You’re a Family Fucker - Chapter 1


You’re a Family Fucker :Chapter 1 – My Name is . . .

Since I was in the 4th grade I was always the dorky fat boy, that was always hang out with the “popular crowd. ” I was what you would call the punching bag of the group, not the physical punching bag, but I was the one they always picked on and made fun of. I was not like I hated them for doing it because even though they made fun of me, it was done in fun and I was still looked at as one of the popular kids. Anyway the down side to all this was even though I hung out with them I never really was close to them and they never really talk to me about much.
When I hit puberty I started to grow like the other, but unlike the other my “baby fat” did not go away it was only replace with fat. And even though I grow strong then any of my friends I did not have any muscle showing. This made many chance of getting a girlfriend slim.
Just before I was 18 I was helping my Aunt clean out her ex husband stuff, and to told me if I found anything that I wanted that I could keep it. Well as I was clean out his private office, which was more just a private room for him, I found some porn movies and other things in a big boxes under a table. I quietly throw some books of it and taped it up to take it home. When I got home I quietly put it up into the loft above the garage with the other stuff I brought.
The loft used to be my old fort when I was a kid, and figure that I would turn it into a lounge area for myself now with my uncle’s futon, TV set, Table, unfortunately my parents did not let me keep is Mini fridge and computer, as they told me they did not want me living up their. Once I was alone at home I quickly opened the box and found a world of sex life open up to me.

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   Not only were their two boxes alone just filled with porn movie, but one had all different kinds of magazines & books, well two others were filled with other toys and things. Then there was a small box that I open and it was filled with penis enlargement supplies. Which I fell in love with as I always felt weird when taken a shower, as most of my friends hit puberty early then so the shower was one of the few place were I was not close to being the bigger person.
That box soon became my life as there were books, videos, four different pumps, and a ton of different kind of pills from enlargement pills, to fertility pills. I took the pills and used the pumps daily on myself as well as doing what the book told me to do and was soon happy to see that I was growing. I also learn how to masturbate and that too became a daily routine doing it at least 3 times a day; Then after a few weeks of using the penis enlargement stuff I felt that I was not growing at all, so I really started to taking double the amount of pills and using the pumps so much that it made my penis painfully sore, and limp so I could not jack off at all.
That is until I was 18 when I had my first sexual experience. I was at a birthday party of one of my friends and we were hanging out. The kids had gotten some liquor and were getting drunk well their parents were doing the same. Of course I did not drink because I was scared of what my parents would do and my grandfather was killed by a drunk driver. Anyway there was a girl there that was one of my friends and we were talking. She was telling me that I should try to ask a girl out and how I was a nice guy and everything. I made a comment about nice guys finishing last and how I was still a virgin and stuff like that. So she start to play around with me and soon was sucking my cock. I could not believe how great it felt and soon my balls were tighten and I started shooting into her unexpected mouth making her gag and choke, pulling my cock out of her mouth.

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   This only made me cum all over her face and shirt. She ran off crying and I feel so bad that I called my father and left. At school I got a lot of bad looks and a few high fives from guys, and learn that the girl told people I had come on to her and force her to do it. I tried telling everyone the truth, but they believed her because she was the friends to “the most popular girl in schools”. I was quickly a “loner” of the school and no one would talk to me; until months later when the girl that sucked me of was caught doing that to “the most popular girl in school’s” boyfriend. I was quickly back in to the “in crowd” and closer to them. Even getting a girlfriend out of it, the only trouble of all of it, was that after the blow job, masturbating was not the same and I only did it less then once a month. But it was ok because after that I had a few girlfriends and both were more then ok with sucking me. One ever took my virginity away; which in turn made me a very more confident person. Even though I become a more confident person I was still a very quiet person and people that did not know me would say I was shy, but that was because I really did not open up until I knew a person; once I did I was open to talking to them.
So by the time I was 18 I had become more confident, and less shy. But I was still one of the outside people, as I never made the effort to connect with people to do stuff. So the summer time was the worst for me, as I harder did anything other then working as a handy man around the neighborhood.



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