You’re a Family Fucker - Chapter 2


You’re a Family Fucker : Chapter 2 – Beginning of a Mother So one day I was just hanging out at home like always, as dad was away on a business trip and my sisters were at their friends house, when my mom had pulled her car into the garage after shopping all morning. My mom was 35 years old, 5'8", about 150 lbs, and had what I would call an average figure. Her breast size was 34c, and she had slightly wider-than-average hips. She was a true MILF and I knew that because all of my friends would not let me forget it. But I was not blind to my mother’s look as my eyes were open after watching one of the porn movies that was titled taboo. It was my favorite video, to the point that when I watch porn it was that one. Also me and my mother we very close as we had almost the same personality. Even though my mother was a very gorgeous woman, she was not an out going person, and just like I was she was looked at as a shy person. But if she knew you, she was very open. Another thing that me and my mother shared was that we were both comparative people.   We always want to not only do the best we could do, but we wanted to be better then other people. So when ever we were doing something it always seem to turn into a compaction to she what one could do it better. To the point that one time in school she was helping me study for a test that I was very worried, and she said told me how she could ace the test. When I told her to prove it, the day of the test she came in and took it with the rest of the class. I just had to laugh and laughed even hard as she got the lowest grade in the class. Of course to her defense she really does not get challenge a lot as a house So as I was helping my mother out with the bags, I could not help but get aroused as she was wearing a very tight fit short skirt that hugged her ass cheeks, and a button up shirt that was halfway unbutton revealing her great cleavage.

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   As I was taking out one of the last bags, it broke and cans went all over the place. I started to pick them up and my mom walked passed me to get the last bags, laughing at me the whole time. So I took this time to reach for a can and look up her dress to see her two perfect ass cheeks and the pink thong spreading them. As I looked to her pussy I was greet with the site of blond hairs hang out of her thong, and a little wet spot were he lips meet. This made my cock start to raise in my shorts. I wanted to stay their all day, but my mother started to move and I quickly grabbed the can, as she walked passed me. After getting everything into the house I ran up to my Once into my room I quickly push the door to close it and stripped naked. I then quickly had my hand wrapped around my cock stroking it; think about my mom, to get it fully erect. I heard my mother coming up stairs as my fantasy started playing out in my mind that she was up to help me. Even though I never thought it would ever happen or anything like that because I knew I did not have the courage to do anything. So even if she was coming to my room; I knew once she knocked I would stop and get dressed. What I didn't expect was for her to open the door without knocking, as the door was not completely closed shut. Once she saw me she let out a gasp and froze for a second before our eyes met each other in shock for a moment. Then she turn quickly slamming the door shut letting out an “I’m sorry. ” This was a big turn on as I felt myself get closer to orgasm.

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   Then fear set in about if she tell my father or worst talk to her friends about what happen. My erection quickly when down out of fear, and also know that if I stayed in my room to long she think I was some kind of freak. After quickly catching my breath, I throw on my shorts and a shirt, forgetting all about my boxers, and down to the kitchen.   When I walked in both me and my mother blushed. I could tell my mother was very embarrass about what had happen, making me feel very bad about the situation, because my mother hardly became embarrassed around anyone in the family let alone me. I was starting to help her put some of the food away in the silence of the room. She took a deep breath, I was scared to hear what was coming out, as she said, without looking at me, "Mark . . .   I'm sorry I forgot to knock . . . .   I didn't mean to . .

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   . embarrass you . . .   I just didn’t . . . " She just stop talking and I could tell she was very embarrassed to the point that it looked like she was going to I thought about what I could do to make her not feel so bad before replying with a laughing smile, "It's okay, Mom, I'm not embarrassed. " She gasped when I said that; giving me a confused looked, "Your not. But no matter what you have your right to privacy and I need to respect I then reminded her, "Well mom, you've already seen me naked before when I was young; it’s not like you saw anything new. " She laughed a little smiling, "Mark you have gotten a lot more confidents of the past few years; it great to see that you are comfortable with yourself at your age. I'm impressed. But, I know you had to be embarrassed at least a little bit. ?" "Not at all, I'm comfortable with my "So, you had no problem standing in front of your own mom with nothing on?" she wryly asked. Without hesitation, I said, "Mom, I have no problem standing totally naked in front of you anytime.

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  " "Yeah, right," she quipped sarcastically. As she got up and lead over the counter giving me a straight look down her pushed up "You don't think I would take off all my clothes in front of you?" I asked. Just then the phone rang scaring me half to deaf. My mom picked it up and talked for a little bit. I could of hear her and it was her older sister, my aunt, asking her what she was doing and my mother told her that she was just hang out with me. I was then shocked when my mother told her that I had bet my her that I was comfortable about being naked in front of my mother. My aunt said something that I did not pick up on, making my mother laugh. Then she ask my mother if she wanted to go to the mall out in a couple hours; which my mother was more then up for Then she hung up the phone looking at me and said, “No mister even Mallory knows you always talk big but would never do it. ” Hearing that now to woman thought I was to chicken to do something that I said, made it really feel like a compaction. And before she knew it, I started to pull off my t-shirt and grabbed my shorts. She smiled at me and laughed, "You're not gonna do it, you won't take everything off. I know you too well. Your just bluffing. " With that, to her amazed eyes, I gently slid my shorts down to my feet. She couldn't help but stare at my crotch, realizing that I had done something that she totally didn't expect.

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   Her stare was simply too arousing for me, and my penis began to get semi-hard. By the time it was pointing right at her, as she just stared saying “Oh MY GOD!” After a few seconds she looked up at my face staring at me. "I can't believe you just did that, I responded by saying, "I told you I was comfortable with my body. ” No the idea popped into my head that was just to great to let it pass by. “I bet money I'm even more comfortable with my body than you are with yours. " That struck a nerve with her. As he face turn from shock to want and drive like she always has is compaction. "You don't think I'm comfortable with people seeing my body?" she queried. "Nope, I see what you wear to the beaches" I teased. No that my mother always had to have a one piece suit on; even though at home she would wear two piece bikinis. He faced turn sad when I said that for a second; making me smile because I knew I Then she surprised me. "Okay, then if your so cocky; how about you come over here and take off your mothers clothes. Let's see how courageous you really are!" I froze briefly in shock as to what my mother was saying. Then I saw her face as she, like me thought she had won. After the shock wore off and I gradually walked over to her; I was not going to lose, especially as this was better then what I hoped would happen.

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   She stood with her arms folded and an "I dare ya" look on her face. But, her look changed dramatically when I reached and started to unbutton her shirt. I had to stop when I reached her folded arms; I looked at her think she was either really pissed at me for doing this or was shocked that I was. But after looking at me for a second she moved her arms up and let me finish removing her shirt. I could not believe that I had just removed my mother shirt and for the first time she was in her bra in front of me. Not want to make it look like it was a big deal, have me stop, or think she won I quickly wrapped my arms around her like I had done many times before. But this time was different as her barely cover breast were pressing into my chest and I quickly unhooked her bra; I could tell my mother was surprise either by me really strip her naked or at how fast I was able to hook it; which that’s to one of my old girlfriends that let me practice all the time, was very quickly. As I stepped back out away from her; her not unsupported bra fell to the ground; which caused unsupported bare tits to bounce around a little. She involuntarily gasped and moaned as she closed her She so stunned that she wasn't ready what happened next. As I slide my hands to her side and pushed both her skirt and thong down. As I moved my hands down I let them slide to her back so I could caressed her butt as I slid her buttons down. Once her skirt and thong were off of her ass they just fell to the floor leaving my hands on my mother nice ass cheeks.
    By now my penis was full painfully erect stick less then three inch away from her. I looked down and say that she that my mother’s pussy was trimmed and see that she was wet as I saw her glossy skin. Still in disbelief, mom looked at me and said, "Okay, I think were .

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       . . . you're getting a little too excited now, son. I thnk . . . we need to stop. "Chuckling a little now I did not want to stop, and I believed that she did not either, " Ok I guess that means I have more courage then you. You think I'd actually put this cock inside my own mother's pussy?" And, with that, I slowly moved around her body let my hands slide on her body, causing them to rub the top part of her pussy on my way to her hips. I then lightly pushed her up against the counter top, and pulled her hips so close to me that the head of my penis actually pushed against her ass cheeks and down to her wet pussy lips. I started laughing and bucking my hips in a jokingly, mock humping motion to see how she would react to my suggestive thoughts. As I was motioning  I feel my cock grow more as it rubbed against her pussy lips and My mother let out a big gasp, "Mark, you're touching me. If you pull my hips at all you're going to penetrate your mother. " At this point I was getting the hint that she was not going to stop me, but did not want to take that chance as I slowly my humping motion to a slowly grind.

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       Then to my surprise, my mother moved her hips back toward me letting the head of my cock popped into her hot, steamy tight vaginal walls. With another gasp, mom didn't know what to say. For me, the feeling was overwhelming. I had no idea how tight an older woman would be, as I had only been with my ex girlfriend. I couldn't help myself; I began to rock my cock in and out of her pussy, I first only when in slow, but soon I thrusting a little bit more deeply with each stroke. "Son . . . Stop!" she yelled. "We can't be doing this! I'm your mom!" "Oh, mom, but this feels soooooo good!" I told her as I began pumping her pussy faster and faster. "I know son, but this is getting out of By that point I realized that I could not stop even though I did not want to stop at all. “I knew I had more courage then you. I knew you back down first mom. . .

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       Oh, mommy!" I yelled. What I didn't realize was that my excitement was nothing compared to her as she her body shook from orgasm, making her scream out, "Oh GOD . . .   you mother fucker . . . . you're a mother fucking for doing this. You mother fucker fuck me. . . . I will make you stop way before I ever think about stopping you mother fucker. ” Then she let out an loud moan and scream as loud as I have ever hear her.

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       “My fucking son is a Mother Fucker. Fuck me you Mother Fucker!" Hearing this I was so turned on; I started rammed my cock into her tight dripping wet hole as hard as I very been. My balls start slamming against her clit making her moan and scream out; as my cock hit her cervix. I still had a good three inch still outside of her and with one power thrust I slammed all the way into her making my mother scream out in pain. I started groining and my mother must of knew I was getting closer as she was trying to move forward but trapped against the counter. “You Mother Fucker better not cum in me. Pull your huge ass cock out of me. Mother Fucker better not cum in your own mother. Before I knew it, I slammed all the way in her began spurting pulse after pulse of hot sperm into her vagina. After a few pulse I start fucking her again as my cock pulse more and more into her. I felt my mother pussy tighten around my cock as she moan out into another orgasm. Now I feel juices slowly slide around my cock dripping onto the floor. As my orgasm subside my cock started hard as I continued my assault on her dripping wet pussy. As my mother first noticed that my cock was still as hard as very she let out another gasp and moan as she started to fuck me back. Within a few seconds we were both fucking as hard as we could scream out with out excitement.


       She keep calling me a “Mother Fucker” and when I called her “Her son’s slut” she had another huge orgasm making her knees go weak as we both feel onto the floor. I could fucking her even though her body was going weak. After another orgasm her body when totally limp as I blow another huge load into her as deep as I could. Even before my orgasm subside I feel limp onto my mother passed out body and started to fall asleep as I listen to the phone ring.




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