Interrogating our Prisoner of War


"We're busting in" Bryce called out and as one we smashed through the door of the fortress to the officers quarters. The war had been going on for 3 long years and we were finally gonna stick it to the Mexicans. We found the general behind his desk, caught completely by surprise, and we had him put his hands up. He pulled a pistol on us but we gunned him down. Me and Bryce were ecstatic, we had one a decisive victory. But as we celebrated, we heard a click and we turned around to find a shotgun pointing at us. We reached for our guns to shoot the foolish soldier who messed with us, but as we looked up we saw that it was a woman who held the gun. She was stunning too, a tan, dark haired Mexican lady in a white, lacy shirt and jeans, but wearing the badges of an officer. A cigarette dangled from her open pink lips. Her curves caught our eyes and we followed them down to her pierced navel. Bryce and I looked at each other in delight, and Bryce hit her gun off to the side and I pointed my pistol at her.
"Drop it!" I said. "You're coming with us. "

For winning the battle, Bryce and I got promotions. We supervised the interrogation of our new hostage. First, she had to be processed.

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   The prison doctor had her strip down and put on a thin medical gown wall we watched. He took her temperature and blood pressure, and everything seemed OK. Then he called in his nurse, and instructed our prisoner to take off the gown. She stood before us, completely naked, but there was defiance in her eyes. The doctor instructed her to put her arms up. It looked like she hadn't shaved her underarms in several days, as she had been busy fighting. The nurse waxed off all the hair under her arms, then moved on to her legs. The nurse then moved on to her pubic hair. When the war broke out, American women had already accepted the custom of removing their pubic hair, but the trend hadn't caught on in Mexico. As a result, Mexican women took great pride in keeping a thick bush, as a symbol of defiance towards America.

As soon as the nurse began applying the wax to her thick bush, our prisoner smacked her on the hand.
"There is no reason for you to do that" she said, in a thick Mexican accent and clearly outraged.
"Our prisons aren't always the cleanest" the doctor said, "and we have a water shortage down here, so we can't afford to let you shower every day. So we have to wax you for hygienic purposes, otherwise you're gonna start to smell down there, and your pussy could get infected. It's standard procedure for everyone in the our military as well as all of our prisoners to be waxed clean, it's for your own good.

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"I don't care" she spat defiantly. The doctor looked at me and Bryce and winked, and each of us grabbed one of our prisoner's arms and held her down. The doctor held her legs to the table while the nurse ripped out her thick latina bush. She was screaming bloody murder the whole time. When the procedure was done there was no hair left on her pussy. Just like her belly button was pierced, we found that she had a matching ring directly in her clit- it was the only thing we could see poking out of her pussy, the rest was tucked inside. The doctor removed all her rings, as she could potentially use them to aid her escape, making her pussy now just look small and innocent. Without the ring poking out and with no visible labia, she looked just like a defenseless little girl.
"You took my womanhood away" she said to us with hatred in her eyes, "but you can't take my spirit"
By the time her exam was complete, I was seriously turned on, and thoroughly convinced that this girl was one of the hottest I'd ever met. I wasn't going to let her slip away.

I put in a request to my superiors to have her cell moved to my office, saying that it would be more effective to interrogate her there then in the prison. My superiors asked me why it was so important to interrogate her, and I replied that a woman this young and this beautiful, who was clearly an officer, must have significance. They approved my request, and she was moved to my office.

Resources were scarce in our base down in Mexico, so we couldn't afford uniforms for all the prisoners. Therefor, she was wearing just a thin grey tee shirt and a pair of black panties.

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   Her blue eyes flashed hatred of me when they brought her in. I pulled my chair up to the door of her cell and sat down.
"OK, let's begin" I said. "Let's start with something simple, what's your name?"
She said nothing, just looked at me.
"It's not that hard, que es tu nombre?" I said, asking her this time in her native tongue. At the sound of my crude Spanish, she spat on the ground.
"You think you can talk Spanish soldier boy?" she said. "Well you're wrong"
I walked over to the door and tried again.
"I'm sorry. I just need to know you're name. That's all for today, tell me, and we're done. "
She walked up to the door of the cell. We were face to face. I thought she was going to tell me when she opened her mouth, but then she just spat in my face.
"OK, that's it" I said "I've tried being nice, but it's time to play hard ball Senorita"
I pushed her to the back of the cell through the bars, then opened it and stepped inside, closing the door behind me.

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   I chained her to the single chair in the cell, then I ripped her shirt open, revealing her bouncy, perky boobs. Then I pulled down her panties, gazing lustfully at her waxed, bare pussy. This was the real reason I had had her moved to my office. I took off my pants and whipped out my dick. It was 8 inches long and very thick. I was circumcised and my dick head was a lot wider then the shaft, so that my cock was like a spear. I knew that the Mexicans didn't bother to circumcise their men, and that she would be totally unprepared for my hard, rough American dick. I pushed into her tiny latina pussy, and began to thrust aggressively. Damn, she was tight. She began to scream and wail in a mix of pleasure and pain as I thrust in and out of her. I banged her so hard that the chair she was sitting in shook and her boobs bounced up and down on her chest. After about 5 minutes of thrusting, I pulled out.
"What is your name?" I said, more fiercely this time.
The girl just glanced down at her cunt and said to me "is that all you've got".
"This is gonna be fun" I thought to myself, and I jammed my cock into her pussy once more.

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   I was thrusting ridiculously hard, I was fucking her raw, but this girl was right about one thing, she had spirit. She was thrusting back at me, making my cock quiver, it felt fucking amazing. I knew I had to teach her a lesson, so I tried as hard as I could not to cum. I needed to last a while, to fuck her till she hurt. After 8 minutes of thrusting, she stopped thrusting back, and was obviously in pain. After 9 minutes she started pleading with me to stop, and after 18 minutes, I finally did. I pulled my dick out and shot my load all over her boobs and face. She was crying now, pleading.
"My name is Marlita" she ghasped.

There now. I said, that wasn't so hard, was it.

The next morning, I walked into my office, eagerly anticipating the day's worked. I opened my desk drawer and opened a pack of cigarettes. I didn't really like smoking, but I wanted to taunt her. I lit one with my military Zippo lighter, and took a long drag.

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   Then I walked over to her.
"How did you become an officer?" I asked.
She came up to the bars.
"You're gonna have to do better then you did yesterday to get that info out of me" she said.
"That can be arranged" I said, "but I'd like to make things easier for you. How about we make a deal? You give me the info, and I'll give you the rest of those cigarettes on my desk over there" I said.
"I don't need 'em" she said.
I laughed. "I know what smoking does to you bitch" I told her. "Those cigarettes have you enslaved. I know you want them" I took a drag on my cigarette and blew it in her face. This was my test. Instead of coughing, she breathed in deeply, absorbing the smoke. I could see the desperation in her eyes. She looked at me angrily, she was pissed that I had found her weakness.

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"I won't give you the information" she said. "but I'll suck your dick".
I laughed. This girl had a lot of spark to her.
"Deal" I said.
I pulled down my pants and put my dick up to the bars. She put it in her mouth and began to suck. She was an expert, she caressed my dick head with her tongue and soon I was in heaven. But just as I was about to cum, she bit down hard on my cock. I yelled in pain and yanked my dick out of her mouth. Luckily I wasn't bleeding, but I had a bruise forming. I opened the door to her cell, and she lunged at me, but I backhand slapped her accross the face. It left a mark and knocked her to the ground. As she struggled to get up, I knocked her to the ground again and tore off her clothes. I flipped her onto her back and smacked her across the ass until she started crying.

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   Then I plunged my dick into her ass, which was even tighter then her pussy. While she had clearly fucked and sucked before, she'd definitely never done anal, and even if she had, without lube it's an unpleasant experience. I showed no mercy and pounded her ass, again and again.
"Please stop!" she screamed. I didn't stop for another 3 minutes. Then I finally pulled out. I flipped her around onto the ground.
"Open your mouth" I commanded her.
She looked defiantly at me.
"If you want this to stop, I command you to open your mouth!"
She complied, and I shot my load straight down her throat. She gagged, and stumbled over to the toilet and threw up.
"Are you ready to cooperate?" I asked her.
"Yes" she said weakly.
I stepped out of the cell and put my pants back on. She put on her panties and used her ripped shirt to cover her boobs.

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I walked over to my desk and picked up the pack of cigarettes and my lighter. I put one in her mouth and lit it. She appeared incredibly grateful.
As she smoked, she told me the story of how she became an officer. When she was 17, her father died. Her father was the general who had started the war in the first place, when he went off his rocker and attacked several of our outposts along the border. Her mother was killed in the first battle of the war, when the US retaliated strongly. It was at that point that she got her piercings. She got the one in her belly button to represent her connection to her mother, and the one in her clit to demonstrate her sexual independence from her father. She revealed that after her parents' death she joined the army to avenge them, and eventually came in charge of a large number of troops. However, all the time I had the feeling that she wasn't telling me everything. But I wasn't gonna spoil the fun, I wanted to drag this out for as long as possible. As she was finishing her cigarette, I took it from her mouth and ordered her to step up to the bars. I pulled down her panties, and spread her outer lips so I could see her small clit, which had the piercing hole in it. I took the cigarette butt and rammed it into her clit.

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"Thanks for the info" I said, "But don't you ever bite my dick. "

Over the next few months, I couldn't get much info out of Marlita. I was sent out for a lot of field work, and fought several battles, and was often too tired to interrogate her properly. I also began seeing one of the female officers, a blonde named Jane. She wasn't as hot as Marlita, but we got along well, and she could suck my dick without trying to bite it off. Things ultimately fell through with Jane though, and we came to a bit of a standoff during the war.
During this time I went into my office to inspect Marlita. I ordered her to take off her clothes and stand with her hands at her sides. I noticed that her wax was wearing off, and that she was beginning to smell a bit funky. I took a gun and a razor out of my desk drawer and asked her
"Would you like to take a shower?"
She nodded, and I opened the cell and led her out, pointing the gun at her. I took her to the empty shower house, and escorted her into a stall. As I began to run the water, she looked at me with surprising affection and said
"I've missed you"
I was taken aback, but she seemed genuine.
"Well" I said "I've missed you too"
I kept an eye on her as she washed herself thoroughly, then I took out the razor.
"I'll have to shave you" I said "I can't let you have a razor blade, it's too dangerous". I carefully took the stubble off her arms and legs, then looked at her pubic hair.


   It had started to grow back since the waxing, and while it was thin it was already starting to cover her cute pussy. However, I was in a good mood, so I told her
"If you want to grow your bush out again, I'll permit it. "
However, as I said this, she moved in close and kissed me. Then, she took my hand, still holding the razor, and moved it toward her pussy. I shaved her bald, then slipped off my pants. I slid my cock into her pussy, more gently this time, while rubbing her clit. She moaned and we slipped closer together into an embrace. We made love on the shower floor until we both came.

The next day, Marlita told me about a secret task force her country was sending to America. Thanks to her information we captured them, and with them, Mexico's main general. One month later, Mexico surrendered. I left the military, and Marlita came back to the US with me. We've been married now for 3 years, and have 2 kids. To this day Marlita has two piercings, one for her father and one for her mother. She shaves her pussy every day, as a sign of her devotion to the US, and she keeps a landing strip above her clit, as a sign of her Mexican heritage.

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