling their big black cocks.
Then they shot their loads into the glass.
When all of them had cum in the glass, it was full.

I crawled over to the glass and picked it up.
The camera did a close-up of me and the glass.

I looked at it, It was full of their salty, sweet and delicious sperm.

I couldn't believe I was about to drink it all.

Before I started drinking it I smiled at the camera.

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.
Then I started to pour the white and a bit gooey liquid onto my tongue
and into my mouth.
It tasted great, I swallowed and swallowed.
God there was allot of it.

When I had almost swallowed all of it, I took the last of it into my mouth and
then I held it out on my tongue to show to the camera.

I then swallowed it.

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The black men then started to applaud me and yell out,
good girl and great and such things.

A little while later I remembered that John was here.
I had totally forgotten about him, but I couldn't see him anywhere.

I decided to go down and take a shower and then go look for him.

When I got down and was just about to go into the shower, someone opened the door
and came inside my room.

It was John.

He had a little smile on his face.

- You looked so good honey, he said.

- Where were you, I looked for you.

- I had to go and jerk off somewhere, he told me.

- Oh honey.

He came up to me and kissed me on my lips.

- John I still have their cum on my face and on my lips.

- I don't care, he said and continued to kiss me.

He actually licked some of their cum off my face.

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I smiled.

- You like to taste their cum on my lips, don't you John.

He nodded.

I then took a shower while he watched and then we drove home.

John and I have now been together for about 4 years and we are now married.
He still loves to see me fuck black men, and sometimes he comes with me to
watch me do a scene, and then he likes to kiss me after we are finished with the scene.
So that he can taste their sperm on my lips.

The End.



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